Monday, March 26, 2018

Two New Creations

Some people might shy away from doing custom orders, but I truly LOVE working on them. Because each wreath I create is a one of a kind, original, I know that I will never get bored making them, as they are not copies of something I have already done. I am fortunate enough when God blesses me with such opportunities. I have had two requests for something to be hand created based on some clues the customers alludes to.

Some will send me pictures of items they have seen on Pinterest or the Internet, and we'll talk through the likes and dislikes of each along with a budget in mind. I try as hard as I can to give the customer what they want and within a price they can afford. I am also a realist as well, when I can't do what they want either due to supply limitations or cost, and we can usually come to an understanding.

The wreath pictured above was one of my favorites and it has to be all God-inspired. I knew colors, the space where it was going to be displayed as well as a budget of course, and most of my inspiration comes from a sign. In this case, I fell in love with a ribbon before the order even came in, and I knew that God has the design forming even before I knew what it would be. Taking my cue from the picture of the outside of the business, the colors and words the customer used in their order, I wanted to take a wreath back to the glory days of old Hollywood, where class and elegance was everything. The photo above is not edited even though it looks like a simple black and white photo, it is just the colors of the wreath materials. From shades of gray, black and white with just the touch of rose gold, this beauty was created.

I was also able to used similar materials to create one to list in my Etsy store as well with this time, it features a Home Sweet Home sign. Just think of the newly wed couple who will be returning home to make a new start in their life, getting this as a wedding gift, or to the first time home buyer looking for something to create a statement piece to their guests before they ever walk into a home. This are simply perfect for those reasons or for something unique for your own home or decor.

I also completed a wonderful and colorful Mother's Day wreath on my Friday night Facebook LIVE where viewers tuned in to watch me create this button wreath. The sign was from Jane's Front Door Decor and you can join in the fun of watching me create it below.

If you're interested in a custom designed wreath for your home or business or even as gift for a special someone, please contact me at or visit my Etsy shop to see what I have available now.

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