Thursday, April 5, 2018

Born to Teach

The title sums it up.

I believe God has graced me with the ability to teach. From tackling homeschooling both my daughters, the youngest from 1st grade through 11th, yes she graduated a year early, to my job for 10 years as a Corporate Trainer and Senior Training Specialist to now heading up my own home based business, including managing and supporting a group of incredibly talented ladies in my wreath making private group.

I love not only just teaching a new skill to women, but to encourage and nourish their souls with the right dose of encouragement. I love doing that because I believe as women, we get beat up a lot, put our own needs on the back burner for awhile and also we serve so much, we often don't hear words of encouragement that would refill our emotional bank accounts. We are so busy all the time, that we fail to see what greatness we bring to our families, our jobs and even in our own life.

Isn't that the truth about our lives ladies?

Don't we just grow in the sunshine with just the smallest dose of praise?

I know I do.

There are those times when you just feel like a dying plant waiting for a drop of moisture so you can grow and thrive again. I know how much I adore that feeling of getting kudos for a job well done. Just the smallest dose goes such a long way and can pick you up when you're feeling blue and melancholy. I believe that not just women need it too, but also the men in our lives. The ones who work so hard at keeping us financially afloat could use that same praise for anything they do. They get beat up all day by people not appreciating them for what they do, because it is expected, yet I find that often times, praise and appreciation go further than a bigger paycheck. I know there are jobs that I look back on and I LOVED doing them because most days I got instant appreciation. From a floundering student who suddenly excels at something they've been struggling with, to a new employee who believes they're not cut out for the job, only to shine with just the smallest dose of encouragement and some time helping them where they're frustrated, to women who believe they're not cut out to do anything now that they believe their lives are growing to a close.

I believe if you're still breathing, God has you here today for a plan and a purpose and He doesn't make mistakes, In fact, throughout the Bible, God has used countless, "nobodies" to become major somebodies when He is finished. I mean if the Creator of the Heavens and the Earth thinks you're something special, shouldn't that be good enough? Yet it sure does something to us when we hear it! My challenge for you today is to find 3 people and encourage them, compliment them or find a way to show them, they're special. The interesting thing is that it does something for you as well by taking that time and making it something sincere.

Hope that you'll share how it went with me below with a comment. 

Oh yes, the wreath pictured at the top of this page is for sale. You can find out more about it on my Etsy store or messaging me at

Wednesday, April 4, 2018

If You Are Faithful...

There is a verse in the Bible that has been part of what I'm working on in my own personal walk of faith lately. It is from the Book of Matthew 25:21, and it says, "His master said to him, 'Well done, good and faithful servant. You have been faithful over a little; I will set you over much." 

This has been the precedent over my entire business and personal life, when I can remember it. When I first started out in launching my business, I knew I wanted it to be centered on my faith. Sure there are those that take a beating when they mention their faith, but I wanted my to not be hidden, to shine like a light on a hill, not something covered up so I could possibly profit even more. I was determined that God would be the focus on what I am doing, and if anyone could make it succeed, the Creator of Heavens and the Earth would be a great foundation to build upon. 

I'm not saying it doesn't take a whole lot of work, but I find if I take time for God first, He will take care of the rest. So each day, I start with God first, and try to end it with Him as well. I want my faith to be front and center and it has always been a dream of mine to have a faith based business, and to be able to use my talents to encourage and help others to achieve their own level of success by building on the same character traits I hope to drive home. 

It has been a true blessing to help women to take a role in their own successes, to help encourage them in their efforts and most of all to step aside when it is their moment to shine. I believe that is what God has called me to do and for now, the business side of things is all up to Him. I simply use my creative talents to show others what is possible and along the way offer up prayer to those who need it. Without God at the center of this, I don't want any part of it. I can simply go back to quietly reading books and reviewing them as well as products. Until that happens, I will continue to walk in faith and give all the glory and honor to my Father in Heaven. I just need to continue to faithful in everything I do and keep working at it one step at a time. 

Tuesday, April 3, 2018

Manageable But Still Waiting

Hard to believe just how difficult it is to find a new specialist.

By the time I am finished, I'll be a professional hoop jumper. You know after jumping through so many hoops to find a manageable way to deal with my IC pain. Even that word alone is challenging to say, Interstitial Cystitis. That's why so many people just call it IC.

So now, we are in a waiting game to see what direction, God will have me go. Finding a new specialist with a new medical group, or go back to the one I had before, that treated me horribly, but the doctor I was seeing is no longer there. Makes one wonder why?

So the treatment is manageable. I don't take any pain meds at this time, because they really don't do anything for your pain. I'm managing with natural supplements like Marshmallow Root, (lifesaver), Tumeric, Boswelia Extract along with the prescription for Pyridium for now while I wait. At least I am not curled up in fetal position anymore and still drinking copious amounts of water. But enough of that.

I just finished two wreaths last week from my Friday night LIVE on Facebook as well as another one Sunday and both sold out before I finished. That is always a great feeling, that and 5 custom orders made for a large shipment to the post office yesterday as well as setting up my next business venture which are subscription crates, like you see just about everywhere for everything. Mine are unique one of a kind wreath kits designed so you get enough materials to make your own original. The name of them is Kat's Creative Crates. I listed those yesterday, just 5 for a test run and those sold out within 5 minutes. That meant I had to place another order yesterday for another 10-15 kits. I like shopping for that one special person who is buying a crate to help them make something incredible! Plus it keeps the market from being flooded by look alikes, which I am seeing everywhere.

If you're interested in a custom order, don't hesitate to contact me. I really enjoy making something truly unique for someone.

Friday, March 30, 2018

A Typical Day in the Life of Kat from Kat's Creations

Good Friday Morning Everyone!

I love Fridays! Don't you?

For some it is the start of their weekend, just finishing up their work weeks and for others it could be their Monday, but Friday just has something to it, the other days don't. Not quite sure if it's just programming we have incorporated into our lives since we were children, and lived for those Fridays!

I wanted you to get to know me more and wanted to take you along in what a typical day looks like for me. You know those things you do even without thinking about it?

For me, waking up in the morning involves, taking whatever morning meds I'm supposed to, while my 3 cats wait anxiously for their treats. Yes, I indulge them every morning and just before bedtime. So Giles, Bella and Boba wait for me to dispense their goodies. Then I open all my blinds and windows. I hate keeping things closed. I think I got that hatred from my mom, who liked to keep everything closed. Maybe it was because we had no real front facing windows and everything pretty much sat at the back of the house. Yet I want to let the sun in!

I make my bed first, because it makes me feel good to know that my bedroom is nice and presentable every day. My youngest thinks it resembles a hotel room, but I like neatness. As I pass by my bathroom, I have to stop and give Giles water from the bathroom sink. He will be here for awhile. So I leave the light on as a reminder that I have to come back and shut off the water.

Then I head to the garage to get things for emptying the cat boxes. With 4 cats, you have to do it twice a day so just first thing in the morning, then just before bed. After that, I head to the kitchen to grab my coffee which is ready from getting it prepped from the night before. I take my cup and head to the couch where I start my real day with prayer and my daily Bible reading and devotions. This will be my 5th year reading my Bible through from cover to cover, and each year God shares more new things that I need to apply to my life. For me, there is no better way than to begin my day.

From there, I check email, post updates to my blog Reviews From The Heart, with FREE Christian book offers and then begin my daily blog. I will also check and see how my business is doing, from replying to comments, posting on all my social media pages and even answer some comments from my You Tube page.

From there, I finally take a shower and then begin to prepare for my day. If I am doing a LIVE video on  Facebook, I will begin to prep and sort through color choices and decide what I'm going to make and get everything ready and cut.

Steve and I will usually head to lunch or run a couple of errands if needed for the LIVE session if I am needing something to complete that look and it gives us a chance to just be alone. When I get back, I water my outside plants, feed my birds that visit during all times of the day. I love Spring in my garden and I love tending to it.

Around 3pm, I finalize all my LIVE preparations, cut all my material and get all the lights staged and ready to go for our LIVE at 5pm Facebook tutorial.

The tutorial will generally last about an hour and a half, and afterwards I will shoot pictures to update my Etsy store on whatever I have made. Then we clean everything up and put everything away and will head to dinner at our local favorite restaurants like Cracker Barrel or Paulina's Mexican Grill, where we know the owners and we're treated like family there. With just cooking for one of us or the two, we want to get out of the house and just be together. It's also a chance for us to hang out with our family and friends that we get to talk with or bring along with us.

The night ends with feeding the cats their treats, and checking email for the last time, taking our daily meds and for me, reading a couple chapters in whatever book I'm reviewing before we head to bed around 11pm. For me, that is generally the way my days roll and I have to say I am indeed blessed beyond measure.

While I may have some medical struggles to overcome, I know I am not alone in this walk. God is completely by my side and we'll work on things together to get to a place where I can feel better again.

Thursday, March 29, 2018

Roadblock Ahead

Today is a day find with a lot of unknowns.

While waiting for a call from my doctor's office about my test results, I told my husband, I didn't think the results would reveal anything and that in their opinion, everything was normal. While crying I began to explain to him that my biggest fear was facing this road of jumping through so many hoops to find someone, (1) who is willing to listen, (2) someone who will work with me to find a solution, (3), someone who will believe I have a serious pain problem and not just looking for the next pain prescription.

Having IC or Interstitial Cystitis, is a nightmare for anyone who has it. You will spend countless hours bouncing from one doctor to another who will automatically diagnose you with a bladder infection or UTI. ALL your tests results will come back normal or no infection found. Yet all the doctors want to do is pass the buck around rather than working WITH the patient to find the answers to what works for them. I don't know why my medication isn't helping any longer. I don't know why I am facing this road ahead of me again. I don't know how long I will have to learn to manage my symptoms until I get the answers I need working with the doctor who really wants to help.

Trust me, I don't want to be on any pain meds, but this pain for those of you that have had UTI's know, can be debilitating until you find pain relief. For now I am on a prescription for the medical equivalent of AZO until I can find someone to see me. Funny how my previous urologist is no longer practicing medicine at the facility near me anymore. Funny in the sense that I have gone through more doctors in 3 years than most people circulate through in their life. Most only stay for about 6 months and then they vanish. No one even is notified they have left the facility until you call for an appointment.

So today, I prayed to God, that He will give me enough to get through each day and He will need to clear the road blocks placed before me. I guess I took for granted all those pain free days for the last couple of years when it seemed like I had somewhat of a normal life, for anyone facing this situation. You can't call it a disease, an illness, so I guess you have to lump it into an incurable diagnosis. Join me in prayer to just make it through each day, one at a time, with what I can self medicate with for now. Lord, please throw open some doors I have yet to see. Help me with Your strength to get through each day, one hour at a time. Help me during this time to not lose my focus and take my eyes off You! Don't let me remain focused on me, but on what You are doing, even though I can't see what's happening and if it is according to You will help me walk through this while I wait for Your healing or more answers to help. In JESUS name, Amen!

Wednesday, March 28, 2018

Moving Forward

Instruction that is wrapped with encouragement really works. No one cares how much you know until they know just how much you care. I have heard it said that advice and instruction are like snow. The softer they fall—the deeper they stick. Sensitive instruction is encouragement.

I LOVE both encouragement and being the one to encourage. I hate it when I see the benefits of using encouragement to help motivate someone and instead they offer silence or criticism instead. I mean it may get them to do what you want, but they won't be happy doing it. Sure it accomplishes the task but the result isn't a long lasting one.

I have seen evidence of this in play in my own life, working for incredible leaders, co-workers and even fellow employees and I can always say that people will give more than 100% for a person they can respect and value. I know because this is how I felt. I would always be willing to pitch in, help out and go above and beyond for people I respected because of their values, their ethics, their reputation and more. I believe I know what it takes to be a great leader and what doesn't. The best part of being an small business owner is that my customers are not just the ones who buy home decor from me, but they are also in a small Facebook group I lead and encourage every single day. They are also in the people who I haven't met yet. Those are the people I love living for, working for and most importantly who I serve for.

You have to be willing each day to get up, despite how you may feel and choose your attitude. I know this is possible because we can all change our attitude on a dime. Meaning that if you are in a foul mood and someone unexpected shows up at your front door, you can instantly turn on the charm. So don't tell me you can't do it. Choose today if it is going to be a great day or a bad one. You are the only one who can make that determination. Sure things can influence whether things will go towards one or the other, but the final choice is yours. Choose today. Choose right this very minute. Put away all your 'what if's" and 'what abouts,' move forward today in a positive, can do, attitude. Stop being weighed down by everyone else and stop giving them all the control to dictate how you will be.

I hope you choose to make it a great day. It can definitely be filled with the unexpected surprises you didn't see coming your way. Let me know how it goes. I'd love to hear about it. 

Tuesday, March 27, 2018

Just When You Think You Have Things Handled

Those of you who know me from my many years in blogging know that I have interstitial cystitis or IC for short. It is incurable and remains only treatable at this time. For the past three years it has been almost normal. Besides the horrible side effect of 30 pounds of weight gain, it still beat spending my days and nights laying in bed, either wishing for death, or researching through forums of fellow sufferers what I could be doing differently. For me diet changes didn't work, from going completely all alkaline, to reducing inflammatory foods and beverages, so I opted for taking Elavil which most migraine sufferers are familiar with because it reduces migraines in chronic sufferers.

For me, the last two weeks have been about putting on a face no one sees. Not even my husband. Because you see since it is incurable you have to find ways to adapt. Now it seems as if something else has popped up. The pain is back and while I have some good days, there are often times very bad days like last night. Nights when you spend them trying to find a way to get to be pain free without going to the extremes. This required me to seek medical care to see if I needed to change medication or go through the gauntlet again of trying to find something to help which will be time consuming, exhausting and likely filled with more tears and pain than I care to deal with.

For those of you who don't know what IC is, think of it like a UTI you can never treat. No antibiotics will help and you have to try and find a way back to a sense of a normal life without being confined to bed all medicated up on pain meds. Do you drink more water or less? It is a very horrible nightmare I wouldn't wish on anyone. There is no cause and there is no cure. Some days you simply wish you didn't have a bladder.

The only way I have faked my way to being normal is to get my mind so occupied I don't have time to deal with it. My small business has helped. Although I did seem to forget that stress can bring it back and Lord knows I have been dealing with a ton lately, not anything I can control, just trying to be all things to all people that I put myself on the back burner. As moms and wives, we know how to be extremely proficient at that don't we. So for the next day or two, definitely over the weekend, I'm going to try and work with my doctors to find a new balance.

Not sure if it means I fighting an infection which is where my doctor's appointment came into play today or if it mean increasing my medication again. Not sure I like the final option at all. So I pray, its just an infection that with a course of antibiotics will clear this up and I can go back to the way things were. Managing my lifestyle and try to enjoy each day as it comes. For now, all I can do is wait and try taking some meds that may help me feel a bit better but they are not a long term fix. All I know is that God is my hope and I will put all my trust and faith in Him. I will not walk through this journey alone. Thank you for listening and please keep me in your prayers.