Wednesday, February 28, 2018


We all need to be connected on almost every level in our lives.

Be it business connections or personal ones, you just never know when you will need someone's expertise in your life. That is why I firmly believe that you shouldn't burn any bridges if you can avoid them.

I have found that works especially well in my small business. From working with fellow peers, you just never know when someone will be able to offer their help. Be it simply from sharing your LIVE videos on their own page, to clicking on your "Like" and "Follow" option, no one would succeed without connections.

I've recently discovered such needs from wanting to have my business name adding to an apron I can use for craft shows or even in my LIVE Facebook videos and I discovered it through my husband's cousin who does amazing custom products featuring your logo or in my case just my business name in the font I have chosen to you. She is amazing, quick, professional and her work is top quality. You can find her shop on Etsy and it is QuiltinCin if you want to contact her for your business needs.

The other issue was working on a custom piece for a veteran who was a Silver Star recipient in the Marines. His wife wants a wreath for their Nevada home and she wants something with that honor on it. Let's just say searching high and low on the internet revealed NOTHING.

Nothing on Pinterest.

Nothing in Google's search engine.


No one had ever done one so there was nothing to get any ideas from.

I was simply going to use a star wreath frame and replicate the medal with gold and silver and add a United State Marine sign to it and work with it that way. They truly aren't concerned with the accuracy, but something to commemorate this high honor for his service. Thankfully two people rose to the challenge to help out. You know working with copy rights and trademarks can be tricky, but have discovered if it is going to be used for personal use and not sale, it is fine to make something custom. 

In fact, both ladies offer the high quality products I only want to use in my home decor and wreaths and also why I am sharing them with you. Cindy from QuiltinCin and Jane from Jane's Front Door Decor are two people I trust with 100% of my work. Not only do they work with you, but their products are beyond what you would expect. I've been working with Jane on quite a few of my wreaths and she also has an Etsy store you will definitely want to check out.

I'm always about trying to find ways to help others, through the connections I have made and let me tell you, these two women are amazing and I love to be able to help promote their own small businesses.

So just remember the people you do meet through your social media or just face to face, might just be that one critical connection you need when you find yourself in a challenge. Work hard to make those lasting connections. 

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