Friday, January 2, 2009

Amazing Man in the Whole World

Sure, everyone has their opinion of the most amazing guy in the world, but I have one really besides God of course! What we have with our spiritual foundation in God simply makes our marriage all the more amazing.

He has been my best friend since 1995 when I met him, and I knew the instant I saw him I fell in love, with both my heart and soul. God blessed me with that knowledge. He was my best friend and saw my in all the worst of times, from my divorce, custody issues, financial mess and working with my employee all at the same time. We always found time for each other, just to talk each other through stuff, see the best in each other always, and we always had the funniest times from stateline trips on the company, movies, and ultimately our first date night to see Toy Story at Fashion Island. By the way, the Hard Rock Cafe in Newport is no longer! So sad when we tried to recreate our first date only to find out that things had changed so much. He has always been a closet romantic at heart. Sometimes it takes a big push to get him out there but he always comes through!

My fondest memory of him was restoring Christmas again for me. I had just gone through my divorce which was made final on December 26th, due to my ex not being able to get the courts to make it official on the 25th. Nice guy huh? Any way I had given up on my favorite holiday for almost two years. Between working 12+ hours, commuting almost 3 hours one day to work, you could honestly say I really didn't have the time for Christmas. Do you see this becoming a Hallmark Channel movie???

Well after working one of those really long days, I was more than pleasantly surprised to come home to a live decorated tree on my porch, and upon walking into my house, I found a tree completely decorated with all the trimmings and there restored my Christmas Magic again!

Got tissues yet??? Anyway, I find myself today, hearing the news that he is leaving for Indianapolis, Indiana again for what promises to be another long 4+ weeks without him. Each time he leaves, I feel my heart completely torn out of my chest and the worst feeling is that each time I come home after dropping him off at the airport, I hate it! I hate coming home! I hate it because I know what awaits me, emptiness and loneliness! His presence is simply missing from my life again! I feel as if the life has been sucked out of me and the only thing I live for at that point is the phone calls that come during our three hour time difference. That means for me and the kids, our last time to talk to him is around 6pm so he can get some sleep. It also means long days, weeks for him with no time off! Sure the pay checks are nice when he works but we would trade all that in a heart beat for a decent job, close to home!!

Little does he know just how much he means to all of us! He is the best father, step dad, best friend, husband and soul mate all rolled into the most amazing man God could ever bless me with!! I thank God every day in my prayers for letting me get to know and love him more with each day!

So for now, I take my tissue and wipe away the last of the tears I hope for now, and enjoy the next 48 hours with him!

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CLOV3R said...

Thank you so much for being my Wife! You are the best thing that has ever happened to me and I sincerely love everything about you! This is a great idea for keeping you busy throughout the day and hopefully, you will get a big following!

Love & hugs

Your Hubby