Thursday, July 9, 2009

Family Fun Magazine Offer for $ 4.95

Yes, you read it correctly. An entire year's worth of great family fun ideas for only $ 4.95.

I thought I would post it here because there are so many moms out there that need some new ideas for how to keep kids both entertained and learning. I found this at No Ordinary Moments blog this morning and tried it out. It works. My new subscription is on it's way for a mere $4.95.

This is something too good not to pass along. So stop by Jolanthe's blog and try it out. You may even follow her blog as well since it's so great for moms and families!


Andrea said...

Hope you are doing well. Blessings, andrea

Silver said...


also enjopyed reading the 40 things about ya. i like 40 too. (when i can find one when i'm NOT in my own country, that is. ;)

Silver said...

great to be linkin' up! I look fwd to your next post!


Mari said...

I subscribed to that magazine when my kids were young, then started again when I started teaching a wednesday night class at church. It's a good one!

Charlotte said...

I love this magazine! This magazine is also a great neighbor gift to give to friends for Birthday and Holidays.

~Sandy~ said...

I'll have to check it out! Thanks for sharing!