Thursday, March 22, 2018

Attitude of Gratitude

Back in the days when I was a corporate trainer, I used to LOVE sending out motivational and inspirational messages to my team and those I was training. It was the perfect way I thought to begin the day. Focused on something positive whether it was a motivational line, a story or simply something for them to consider during the course of the day.

I think each morning might bring dread for some people. It might just be all they can get to make it to the end of their day. I believe it certainly can't hurt and most of the time it is just what people need to hear. Too often the enemy tries to rob us of our joy before we can even get out of bed. To get our minds off of the blessings that come from simply being able to breathe, the walk, to even have a bed to sleep in. We're so busy dealing with all of that needs to get done, we miss those blessings that are around us in abundance. We've simply taken them all for granted and all it would take for us to become that much more grateful is to lose any of them.

Talk to the homeless man who has to wonder how he will keep warm tonight as you drive by him on your way home to a warm home, with lights and food to eat. What about the woman who is hanging on to life, why you complain about how you simply can't make it through one more day dealing with your stress at your job? What about the woman who just lost her husband due to cancer, and all you spend your day doing is complaining that your husband won't take out the trash?

Seriously, we have so much to be thankful for but we tend to focus on the negative over the positives in our day. We seriously need a change in our attitude and that's why I am incorporating three things I'm going to ask my private group to list every single day about their lives as well as three things they are going to work on. We need to stop being held back by fears that get the best of us and rob us of the blessings God has in store for us. Fear is a powerful weapon and that is why it is faith's adversary. If you are walking in fear, you aren't placing your faith in God to handle things. Sure I understand we are all human and at times, fear is going to attempt to get in the front seat of our lives, but we need to remember who is driving! First and foremost for me, it needs to be God and I'm a passenger. This is a two seater car and there is no room for the enemy to cause me to question anything.

So with that being said, what are three things you're going to work on today? What three things are you going to be grateful for today?

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