Sunday, July 5, 2009

Something Out of the Ordinary

Ever find yourself just sitting in a rut right smack dab in the middle of your life and you can't figure out just where to go from there? Sometimes the ruts occur in the middle of our day after we get some kind of epiphany that life just suddenly got very routine and downright boring.

It's like we become programmed robots in search of something new but never find it because our days just start and end preciously like they did yesterday with some variables thrown in for good measure. This way we can't really say it was 'exactly' like yesterday but now 'similar'.

Who knows perhaps it's my mid life crisis? Or perhaps just summer boredom seeking a home like kids do just about half way through their summer vacation. Yeah I am even starting to think like them, "So what can we do today?"

We have a tendency to do the same old things, lunch, breakfast if I can summon my kids to arise before noon, movies if there is something good playing, or even walking the mall. That just about sums up life in our small town here. Bowling is just too expensive for our family. It's about $50.00 for shoes and three games for the 4 of us. Isn't that a little high in this economy? It doesn't appear that the bowling center here seems to be suffering much.

Roller skating? Well that is something new my girls are into and they are both taking lessons. This defers the question on most Saturdays of "What is there to do today?" Hey remember you signed up for lessons plus the free skate session afterwards!

So just how does one get out from the rut? I am not about to go out and buy some fancy red convertible that I simply can't afford or go sky diving or some other extreme sport just for the break in my routine and being thankful I didn't die while doing it. No thanks in that area.

So I sit and ponder the possibilities of what today can bring to get me out of my hole. The fact is that it is simply too hot here! Way too hot! The highs have been about close to if not way over 100 for the last week and a half. No cloud cover either. We used to enjoy desert thunderstorms in the summer but not anymore. I guess you can chalk that up to global warming or something like that. We just live in a bubble. A High Pressure bubble that keeps all rain away and living under a magnifying glass where things just bake here. So being outdoors is not really an option for us. Heading to the coast is also not an option since it's the 4th of the July weekend and everyone else that doesn't live at the beach, is at the beach.

Ah! Don't you wish decision making were so much easier? Even the mountains here don't provide enough of the drop in temps you would hope for. I checked and their temps are pushing mid 80's or higher. Now unless we want to drive 6 hours or more north into the Sierra's which to me doesn't sound so extreme, we just have to wait and deal with another indoor day of avoiding Mr. Sun and hope that during the mid afternoon the winds will come in from the south and slightly cool things down.

So for now, I sit here with coffee and in hand, blogging away at my routine rut filled day and hope that something out of the ordinary happens that will change things. Just let it not being something bad!


Anonymous said...

Too funny you posted this today. Hubby and I were having this conversation this morning about the "day to day monotony". Getting a puppy this summer has helped with that some! I know what you mean's Sunday and I am already trying to make plans for the children for the week!

Crown of Beauty said...

As your day is ending over there, and as I am reading this, it is the start of another Monday, another week over here.

May God give you daily a sense of good things happening!

I appreciate your honesty and transparency.

Thank you for sharing your heart.

Blessings from me to you!

Andrea said...

Bless you, sweet bloggy friend!

Please stop by arise 2 have been tagged!!

Love and prayers, andrea

Warren Baldwin said...

I'm with you ... drive the 6 hours to the mountains! Sometimes I still can't believe that I lived in the mountains of Wyoming and could look out the windows on 3 sides of my house and see them! Oh well.

Breaking out of a rut? For me, sometimes it is just reading a good book that gives me ideas for sermons, radio devotionals, articles, the blog, or life! I get all excited about new or good ides, and break out of a rut without even thinking about it.

Kat, I want to quote one of your comments in a blog. Please take a look at it and let me know if it meets with your approval. Thanks,

RCUBEs said...

I'm with you with the heat, I'd rather stay "indoors" once the sun goes up and bakes everything on sight! Blogging and reading the Bible helps me break the rut of life. I had my son invite his friends once in a while so they can get to relax and do things together while out at school. Still not sure, but God willing, we'll be heading down to the ocean next week to get some cold breeze. It's not easy when life gets monotonous and the enemy gets active in throwing the darts that might seem interesting to do but not really glorifying the Lord. May the Lord give us all the discernment. Have a wonderful vacation anyway sister Kat!

Chocolate Girl said...

I've been feeling this way lately. But I recently read (in a blog, of all places) "if you always do what you always did you'll always get what you always got." That struck me. So I've been making my own changes. Small stuff, but I'm seeing the ripple effect....

LisaShaw said...

I'll share with you the words I speak to myself when I start feeling as you expressed:

"Time for a change up Lisa -- GO for it" and then, I do.

Love you.

Yolanda said...

I remember days like that as a child...Mom, what is there to do? What can I do?

Hmmmm.....I'm reading an awesome book at the moment, if your interested in the title.