Friday, July 24, 2009

16 is Sweet!

July 24 th seems just like every other day to most people. It’s just another day right smack dab in the middle of summer. Today it’s just a Friday and for most of us, that alone is a great thing in itself. However for one person in this household it is much more than just an ordinary Friday in the middle of summer in July. It is her birthday! She has no completed 16 years of experience in a short time she has lived. She has had to grow up much to fast for most teens her age.

She was born at 6:03AM and weighed the average 7 pounds and 8 ounces, like most female babies. We were super lucky she was born healthy! Isn’t that what most parents wish for when their baby is being born? Please let the baby be healthy! She was!

She was the perfect first born for me. As a first time mom, I was looking for easy in raising a baby and that is just what I got. No real crying except for the usual, diaper change, hungry or overly tired. Other than that, perfectly content.

That lasted way into her toddler years. Everyone who met Caitlyn fell in love with all her super cute charm, and she could charm them all. Never had a lack of babysitters or people wanting to take her off our hands for a couple hours or even a weekend. She was fine with commuting long distances and kept herself busy in the car without fussing.

She lived through a divorce but doesn’t remember most of it since it happened when she was 3. For that alone I am thankful. I made a vow that I wouldn’t stand in the way of her happiness ever, as long as it was something she wanted, no matter how much it hurt. For 5 years, I watched her leave every summer, and fly home to her dad in Rhode Island, ripping my heart out each time, but hiding it until she was safely on a plane. Never did I ever let her see how much pain a mother goes through when her daughter leaves. I thought I wouldn’t experience that until she left for college.

However, in her 9th grade year, her dad finally agreed to let her make the decision to move where she wanted and the heavens rejoiced that day, when she chose us. We have been so blessed to have had her these last 2 years. Now she flies home to Rhode Island for the summer and returns to us before the start of school.

She is turning into an amazing woman before our eyes. She has maintained a 4.0 throughout High School and has a life goal of being valedictorian for her High School class within the next two years. She has participated in Track and Field and made it to CIF’s while maintaining all her academic levels and being on the Principal’s Honor’s Roll. She is planning on attending some college classes while completing her Junior year to get her started in her college classes early.

Friends ~ From left to right ~ Heather, Caitlyn and Samm!

She has volunteered at our church with Leaders in Training which helps out the Youth Groups. This summer she is attending a Leadership camp at the UC of Santa Barbara for her ASB class this year as Activities Commissioner. She has also completed 2 years of community service as a Mentor in her school helping developmentally challenged kids with their schoolwork. Their parents have sent glowing letters to the school and us!

Caitlyn in the brown top and her circle of friends!

When you ask her what she sees her future job as, it’s an easy choice for her. She wants to work with children. She sees the future for what it can potentially become and she never harbors grudges even when others have betrayed her trust. She sees things through those proverbial rose colored lens and always sees the best in others no matter what others say.

Caitlyn at Sea World working with Dolphins!

She is the daughter that everyone wants to be best friends forever with, all the guys want for their girlfriend and ever parents perfect daughter! She makes being a parent so easy even with all her teen challenges; we wouldn’t change anything about her.

Caitlyn and Kailee at Knott's Berry Farm!

Her favorite colors are purple and black. She loves God with all her heart and found salvation early on in her childhood. Her best female friend is Samm Lillard. She loves to run track. Is super excited to be planning most of the activities at her school this year. Hates most math classes. Loves History!

Her first real love was Quinn but now is sharing her love with Jordan for a second time.

Her favorite food is Salmon or Chicken Fettuccine Alfredo. She loves Dark Chocolate, especially from See’s Candies, or even Hershey’s Special Dark Chocolate. Her favorite season is Fall. Her favorite place to buy clothes is Forever 21 and Aeropostle. Her best male friend is Mikey! She loves horses. She spends all of her time, MySpacing, emailing her friends, hanging out at the mall with Mikey, Jordan and Samm. She loves roller-skating. Her dream vacation would be Italy! Her favorite flower is a red rose!

Caitlyn at Magic Mountain with Samm, Mikey and her cousin Josh!

So I would ask one small favor of each of you visiting my blog today, to please stop over at her blog, Dear Craisin and wish her a very Happy 16th Birthday!

Happy 16th Birthday, Caitlyn!!


Bitter Sweet Moments said...

Hi! I couldn't possibly compile a list of lovely blogs without featuring your inspiring blog. In celebration of all things lovely, would you consider stopping by sometime to accept an award from me?

Mari said...

Happy Birthday to Caitlyn!

RCUBEs said...

Great tribute for an awesome daughter by her awesome mom as well. Happy Birthday to Caitlyn. May God bless her and grant her heart's desires. Have a great weekend sister Kat!

Collette@Jesuslovesmums said...

what a beautiful cake and beautiful daughter you have! She is a credit to you as her mum!

Love Collette xxx

Yolanda said...

Happy Birthday to Caitlyn.

Warren Baldwin said...

Happy birthday Caitlyn! I have a daughter that is a jr in high school and is taking jr. college classes. Maybe we should get them to FB with each other?

Crown of Beauty said...

Oh dear Kat, my tears are just falling as I read your blog. I'm just a recent follower so I didn't haven't gotten to know much about you yet. I didn't know you were divorced. Reading about what Caitlyn has become inspite of the pain ... it only has to be a miracle from God. She is so pretty and looks so happy.

As a mom I know all the private pain and hidden work that went into parenting a daughter, a first born daughter. I give you most of the credit for this, dear friend.

I will go over to her blog now, and wish her a happy 16th.

Thanks for sharing this post, it is a privilege for me to be a part of your life.


Kelly's Ideas said...

What a beautiful tribute to a incredible girl.. You go Mom.... you made me cry...
Much love,

Andrea said...

What a beauty! Happy Birthday, Caitlyn!

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Anonymous said...

Wow! You must be so proud!! Happy Birthday Caitlyn and way to go mom! Heading over to her blog now....

Billy Coffey said...

Happy Birthday, Caitlyn! Hope it was a great one.

Rebekah said...

Happy birthdat! looking at these pictures and reading your post- I soooo Do Not want my girls to grow up. I sniffed back a tear thinking about writing their 16th birthday post.

christy rose said...

Oh Kat! She is beautiful inside and out! Thank you so much for sharing this part of you with us! What a testimony that you both are to God's grace and love! I hope her birthday was the best. I already hopped over and told her that! :)
Love, Christy

Tea With Tiffany said...

Happy belated birthday, Caitlyn. What a girl you have. She sounds like a real keeper. Beautiful inside and out.