Friday, March 2, 2018

Finding Hope in Turbulent Waters

Seems like there are storms brewing everywhere. From the real life physical storms all around us due to weather, to even those affecting our personal lives, from work life struggles to just finding ways to keep the peace within our own homes. Again for me, prayer will always be and should be our first response so we can unleash the power of heaven. I believe we need that unseen power to begin to move whatever barriers that are going on that are caused by the spiritual realm.

Yet how often do you feel like your struggles go nowhere. Are overwhelming? Like trying to push back the wind or waves? Almost to the point of being pointless? Should we just take a step back, take a deep breath and re-evaluate what is happening? Are we simply too close to see what is going on around us? Maybe we should ask someone else to take a look at things and offer their advice or wisdom.

I find this in my own life, with my own challenges, happening both in my personal life and my business life. As a wife and mom, my own struggles are not just what I face, but at times, we have to shoulder the burdens of our husbands, family members and kids as well. So where we find balance in it all? Or it life simply meant to constantly keep us off balance?

I don't even know if I have any thoughts on it. I know in my personal life, I'm sitting here wishing and praying that I can find a way to help my poor husband who spends so much time traveling and he is just wiped out each weekend and really all he wants to do is catch up on sleep so he has enough energy to handle next weeks work schedule. I can easily look at him and see that he is just beyond overwhelmed. Sure we can try talking about it, but it doesn't really change much. Work is simply placing demands on him that are beyond what one person alone can handle. I know he needs some kind of outlet or it will begin to manifest itself in him physically if he can't process all of what is happening in his own life. Like trying to push back the waves or put out simultaneous fires all around the globe and he can only be effective in a very small area, but work expectations expect him to be effective in all of them.

So if you're reading this, can you add my husband to your prayers? Can you pray for protection around him from the enemy who seems committed to making things in his life difficult? Can you pray that the eyes of those he works with be open to see that he needs help and will commit to making that happen for him? Can you pray for physical strength to fly week after week? I thank you in advance for that and believe that even now, God is already moving in his life, to help and bring about a peace that surpasses all understanding.

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