Thursday, March 15, 2018

Keeping our Faith in our Business

With all the recent lawsuits regarding Christians in the business world, it makes you wonder if keeping your faith out of your business is something you should do. I kinda of frown on that because it then becomes a reflection of who I am in the business world. I have never had to hide my character, morals and integrity when I walked into a business place to work and it will also be evident of those that buy from me, that I keep my faith in the same way. It is who I am.

I had a comment the other day about how can I keep my faith if I am selling wreaths and products that don't line up 100% with my faith. For example providing Easter decor that depicts bunnies and eggs. I think we have to consider what the Bible says and how it was implied to prevent these items from becoming things we worship or replace Jesus with. In fact, we have to remember that Jesus came to save the sinner and not hang out with the religious leaders of the day. He came to save the lost. I have had more opportunities to share my faith now, than when I simply talked about Jesus all day in my blog posts. I have had opportunities to show the reason for my faith, like Paul takes about when people ask about me, what I do and where my faith comes into my business side of things.

Remember God can use us in any capacity to achieve what He has called us to do. I've prayed over my business and committed this to God. It's up to Him to shut it down or allow it to prosper. That's all any of us can do with our days, what we do, say or write, is let God use us as vessels to bring the gospel to people right where they are. In fact, my followers will be the first to share with you how evident my faith is in every aspect of what I do. Now while the symbolism of Easter can be traced back to is Babylonian pagan origins, the point is not to use these as a substitute for what Easter really means, to replace the resurrection with the eggs or bunnies. People are not using these products in some false idol worship and that is the point I am making. While I sell both religious and non religious home decor, God is the one directing people to me and what they decide to sell.

God can use us and our situations in whatever way He wishes to and I believe that I don't have to compromise what I believe in order to do what God has called me to create. I am curious, about what you think about keeping your faith in your workplace and look forward to your comments.

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