Saturday, January 3, 2009

The Magical Allure of a Webkinz

It's amazing that as an adult you can still find time for fun. It all started about 2+ years ago when a friend of mine bought two Webkinz for my daughters for Valentines Day. Not knowing what they were, she kinda laughed when I called her to tell her I got them, and she said it was another thing for me to become addicted to. Well who would have believed her?

Yet here it is, and I am I guess what you could call addicted! I have about 36 of the fuzzy little things, although my youngest daughter Kailee loves to play with the stuffed animals more than playing it online. I simply got one, because you can send gifts to one another, once you make them your friend. So I got my first one a black and white cow, I called Tipsy! You can buy them almost anywhere now, although when my addiction kicked in, they were scarce and rare to find them anywhere, almost like Beanie Babies and Cabbage Patch Kids!

You basically get a stuffed animal with a tag attached. When you get home, you logged into and click on adopt a pet. From here you select a user name and password to set up your initial account. Don't forget it, since they don't send you a link if you forget either.

After that point of establishing an account you can log your pet in, give it a name, and put in the code printed on the tag. After that, you click submit and it basically takes your stuffed pet and makes it a virtual one. You get a room, and a few things to stick in it.

To build onto your room, you need to make more money known as Kinzcash, by getting a job, doing Daily Activities, Answering Trivia Questions, Going on a Gem Hunt or a dozen of different video games on line.

This is where the addiction kicked in. For about $ 7-$15, you can log into a virtual world with your pet for a one time fee and keep it going for a year. At that time you are asked to log another pet in, to keep your account active. Not bad, from a parent's point of view, if you factor the costs of some of the other web providers sites such as Club Penguin and Club Tiki, which require a monthly fee to keep it going.

Now Webkinz has expanded to offer virtual pets for $12.50 in which they email you the code and you get a pet that can't be bought in the store. Yes! My hubby got me the Halloween Monster for Halloween! I love it!

Well that's all for now! Let me know if you love Webkinz or not by posting a comment below!

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CLOV3R said...

Caitlyn -"hello my name is Caitlyn,"

Support Group -"Hello Caitlyn"

Caitlyn -"and I'm addicted to!"

lol great blog mom:D