Thursday, March 1, 2018

Struggling With Finding Answers

Do you ever have someone going through a difficult time and you want to give them just the right answer to whatever they're going through? From a mom struggling with cancer for the 4th time who has to deal with her own health issues but also parent a teen and a working husband, while trying to remain in control. Or what about the husband who feels like he is ready to throw in the towel because the work environment has changed so much that he is being tasked beyond what one man can take? Or how can you grow your own business in a highly competitive market where everyone it seems is selling what you have and for a lot less?

And of course, it's all happening simultaneously!

Yet isn't that life? A struggle of challenges to face, and often times all at the same time.

So how do you hold it all together, where does your help come from?

In any and all of these, it has to first be from God because in an instant He can and has the power to change any of these situations in a flash. So prayer is my first answer. It will also feel like perhaps nothing has changed immediately, even though that is what the flesh wants us to believe. Like praying about that changed anything, right? Well I believe it does. It unleashes something within the throne room of God to set things in place to affect each of these areas. We may not see it right away, but something has changed.

We did the right thing, right away. Now we just need to keep on praying. Just because it seems like nothing has changed, we need to keep praying about it. Perhaps praying for strength to face cancer one more day when you physically want to give up. Perhaps it is praying for wisdom to sort through the challenges of being overwhelmed so you can find clarity in the midst of confusion, or perhaps it is saying,"Hey God, this business is yours and if you mean for me to sell a few things, can you move in the hearts of the person you have in mind to buy this item?"

Everyday you have the power to change things through prayer. Not just a half-hearted, like it's going to change things anyway prayer, but really dig deep into the specifics of what you need. Like an itemized shopping list of specific things, like strength, protection, wisdom, grace, mercy, hope, compassion. Let these be a part of your prayers and believe above all, that while you are not seeing an immediate response to your prayers, things are happening and one day we will see how it all was connected along the way.

But above all it needs to begin with prayer.


David C Brown said...

God will have joy in the communication and communion.

Dots said...

Changes...constant learning. I believe God has the answers and those tend to come in many ways, through all kinds of situations, and people. Creation speaks. The heavens declare the glory of God and the skies proclaim the work of His hands (Psalms 19:1). Prayer is always a place to go with all things. Reading Scripture would be my second place to go. There is nothing that comforts like the Bible does. The source filled with the thoughts of God. The Bible has solutions waiting for the one who will go to it. It holds wisdom. An Alive Book full of more than you can hope for or ask. God bless.