Friday, March 16, 2018

Miracles and Changes

Welcome to my Friday blog post.

It seems like so many people are on the busy train lately and it's hard to know where to move and what comes next with so many changes on the horizon. Some days it feels as if you can't catch your breath they're coming at you so fast.

I guess the title to this post pretty much states what this post will be about. So many times we pray for miracles and while some may happen, there are those times when it doesn't. I came across a motivational quote that seemed to linger in my mind as I fought some pretty rough fatigue yesterday. The kind that simply wants you to sit around and do nothing. So I figured I had nothing pending, I would take that time to read a book, some of the Christian bloggers and readers have been discussing lately. But first, back to the quote. It simply said, "Faith isn't just believing that God can do it, it is believing He will do it." Now to state it that I do not believe in the "name it and claim it" religious leaders. But it was enough for me to "marinate" on it from the time I read it til the time I went to bed.

It may be wonder on the things I pray for in faith, do I simply just "pray" about it, or do I honestly believe that God will do it. To be honest, I think more of it lies in the first part and not so much in the second part. I know God can do anything, but it does make you wonder, why does He allow someone to face fighting cancer so many times. He can heal them, but why doesn't he? Sometimes that question doesn't even get answered this side of heaven.

I know God has a plan and purpose in everything He does, and I feel like I need to up my prayer game to a whole new level. I need to really sit down during those prayer and talk to God about the things on my heart. Like I would my own father, if I could. Yet I have to remember the power unleashed in those prayerful moments. Heaven has been stirred. There is action I am not even seeing.

Last night I prayed that the sore throat I was dealing with all week would simply go away. I had noticed some white spots on my tonsils and kept watch over the week and yesterday it seemed it had grown bigger and now felt like I had a popcorn kernel stuck in the back of my throat. In fact the more I thought about it, the worse I felt. I dreamed about what might happen with my home based business if I couldn't speak any longer. I figured out, I would find a way to keep going despite what I could or couldn't do. I scheduled the earliest doctor's appointment for today that I could get. I wasn't at all happy about getting up so early feeling so badly and tired the night before.

When I woke up this morning to jump into the shower, I checked my throat to see how much worse it was, and no white spots. Not one. I even asked my hubby to check. All gone. No swelling of my tonsils, no sore throat, nothing. I even checked like 4 more times, because I couldn't believe that they were gone. I remembered last night as I tried to sleep, I did ask God to supernaturally take them away because I was feeling so poorly and the last thing I wanted to do was be sick again and have to cancel my LIVE tutorial tonight. I had errands to run in the morning that would have to be canceled and it would mean I couldn't help out where I could. But God had other plans. Today, I am rejoicing in that moment. I am good to go and managed to go back to sleep after canceling my doctor's appointment and slept far later than I had intended.

Usually the first thing I do before I get out of bed, is to check all my social media apps, for emails and to see what's going on before I get up. I came across a few responses to a book publicity company that is now closing its door and getting out of the book reviewing business. Friends, that is 3 in just 3 months. Is it possible God knew that the lifestyle I had depended on using my free time for, was coming and I needed to be ready for a change? Even six months before it happened?

I believe that is a YES! I was tired of trying to figure out where to go with all the reviews I am asked to do and still get my business up and running and helping other women do the same. I believe firmly it has been His plan all along. It is such a sadness to know this is where book reviewing is headed, and while I will continue to not give up my love of reading, I know God's got bigger plans in store for me and my family in this year ahead of us.

So miracles and changes, both blessings from God! I can't be happier with His path in my life right now. 

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Marlene said...

This touched my heart! Thank you Kathleen for your words!!!