Sunday, January 4, 2009

Goals for 2009

Well here it is the first week of 2009, and as sad as I find myself today since my hubby is leaving tomorrow morning, I am trying to find something else to focus on. So I have decided the best advice I have received on "how not be lonely", is to stay super busy! I have put together a list of things I hope to accomplish in 2009 and my blog will serve as a time capsule to check those things off.

1. Make homemade pickles. I remember my dad making this when I was growing up, waiting axiously for the cucumbers to "pickle" and therefore be ok to eat as an official pickle! So I am looking for recipes of something simple that produces an outstanding pickle. Please comment if you have any!

2. Make homemade jam. Thankfully I have found a simple and easy way to do this and will be something I do with my daughters without all the Little House on the Prarie frustrations!

3. Finish 3 quilts. I have a top layer complete since last year when my sewing machine uttered its last and finally died. Who knew that repairing them was more expensive that buying a new one. In this economy, both options for the last year were out. So for Christmas, my loving hubby bought me a new one, so quilting can resume again, while he spends time traveling.

4. Take a family vacation. This does not have to be an all out exclusive resort with all the perks, but it could entail and night out camping on the beach. The important thing is to get away from technology and finally spend time as a family.

5. Read the entire Bible. I have come close a couple of times, but never got the whole way through. Today in church I picked up a brochure that will allow me with that option and a guide on how to do it. I don't want to just read it to get through it, but to understand it and memorize some important life facts out of it. Does the Bible tell you how to get through not having your hubby around for awhile? How do you not miss someone so much it aches?

6. Have 4 friends dinners. This is where you invite friends and their families over to dinner. Steve and I have resolved this year to get closer to friends and neighbors and we want to schedule a block Bar B Que! So 4 will do it!

7. Volunteer. Not just helping family and friends out, but we are talking complete strangers here. Whether it's adopting a grandparent since mine are all passed away, or planting seedlings in the forests to help with greenhouse efforts, this is the year to give back.

8. Journal daily in my blog for 1 year. I have always wanted the opportunity of putting my thoughts out there as like a 'message in the bottle' to the great unknown. In this case, the internet! But I also wanted to be able to look back at times where I was weak and see how I got through trials and see how God was able to get me through those tough times. It also let's me see how I can become a better person in spite of all of it. Who knows? Some of what I post may help another struggling mom in the same situation as I am, and it may give her just enough strength to make it through one more day!

9. Spend Less and Save Money. Besides giving back to the church what God blesses us with each month, I want to be able to save a little for times when you don't think you have enough money to make it through. My kids thankfully, have learned when times are tough, we cut back on the extras, like movies, dinners out, fast food meals, and full fledge 4 course meals! It may mean we can keep Dad home another week and not be so stressed!

10. Reconnect with my real family. For a great many years now I have been at odds, or simply resolved myself to letting things remain as they were because I have come to realize the older people are, the harder they will change their behaviors. So I haven't talked with my father for over 13 years. I want to make ammends for that or at least make the effort to try before the year is up! I want to spend more time with my nieces and nephews as well as my mom, sister and brother! I think it will help me become a more rounded person and at least give me a peace, that I tried everything to resolve differences before time is too late!

11. Swim in a lake. I have wanted to do this since I was a child and stayed at my Aunts at their vacation home in Pennslyvania. I remember how warm and relaxing it was to jump off the dock and simply float! Those are some of the greatest memories I have from my childhood!

I may add more later by for now, this helps keep me accountable and in check for the coming year!

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