Thursday, July 2, 2009

Thankful Thursday

Ah finally getting around to posting my blog today. Hey, better late than never right? I find it's necessary to post as much as I can. My reason for doing this was to create not only an online journal for me, but to encourage those who came my way. It's a self evolving process as well. There are those that follow, and those that stop by that you may never even know were here unless they comment. I am hoping that these postings touch so many and keep on impacting them long after they leave here. Like little seeds! Multiple and populate the Earth!

So one to why I decided to blog today? It's Thankful Thursday! It's something I happened across from Sonya at Truth 4 the Journey some time ago.

Some Thursdays I have so many other ideas of what to write about, or someone will email you an award or something cute to do. I promise I will complete them all for those still waiting. It may just take me some time.

Thursday's are different. Thursdays are the day I go back into my past week and think of the things I am thankful for. Some weeks I am simply thankful I made it through til the following Thursday unscathed and still breathing.

Some Thursdays the week has been so down right blue and depressing it's hard to find something in there to be happy about much less thankful. So this is about slowing down through this speedy thing called life and taking a breath.

That is what Thursdays are for me. A time to reflect and breath. To take account of the things that have sped by me so fast that unless I stop, I forgot that they happened.

SO here goes for this week.

1. I am thankful my daughter is just sick with a cough and cold instead of something much worse. Even though having a summer cold in the heat of the summer when all the other kids are playing in the pools and slip and slides and eating watermelon outside in the shade, mine is hanging in there as much as it breaks my heart. It gives me the opportunity to care for her and show her what love means when someone isn't feeling well. It's something I hope she remembers and will do for her kids when she becomes a mom some day.

2. I am thankful for getting the opportunity to spend an early birthday lunch with my mom and give her something special she wanted. I offered a non refundable trip to see her family on the east coast but she said she isn't ready yet. So we got her Phillies Best Gift cards. It's a sandwich deli shop that makes traditional Philadelphia sandwiches shipping all the ingredients in from Philadelphia. If you havent' had one, try one. Subway, Quizno's and all the other sandwich shops will hang their heads in shame.

3. I am thankful for spending a whole day with my 5 year old niece before my youngest became sick. We took all the girls out to get their nails done and buy her the cutest stuffed puppy. You just gotta have a new stuffed puppy when you come to Aunt Kat's house. Then the girls went in the Jacuzzi and had some dinner. Soon it was time to call her mommy because she couldn't make it through the night on her first sleep over. It's ok, Mea! We will try again another day.

4. I am thankful my hubby completed his mall project and has some time off for now. We are in the process of planning a family vacation and are just tossing ideas around for now. Not sure what we want to do except to escape the heat for now. Maybe Siberia if there is still snow there?

5. Thankful for all the opportunities God has blessed me with in meeting so many people in the blogging community. I have fellow writers who have given me so many wonderful tips and opportunities to try my hand at this thing called writing a book. God has finally said yes for now. I am hoping it will provide another outlet to help hurting people find God in the everyday things. Thanks God for all my wonderful convenient parking spaces as well. Just when I need one, you provide one.


LisaShaw said...


Thank you for your love on my blog. Your words are encouraging and always a blessing.

I continue to pray for your Daughter. I am thankful it's not something more also. I wish a early Happy Birthday to your Mom and I pray you and your family find some place awesome for vac and then...ENJOY!

Love you lots!

Kelly's Ideas said...

I love to read your blessings each week. I love your positive spirit. I pray that your daughter gets well soon.


RCUBEs said...

Love your TT's posts. It reminds us to appreciate even the littlest blessing. Hope your daughter is feeling much better now. Have a great vac...God bless sister.

Warren Baldwin said...

Hope your daughter gets better!

I enjoy reading people's lists of things to be grateful for. It is a good reminder that God still has his hands upon us in grace and mercy.

Thanks for your recent visits. As Lisa, Kelly, and RCUBES can tell you, I've been behind but am trying to catch up on blogging!

Thanks for wishing us a happy vacation (a short, 3-day one), hope yours is a good one, too. And, yes, you deserve the nice things that are said about you.

God bless, wb

Andrea said...

Beautiful list. I am praying for Kailee...continued healing.

I am thankful for you..a precious blogging friend and prayer warrior.

Billy Coffey said...

Prayers for Kailee. These posts bless me so!

Yolanda said...

Did you just have the best time with the "girls" having pampering time? ! !

Love to you,