Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Creating a Lasting Marriage

I think the principles I will talk about today not only apply to a seasoned marriage but also a new relationship, that may, someday lead to marriage. The guidelines are easy enough to follow, and depending on your current circumstance within your own relationship or marriage this may take some time before the desired effects occur.

The basis for all of these things come first and foremost from our life's instruction book, the Bible! So before you can begin creating anything regarding a relationship you need to have God and His Word at your foundation. To build on anything else, will be a struggle for all of your days and it will be exhausting for both of you to make it work. Why not have God's supernatural power at work at the core of your relationship and then build on that. Success is not only guaranteed but will result!

In light of Valentine's Day being just around the corner, most husbands and boyfriends, will come to think you're just doing all this because you want something, especially if this is something out of your ordinary day. I would ask before you begin anything you ask for God's guidance to make sure that what you are working on and seeking is truly for God's benefit and not your own. God will bless your marriage and will provide the things you seek if you follow Him.

I would suggest that you begin by reading Ephesians 5. There comes a part in this book where it asks women to submit to their husbands. It doesn't ask you to become a doormat, or a personal slave to your husband, but to treat him as you would if you were serving Jesus. You would treat him with loving kindness, respect, honor, caring, patience, and most of all unconditional love. If you are doing this unconditionally you will not need or require anything in return. You do it simply because you want and desire to. I would challenge you for today to begin with your attitude. If that isn't in the right place, nothing you do will work towards God's glory. You should want to serve your husband, treat him as though he was the greatest thing ever created just for you, and love him no matter what he says or does to you today!

Try just for today, to not say anything negative! Nothing at all! If you need to say something find a genuine compliment to give him. Don't over do it otherwise, your motives will be called into question. Your goal, let your actions speak for you today! Lift your partner up in prayer today and throughout the day. Let God work his blessings through your words and actions today! Don't expect a sudden change, that will take some time to do. Read 1 Corinthians 13 if you require some additional help with what love should look like in your life!

I will post our second challenge for tomorrow in helping to build a better relationship and marriage with your partner!

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