Saturday, January 17, 2009

Miracles Do Happen!

If you have often wondered the last time you could recall a miracle, it's probably been a while. Most of the time they happen like a gentle breeze on your face and most of them are personal. What I am talking about is a miracle that everyone who sees it can't dispute the facts that something unusual has happened.

The miracle I am speaking about is the recent crash of US Air Flight 1549. In case you haven't heard this pilot has two flocks of birds take out both engines on the plane shortly after taking off from La Guardia Airport in New York and had to crash his plane in the Hudson River on one of the most coldest mornings New York has had in awhile. Not one of the 155 passengers died! No one was seriously injured. Think this is just a lucky coincendence? Let's look at the things that went right!

1. The pilot in his 60's, was trained as a combat pilot, a glider pilot and most recently taught classes to other air personnel on emergency procedures and landings. He had over 40 years of air experience. Everyone who was on that plane and who witnessed the crash say the pilot should be a hero for his ability to land the plane on the surface of the water despite not having any engines. He also managed to clear the George Washington bridge by only 900 feet before making it to the river.

2. He landed the plane so well that most people didn't even think of this plane crashing was anything to be concerned about. Some people thought it was a stunt or a training mission, it just didn't look like an actual crash.

3. The river that afternoon had just been closed, due to the weather and thus no high number of barges, ferries or other boats on the busy Hudson River. The river was virtual wide open just in time.

4. The plane managed to remain floating, long enough for every passenger to get out and onto the wings to be picked up by the ferries! How many planes do you know that can remain floating?

5. They landed just at the right spot that the media and authorities could respond quick enough. They landed within a block of 56th street, the media is on 57th. Within seconds after the crash they had helicopters, ferries and coast guard on the scene. The passengers didn't have to wait for help, it was there the minute they needed it.

6. No fatalities or serious injuries. Not one, most passengers walked off the plane with just exposure to the cold and bruises. There were a few passengers with broken bones or head injuries but how many plane crashes have you heard of that had no fatalities?

If you take into consideration all these factors, this was no ordinary struck of good luck. God answered the prayers of those passengers who began to pray the minute the pilot told them to "brace for impact". I can only hope many came to know God that day and His grace to save them all! No one complained about prayer at that moment, no one told people to be quiet, strangers held hands and prayed with each other. I think God is reminding people that without him, we can't accomplish anything. We need God in every minute of our day! I think God is tapping people all over the world to wake up before it's too late. We are too precious to God that one should perish! He truly loves us all no matter what we have done! He is there waiting for all of us!

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