Friday, January 30, 2009

Chasing Rainbows

Ever heard yourself mutter the all too familiar phrase, "I'll be happy when...(you fill in the blank)" I could have filled it from the time when I was a child and simply wanted to be older. Older so I could stay up later or older so I didn't have to check in with my parents all the time....older so I can drive a car myself and go where I want to go. Then it became, if I found love, true love like a fairy tale, then if only all these problems in my marriage would go away, perhaps if I just had a child, we could be happy, then it was if only the pain of the divorce would go away and I could be happy with being single. That soon changed to if only I could be married to someone real this time, someone who can love me, despite all my shortcomings and really be my soulmate....funny thing is that we can continue this vicious cycle and before long, we have a whole lot of time behind us and only a few years left in front of us and still we haven't found happiness.

This is probably the reason parents see fit whenever possible to offer sound advice to our teens and their friends or anyone for that matter that will listen. We don't want them to waste time chasing rainbows and instead treasure the time right there in front of them and stop worrying about things that will never change. We want to share our life experiences with them. I know I do that with my daughters and all their friends. I want to leave a lasting legacy and sometime in their futures, I want them to remember some piece of advice that they will recall came from me. It usually sounds like, "I sound like my mom!"

Years later I can still hear my mother's voice, see her warm smile and realize how often people really loved her. Her customers always used to tell me how lucky I should be and I never really accepted that until I was older and now have kids of my own.

I challenge you in the next upcoming week to review your life and see if you haven't been chasing some rainbows in your life and see if there aren't some changes you would like to make before it's too late. Perhaps it's finally time to dedicate your life to God and see what amazing things He has just waiting for you! Especially in these economic times of uncertainity, God is the only thing that is certain and never changing. Won't you give Him a try? What are you waiting for?

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