Monday, March 19, 2018

If Nothing Changes, Nothing Changes

Being a corporate trainer for more than 10 years has led me through many changes both with the customers I worked with, the company I worked for and the employees I had the chance to encourage during my time there. It was one of my favorite jobs in my work history. It also led me through changes, some I was fine with and others that challenged me not to rebel but to move through them so things would settle down again.

Change is like trying to resist the waves. No matter how hard you try, it's still going to happen. You can try as hard as you like, but more than likely, you'll eventually find yourself tossed back to the shore. You're goal in life is to find the positive in that change. Whether it is the lose of a job that brings you to the point of wondering how it will all work out without money coming in, a medical diagnosis that brings you to your knees and to tears, the loss of a close family member, friend or pet, life is going to happen whether you join in or not.

One of the things that people who are close to me, hear me say a lot, when faced with that change is that, 'if nothing changes, nothing changes." I guess I remember hearing a message from Joyce Meyers that conveyed the Israelite's journey in the wilderness for 40 years. Did you know that it was only a 40-day journey to get to where they were eventually going to go? So why the longevity of a journey? Didn't someone ask,"Hey, haven't we been here before?" What was the point of such a long detour?

It's because they weren't willing to accept the changes God had in store for them. Sure they were all ready to give up a live of slavery in Egypt, and embrace that promise of a land filled with milk and honey, but it was because their hearts weren't in the right place. After all they had seen God do during that time of wandering, they still begged to question, "Why God?" Wouldn't life had been better in Egypt where things were comfortable, normal, no change to face. We knew what was expected, even though we hated it, still all they seemed to do is complain.

So that long detour is what we all face when we come across a change we're not ready for. I call them Life Tests from God. If you don't rise up to the challenge and figure out a way through that challenge, God sends you back on another journey round the desert again, until you finally stop your complaining and move through the test. God never leaves you, He is always by your side even when you can't feel it. Just like He never left His people in the desert. They walked away from Him.

So if you are facing an uncertainty in your life right now, I would ask you, how can you get through this with God's help? Have you prayed about it? Where is God in your day? Are you hoping to get through your 'To Do" list to finally set aside some time to pray and maybe read your devotions? Carve out just 15-minutes of your mornings and pray, read your Bible and see if your day doesn't go better. See if your attitude needs its own adjustment and remember what I say, "If nothing changes, NOTHING Changes!"

Friday, March 16, 2018

Miracles and Changes

Welcome to my Friday blog post.

It seems like so many people are on the busy train lately and it's hard to know where to move and what comes next with so many changes on the horizon. Some days it feels as if you can't catch your breath they're coming at you so fast.

I guess the title to this post pretty much states what this post will be about. So many times we pray for miracles and while some may happen, there are those times when it doesn't. I came across a motivational quote that seemed to linger in my mind as I fought some pretty rough fatigue yesterday. The kind that simply wants you to sit around and do nothing. So I figured I had nothing pending, I would take that time to read a book, some of the Christian bloggers and readers have been discussing lately. But first, back to the quote. It simply said, "Faith isn't just believing that God can do it, it is believing He will do it." Now to state it that I do not believe in the "name it and claim it" religious leaders. But it was enough for me to "marinate" on it from the time I read it til the time I went to bed.

It may be wonder on the things I pray for in faith, do I simply just "pray" about it, or do I honestly believe that God will do it. To be honest, I think more of it lies in the first part and not so much in the second part. I know God can do anything, but it does make you wonder, why does He allow someone to face fighting cancer so many times. He can heal them, but why doesn't he? Sometimes that question doesn't even get answered this side of heaven.

I know God has a plan and purpose in everything He does, and I feel like I need to up my prayer game to a whole new level. I need to really sit down during those prayer and talk to God about the things on my heart. Like I would my own father, if I could. Yet I have to remember the power unleashed in those prayerful moments. Heaven has been stirred. There is action I am not even seeing.

Last night I prayed that the sore throat I was dealing with all week would simply go away. I had noticed some white spots on my tonsils and kept watch over the week and yesterday it seemed it had grown bigger and now felt like I had a popcorn kernel stuck in the back of my throat. In fact the more I thought about it, the worse I felt. I dreamed about what might happen with my home based business if I couldn't speak any longer. I figured out, I would find a way to keep going despite what I could or couldn't do. I scheduled the earliest doctor's appointment for today that I could get. I wasn't at all happy about getting up so early feeling so badly and tired the night before.

When I woke up this morning to jump into the shower, I checked my throat to see how much worse it was, and no white spots. Not one. I even asked my hubby to check. All gone. No swelling of my tonsils, no sore throat, nothing. I even checked like 4 more times, because I couldn't believe that they were gone. I remembered last night as I tried to sleep, I did ask God to supernaturally take them away because I was feeling so poorly and the last thing I wanted to do was be sick again and have to cancel my LIVE tutorial tonight. I had errands to run in the morning that would have to be canceled and it would mean I couldn't help out where I could. But God had other plans. Today, I am rejoicing in that moment. I am good to go and managed to go back to sleep after canceling my doctor's appointment and slept far later than I had intended.

Usually the first thing I do before I get out of bed, is to check all my social media apps, for emails and to see what's going on before I get up. I came across a few responses to a book publicity company that is now closing its door and getting out of the book reviewing business. Friends, that is 3 in just 3 months. Is it possible God knew that the lifestyle I had depended on using my free time for, was coming and I needed to be ready for a change? Even six months before it happened?

I believe that is a YES! I was tired of trying to figure out where to go with all the reviews I am asked to do and still get my business up and running and helping other women do the same. I believe firmly it has been His plan all along. It is such a sadness to know this is where book reviewing is headed, and while I will continue to not give up my love of reading, I know God's got bigger plans in store for me and my family in this year ahead of us.

So miracles and changes, both blessings from God! I can't be happier with His path in my life right now. 

Thursday, March 15, 2018

Keeping our Faith in our Business

With all the recent lawsuits regarding Christians in the business world, it makes you wonder if keeping your faith out of your business is something you should do. I kinda of frown on that because it then becomes a reflection of who I am in the business world. I have never had to hide my character, morals and integrity when I walked into a business place to work and it will also be evident of those that buy from me, that I keep my faith in the same way. It is who I am.

I had a comment the other day about how can I keep my faith if I am selling wreaths and products that don't line up 100% with my faith. For example providing Easter decor that depicts bunnies and eggs. I think we have to consider what the Bible says and how it was implied to prevent these items from becoming things we worship or replace Jesus with. In fact, we have to remember that Jesus came to save the sinner and not hang out with the religious leaders of the day. He came to save the lost. I have had more opportunities to share my faith now, than when I simply talked about Jesus all day in my blog posts. I have had opportunities to show the reason for my faith, like Paul takes about when people ask about me, what I do and where my faith comes into my business side of things.

Remember God can use us in any capacity to achieve what He has called us to do. I've prayed over my business and committed this to God. It's up to Him to shut it down or allow it to prosper. That's all any of us can do with our days, what we do, say or write, is let God use us as vessels to bring the gospel to people right where they are. In fact, my followers will be the first to share with you how evident my faith is in every aspect of what I do. Now while the symbolism of Easter can be traced back to is Babylonian pagan origins, the point is not to use these as a substitute for what Easter really means, to replace the resurrection with the eggs or bunnies. People are not using these products in some false idol worship and that is the point I am making. While I sell both religious and non religious home decor, God is the one directing people to me and what they decide to sell.

God can use us and our situations in whatever way He wishes to and I believe that I don't have to compromise what I believe in order to do what God has called me to create. I am curious, about what you think about keeping your faith in your workplace and look forward to your comments.

Wednesday, March 14, 2018

A Little Help From Your Friends

The job I adored and love doing was both managing a service team in Southern California back in the days when there were only 2 cell phone service providers LA Cellular and Air Touch. I had a small group of about 8 people but I loved helping them achieve their own levels of success no matter what that was. I was fiercely protective of them like there were part of my family and even taking that a step further when I was a Corporate Training Specialist for another 5 years, I loved encouraging people to believe in themselves when they didn't.

I loved taking the time to just show them how much I cared about them both as a person and a valued employee. In fact, I keep a book of those emails and letters from those one on one encounters that show me a little about what God has challenged me to keep on doing in my life. To encourage, motivate, and cheer those people on whom God places in my path. I love watching them achieve that next level of success in their life, even if it is just managing to make it into work day after day.

Don't we all need more cheer leaders in our lives today? I'm not talking about the fake ones you tell you what you want to hear just to keep you going, but those that really take the time to listen to your struggles, to get down to where you're at, to value you for simply being in their life as well. Those are the people I'm talking about, the real legitimate ones. The ones that are leading you through life, by being at the head of the line and pulling your forward, not the ones being pulled and barking orders to move faster because they are the boss.

I LOVE working with my small business group, both in the public Facebook forum and the Private Group of about 45 people who want to take that next step with someone who will have their back. Who will motivate and believe in them. Who will take the time to ensure no one gets left behind. I am that person and I get so much joy that it motivates me more each day I can encourage someone or give them the encouragement they need to step out in faith and share what I believe God's called them to do. I believe those are the people who impact us so much, we can never forget them. I can look back and see how God's been building me up to do just that both in my employment history but also in the things I volunteer to do like reviewing books or blogging! From leading a women's group of 40 Somethings through weight loss but even more by becoming their best friend in the process. Those are the relationships I can look back on and see how wonderful God's fingerprints have been along the way.

While I may never personally meet these people, I truly care about each and every one of them. Even though my small group is more intimate and gives me greater insight into how I can help these women, to the larger group of more than 3000 followers. I thank YOU God for the life you've given me and I only hope I can bring honor and glory to YOU, to point others to YOU and to have their courage and faith to take on the world! 

Tuesday, March 13, 2018

Missed Out

I can't believe that I went all day yesterday and didn't realize that I didn't write my daily blog post for Monday. I guess with the time change, my body is simply telling me that it doesn't like that extra hour earlier, and the days just seem shorter than they used to be. Just another sign that summer is coming and no matter how much I try to hide from the inevitable it is still going to arrive, whether I want it to or not.

Sure, there are those people who LIVE for summer, but when you live in the desert, summers are NOT fun, even though there are those who still LOVE it even when they live in the desert. Call me crazy I guess, but I hate summer. Hate the temperatures, the crowds, and there is only so much you can do to stay cool, but plenty of ways to stay warm. Bring on those icy cold temperatures! Unfortunately if you live in California, you already know that we didn't get a winter. No rain to speak of, and now we face what we know will be a bad summer filled with fires all over the place. Those poor mountain communities that thrive in cooler temperatures will now face even more destruction in those dog days of summer.

Just being a long time resident of California, we already know how it will be. I had hoped that we would have a great winter filled with lots of rain, that would move us passed all those drought filled years, but nope, now it will just be really bad drought and hot fire filled summer.

But onwards and upwards, right? This weekend was filled with lots of busy work, with two Facebook LIVES in my main Kat's Creations page, one in which I showed the group how to make a Rainy Day Wreath (shown above)  and then on Sunday, we took the entire tutorial back to basics because I asked my page, what frustrated them with making a wreath. It was a very long post, but it showed me I could teach making a wreath every Friday and Sunday night, and unless you explain the basics of getting there, you are leaving so many behind. While it may not be my most popular video in light of number of views, it is being well received by those that watch it and have gotten lots of feedback!

In my private paid group, we made a beautiful Easter Wreath, which has sold. I'm seeing a trend in the Easter wreaths, at least for me, that the Vintage look is back. Things like vintage looking rabbits reminiscent of Beautrix Potter and The Velveteen Rabbit. It is also getting down to the wire for those that want their Easter wreaths! Right now, some are taking as long as 7 days to keep the shipping costs down and I want to ensure that those that order them have them in time for Easter! If you want to see what I have, head on over to my Etsy store at

So how is your week going?

Friday, March 9, 2018

Prayer Request

People always pass around the comment, "Will you pray for me?"

Often times we say we will, but why don't we pray for them right when they ask? Are we too embarrassed, too busy or honestly believe by the end of the day we might remember? I wonder if it isn't a ploy by the enemy to keep us so distracted and busy, that opportunities to unleash the power of prayer is wasted by the busyness of this world.

Prayer has so much potential we don't even see, that when we simply stop and do it, it changes everything we may not see happening. Perhaps it is providing for protection for our loved ones on their travels to work or home. Perhaps it is to give them discernment regarding a decision that may not be what God wants in their life. Perhaps it is the reinforcements that are called to action in the spiritual realm that all they need is that one quick prayer to change the outcome in someone's life or offer that miracle we all seek to have.

The Bible is clear that the prayers of the saints, are keeping in a golden bowl in heaven. Not one is wasted. So why mention this unless prayer has a lot more power than we ever hoped to believe it does. Sometimes I believe our prayers are half-hearted, like we simply don't believe anything will change so our hearts lack the faith to believe that prayer will change anything. Perhaps you've been praying for the salvation of someone, a miracle from healing of cancer, or a thousand things I can't even think of, why do you doubt your prayer has any affect? Is it because you don't see those changes you want to happen right now, like praying for that person who has battled back cancer only to have it come back worse than ever? So why bother praying for it?

I know that God will always answer prayer in one of three ways, Yes! No. Or wait. We all hate the word No, from the time we were infants to even now, the word No is not one we want to accept. Yes is always the favored response, but then again God is not our genie in a bottle just waiting around for our wishes to be requested. Wait is even harder than No. At least with No, you can move on, but we all want to know just how long we will have to wait for that Yes or No. Sometimes it's til the end of the day, or for others it may not be until the other side of heaven for us to see, but one thing the Bible tells us is to not give up praying.

My pastor said it best when asked to pray for a dying man. While the family wanted a miracle, our pastor asked if he was saved. Not knowing the absolute answer to that question, he simply asked God for an opportunity to be able to share the gospel with this man before he died. Now that might seem harsh since that isn't what the family asked for, but we have to understand and know this, that nothing that robs us of the physical body transfers over to heaven, if we are saved through our faith in Christ. It stays behind in that physical suit we've been wearing called our body. But it is the condition of our souls that is the most important. Where we will be spending an eternity that matters most!!! So that should always be our first response to pray for the soul, then the body. We want to know when we breathe our last breath here, that our next breath will be in heaven free from everything that held us back on earth, like cancer, a permanent disability, age, you name it.

I'm asking for you to pray for two very important people, women I've never met, but know them through Facebook, and both going through difficult times, I wouldn't wish on anyone. Pray for my dear friend Sharon, who has been given news that her husband is not expected to live through the week. Also pray for my dear friend Lyndee who is to undergo surgery on March 20 for her heart, and that fear that always accompanies the unknown. I also ask for prayer for my dear friend Niki, who is undergoing her fourth battle against cancer and is going through chemo again. I pray that she will not suffer through any of the complications from chemo and that she will be strengthen to win this battle once and for all.

Lord, we pray for these three wonderful women who have been challenged to face their own challenges in this world in very different ways. We pray for them first of all that You would make Yourself very present in their lives right now. I ask for unprecedented favor in both their lives, for strength to get them through the day physical and not give up. I pray for protection against the enemy, that you would surround them with spiritual protection from thoughts that betray Your plans for them, to cast fear, worry and doubt aside. I ask that friends and family be rallied to help them in any physical way to act as Your hands and feet today. I ask for the peace that surpasses all understanding to fill them from the inside out with a warmth, every single time someone joins in agreement to pray for them. Fortify them in your strength and power Lord. Let them know that You love them so much during their difficulties and You stand ready with them through every single step. Let their faith best tested, so that it will be a faith that is trusted Lord and may their worries cease when they call on Your name for help, in Jesus Name, AMEN!!

If you have need of prayer, and would like us to pray for you, please leave a comment below and will be praying for you and your needs.

Thursday, March 8, 2018

Our Own Worst Critic

I often wonder when my life here is over, and I stand before God, what He will show me. I think He might show me the "could have been's" if I merely followed a different set of steps in my future. Far too often, I believe we pray for His direction in our day, but then we are the ones who get in our own way of possible success. Perhaps it is that we lack the confidence and faith to believe in the possibilities laid before us. I firmly believe that with my whole heart. Even if we have 100 people tell us that we need to go in the direction we believe God is leading us to, we second guess, judge ourselves and listen to the lies of the enemy that say, "You're not as good as you think you are."

We kill ourselves before we even get going. Even though there is gas in our tanks, we don't even want to grab the keys and jump in the car. But the honest point is that we don't know how close we might be to reaching the other side of the shore, if we simply give up. What is it is one more project to complete, that will start your business in a successful path? What if it is showing up one more day, prepared to tackle whatever lies in front of you, and then the path will open wide up? What if we are merely steps away from reaching that point, God has called us to, but we throw in the towel saying, "I'm done. I can't do this any more. I'm out."

What if it was merely changing how we view our attitude that day? There are so many what ifs, and it makes me curious, why do we tend to listen to the negative what ifs in our head, instead of what could be positive what ifs instead? I wonder if it is just a woman thing more often than it is with a man, because everything that we do and say, is all connected in a way. Everything touches something else in our life. I believe we are our own worst critic and while we pray for God to work in our situation, we are blocking the way. It's time to stop saying it's too late to begin again. To say you're too old to do something. It's time to stop accepting the lies of the enemy and start listening to that still small voice that cheers us on, and encourages us to keep moving forward. Stop quitting and start working harder to find out what God's will is for your life.

If you're unsure, pray for clarity. If you don't have the strength to go on, lean on God. If you will listen to the lies of the enemy, start listening to the whispers of the Spirit. In other words, girl, get out there and be all God has created you to be. Stop standing in the way, get out of the way and watch God work.

Today, I received another email from a big name Christian book publisher that they are closing their review program to everything but eBooks. While I can see their point in keeping costs low, there are so many that can't or don't have access to eBooks. I see this as another confirmation that I am meant to move forward in my path as a small business owner and slowly transition from a book reviewer to the new chapter God is laying before me. Whether I will continue to make wreaths and home decor for the next year or whether God is calling me to teach and encourage others, I will pray for wisdom to know the difference between what God's will is for me in my life, and what I want instead. I need to give it all up to God and walk in the path He has laid before me today.

How can I encourage or pray for you today?