Thursday, January 1, 2009

2009 New Year

Well here it is! Another New Year and a time to begin this year with a clean fresh slate! I have given up the resolutions and my biggest change I wish to make this year, is to have a more spiritually fullfilling life, putting God first, and keeping in touch with my family and friends.

Instead of trying to lose weight, get more exercise, find a way out of this financial economy mess this world has gotten us into, I have accepted that at 44, going on 45, I am who I am. I am happy and content with who I am. Life experiences have made me what I am and for that I know I am a better person because of it.

I know that God will get me through 2009. He is the only one that can and only if I put him first in my life and make a few changes in my own to be a success at it. Ready for the list to develop self discipline?

1. Keep your word, even in the littlest things. If people can't trust you, how can you live with yourself?

2. Don't be late! It causes you more stress than you already have on your plate, it's rude and shows people that you can't keep your word about being on time. I am not talking about the times you can't help it like traffic accidents or sick kids, things out of your control, but I find I can schedule even for those if I leave just a little bit early. I would rather be early. Bring a book or something to catch up on if you arrive earlier than anticipated and get a few more things done.

3. Develop a schedule and stick to it! You don't have to go out and buy a day runner, just something simple, a list maybe of the things you would like to get done for the day or that have to get done. I also find if I add things like conferences or meetings to my monthly calendar when they are scheduled, I can never be late because I forgot about them.

4. Do the hardest things first! Too often we don't stick to our schedules because we dread those things that are the hardest to accomplish like laundry, spring cleaning, or cleaning out the garage. If we tackle those first, and save the easier ones for the end, we will end on a much more happier note, because we did the big task first!

5. Finish what you start. My ex used to tell me all the time, I was great at getting things started but rarely ever got them to completion. I hated that! Now I make sure that the things I am beginning, I will carry them through to the end, just if nothing to prove him wrong. I will complete my purple quilt this year!

6. Practice self denial! Too often we get so wrapped up in other people's lives we don't have time at the end of the day for our own life. Start off by taking time to say NO! You won't be a bad person because you can't drive the entire sports team to their events this year again, or bake all the cookies for this year's bake sale on top of all your other tasks in the day. It's ok to say NO!

7. Volunteer. The best thing about volunteering is that it will automatically give you something back in return. Something which money can never buy! It's that warm and fuzzy feeling most people only get during the holidays. You can have it all year long. Find something simple, like helping an elderly neighbor out.

8. Clean/Organize Your Environment! Nothing spells stress quite like not being able to find something. In that hurried moment of trying to put things away, we misplace things in the wrong spot or tuck it in a drawer somewhere because company is coming and we think we'll get to it later. Make it a point of putting it away right the first time, and in the process it will always be where you know it should be. Take 15 minutes each day and start with one drawer and then move on to others during the week. In such a short time, you can have your life back and organized!

9. Wean Yourself Off Being Entertained. Here is the biggest way to save money. Stop going out to eat, buying that expensive coffee, shopping at the mall, or going to the movies. If you simply enjoy life more, your bank account will thank you. Americans I have read, will spend 15 years of their life watching TV! Isn't that amazing?? I would rather have 15 productive years with my family and friends by turning the TV off and enjoying a family dinner with friends, possibly followed by a game of cards or Monopoly.

If we just begin small steps this year, we can take back our lives, reduce stress, accomplish more and be a happier person. Oh and while you at it, find time to get back to church. 1 service a week will make a huge difference in your life! Don't believe me? Try it risk free for 30 days!

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