Wednesday, March 14, 2018

A Little Help From Your Friends

The job I adored and love doing was both managing a service team in Southern California back in the days when there were only 2 cell phone service providers LA Cellular and Air Touch. I had a small group of about 8 people but I loved helping them achieve their own levels of success no matter what that was. I was fiercely protective of them like there were part of my family and even taking that a step further when I was a Corporate Training Specialist for another 5 years, I loved encouraging people to believe in themselves when they didn't.

I loved taking the time to just show them how much I cared about them both as a person and a valued employee. In fact, I keep a book of those emails and letters from those one on one encounters that show me a little about what God has challenged me to keep on doing in my life. To encourage, motivate, and cheer those people on whom God places in my path. I love watching them achieve that next level of success in their life, even if it is just managing to make it into work day after day.

Don't we all need more cheer leaders in our lives today? I'm not talking about the fake ones you tell you what you want to hear just to keep you going, but those that really take the time to listen to your struggles, to get down to where you're at, to value you for simply being in their life as well. Those are the people I'm talking about, the real legitimate ones. The ones that are leading you through life, by being at the head of the line and pulling your forward, not the ones being pulled and barking orders to move faster because they are the boss.

I LOVE working with my small business group, both in the public Facebook forum and the Private Group of about 45 people who want to take that next step with someone who will have their back. Who will motivate and believe in them. Who will take the time to ensure no one gets left behind. I am that person and I get so much joy that it motivates me more each day I can encourage someone or give them the encouragement they need to step out in faith and share what I believe God's called them to do. I believe those are the people who impact us so much, we can never forget them. I can look back and see how God's been building me up to do just that both in my employment history but also in the things I volunteer to do like reviewing books or blogging! From leading a women's group of 40 Somethings through weight loss but even more by becoming their best friend in the process. Those are the relationships I can look back on and see how wonderful God's fingerprints have been along the way.

While I may never personally meet these people, I truly care about each and every one of them. Even though my small group is more intimate and gives me greater insight into how I can help these women, to the larger group of more than 3000 followers. I thank YOU God for the life you've given me and I only hope I can bring honor and glory to YOU, to point others to YOU and to have their courage and faith to take on the world! 

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