Saturday, January 10, 2009

Fluctuating Gas Prices

It often amazes me daily at the cost of a gallon of gas. It seems just a month ago during the Christmas season, the news media were telling people that we would be likely to see gas prices below a dollar a gallon before the year was up. Let me tell you I was just happy to fill my tank for $25.00. The price per gallon $ 1.53 in California.

I never understood why in California we pay for extra additives for our fuel because we have the most cars and we have to reduce fuel emissions. This? while in the east coast coal mines continue to spew sewage into the sky as well but they have lower over all fuel costs for their cars? Huh? Did anyone ever bother to question the logic of this?

Does the air that surrounds the state of California just stay over California or doesn't something like the wind move that someplace else? Is there a barrier we who live in California aren't aware of?

And why is it when oil prices were selling for $ 140.00+ per barrel and the oil and gas companies felt justified in charging us almost $ 5.00+ for a gallon of gas while each day the price of gas would jump by mid afternoon almost .10 a day per gallon? Now that the price of oil is below $ 70.00 a gallon, gas crept downward at a couple cents every three to four days, mean while you know the oil and gas companies are laughing at every single tax payer and saying, "Thank YOU!". We never saw declines in the price of gas as quickly as it jumped and probably never will.

Yet here it is 2009 and the price of gas is back to that upward trend of about .05 to .07 a gallon every day. Today the price is back up to almost $ 2.00 a gallon. Wonder what the oil and gas companies profits will be this year?

I wonder when the government will step in a force the oil and gas companies to use some of their profits to bail the car companies out of debt. Don't the two work hand in hand without each other?

It's time this madness is stopped and someone seriously needs to look into the long history of these gas and oil companies and why in the midst of our worst economic recession that the only companies making a profit is the oil and gas companies! Record profits in fact!

Tell me something isn't off?

O.K. Voice your comments and concerns. Love to hear them!

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