Thursday, January 22, 2009

Just A Man and Nothing More!

I can honestly say I did not watch the recent presidential inauguration of Barack Obama. I was too bitter! I did not vote for him and honestly believe that he represents for me, someone who will only make this country worse in the long run based on his opinion on being every one's president. He favors overturning rights for same sex couples and wants to redefine the governments definition on marriage. He also supports the right to choose for women and will support the Roe versus Wade argument.

Last night however, I attended my Wednesday night Bible Study and the issue was brought up about this very idea that so many people have the belief that one man can fix everything that is wrong with this country. He has compared himself to Abraham Lincoln on more than one occasion but I find that flawed in several areas. The first being that Lincoln was a God fearing man, he went before his knees on prayer before everything and was not afraid of being everything to all people. He was the one that abolished slavery during the midst of the Civil War. How well do you think that was received by some of the people? He wasn't afraid of what people would think of his ideas as long as he knew he was doing what was right in God's eyes and not mans.

Lately however this country has forgotten about the God that controls our very existence on earth. They have become self centered and focused on the needs of themselves and not the people that they represent. Greed and envy now permeates the very core of our country. People are looking out for themselves. How then can we put our faith and trust in one person to lead this country? We can't!

We have to turn our greedy sin filled hearts back to God and seek forgiveness for the mess we have gotten ourselves into. The crisis our country is in now is based on that sin filled nature to do it ourselves and turn our backs on God. It is His judgement on what used to be a blessed and well loved country. We wanted more and now we are paying the price.

We are paying the price for our willingness to look the other way on things that should down right anger us, and since it doesn't impact us personally we look the other way. Serves us right! We are too filled with our own selfish pride.

It is time to get back to our founding fathers notion to "Trust in God" in all things. We need to stop seeking satisfaction for ourselves and instead seeking to help others. We need to stop waiting on the government to help us out and instead seek God's help!

God is shaking us up to save this country to turn our hearts back to Him. We need to remember that God sent His only Son to open the communication back up between us and God and to re-establish that connection with God again that Adam broke in the Garden of Eden so long ago. It is by God's grace alone that this country can be restored.

So with a humble heart we need to pray for our newly elected president and government leaders that their eyes would be opened that are now blinded and deceived. We need to pray daily for those needs. We need God to get a hold of their hearts, and remind them that what they think that are doing is right in their own hearts, and that they need instead to seek God's will and not their own. We need to pray that God moves on their hearts for anyone that is in a position where they are leading this country. We need a government that will serve the people and not their own individual desires.

Remember NO ONE MAN can fix what is wrong with our country today, only GOD CAN DO that! Obama is just a man and I believe his intentions to fix things are true! God is the One that remains on the throne but He is waiting for the people to lift up their prayers to Him to once again bless this great country and restore our faith in God again! We simply need to ask!

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