Wednesday, March 28, 2018

Moving Forward

Instruction that is wrapped with encouragement really works. No one cares how much you know until they know just how much you care. I have heard it said that advice and instruction are like snow. The softer they fall—the deeper they stick. Sensitive instruction is encouragement.

I LOVE both encouragement and being the one to encourage. I hate it when I see the benefits of using encouragement to help motivate someone and instead they offer silence or criticism instead. I mean it may get them to do what you want, but they won't be happy doing it. Sure it accomplishes the task but the result isn't a long lasting one.

I have seen evidence of this in play in my own life, working for incredible leaders, co-workers and even fellow employees and I can always say that people will give more than 100% for a person they can respect and value. I know because this is how I felt. I would always be willing to pitch in, help out and go above and beyond for people I respected because of their values, their ethics, their reputation and more. I believe I know what it takes to be a great leader and what doesn't. The best part of being an small business owner is that my customers are not just the ones who buy home decor from me, but they are also in a small Facebook group I lead and encourage every single day. They are also in the people who I haven't met yet. Those are the people I love living for, working for and most importantly who I serve for.

You have to be willing each day to get up, despite how you may feel and choose your attitude. I know this is possible because we can all change our attitude on a dime. Meaning that if you are in a foul mood and someone unexpected shows up at your front door, you can instantly turn on the charm. So don't tell me you can't do it. Choose today if it is going to be a great day or a bad one. You are the only one who can make that determination. Sure things can influence whether things will go towards one or the other, but the final choice is yours. Choose today. Choose right this very minute. Put away all your 'what if's" and 'what abouts,' move forward today in a positive, can do, attitude. Stop being weighed down by everyone else and stop giving them all the control to dictate how you will be.

I hope you choose to make it a great day. It can definitely be filled with the unexpected surprises you didn't see coming your way. Let me know how it goes. I'd love to hear about it. 

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