Wednesday, October 21, 2009

What Do You Want To Know?

I've began my blogging back in January as a way to journal the works of God in my life. Looking back I can see just how much he has worked in it every day. Some days more than others that is for sure. I've grown to love so many of you in various ways! I've gotten to know so much about you as well and have seen how God is working in your lives as well.

I am going to dedicate next week to knowing all there is to know about me. It's your turn to interview me. No question is off limits and I would be so honored to share even more about myself with all of you. So in lieu of comments, please post as many questions as you would like to know the answers to. Depending on how many questions you ask, I will put those together in a post or two and hopefully I don't scare you off.

Looking forward to seeing what kinds of questions you all come up with and having fun answering them all.

Love and Hugs ~ Kat


Danae Hudson said...

I'm pretty new to your blog, so maybe I should read to see if you've answered these questions already. But I'll ask anyway. :)

What is the biggest miracle that has happened in your life?

...and what's your favorite memory as a child?

He & Me + 3 said...

I am fairly new too...
But how did you and steve meet?
Where do you all like to take family vacations?
What is your favorite hobby?

Still Learning said...

I am kinda new, so maybe you have covered this....
Do you teach in church? You seem so knowledgeable!

What is the greatest lesson that God specifically taught you?

Okay, my nosy self is done.


Andrea said...

Well, I think I have been here since the beginning....and I have come to know you as an awesome friend and prayer warrior. I am privileged to have you in my life.

Where were you born?

What is the craziest/wildest thing you have ever done?

How has GOD really outdone HIMSELF in your life?

Okay...I guess that is enough.
Love you, andrea

Mari said...

Looks like you're going to be busy answering questions! I wondering what you can tell me about your childhood. I'm also wondering at what age you were saved and when did prayer become an important part of your life.

Parsley said...

Here are a couple of fun questions: What's your favorite sweet thing to eat?
If you could be any creature other than a human, what would you be and why?

Unknown said...


What is one of your favorite "ah-ha!" moments in regards to your Faith?

What is one of your favorite memories from your blogging world?

Carol said...

Hi Kat~

Where did you grow up?
Do you have siblings?
Did you grow up in a Christian home?
If you could go anywhere, where would it be?
What is your favorite verse? (tough one, I know)
How long have you been homeschooling?

Blessings to you dear friend,

Sheryl said...

Hi Kat...thinking of a question.

Martha said...

Yay, I love to be the reporter interviewing my favourite bloggers!

Okay okay, this is a good one and I really would love to hear the answer if it's not too personal:

"Is there a certain area that you have struggled with throughout your life? Do you still struggle with it to this day and what are the tools that you use to help overcome it?"

Love ya!


Darcie said...

I am sort of a newbie too!

When did God first reveal himself to you, and how?

RCUBEs said...

I'm so grateful to have met you sister Kat for a while now...

Is there any particular/favorite spot in your house where you pray?

Do you play any musical instrument?

Are you involved in a particular ministry at your church?

Thanks for this sister Kat and God bless you.

E @ Scottsville said...

Oh, you could get bombarded, Girl! I look forward to reading the 'answers' post. =0)

Cathy said...

I'm new to your blog too. Here are some just for fun questions.

Do you have pets and if so what are their names?

Where is your favorite place to vacation?

Have you ever been to Disney World (my favorite place to vacation)?

Who is your favorite fiction author?

What is your favorite movie?

LV said...

Is that a current picture you have on your blog? Do you ever wish you could go back in time?

Loren said...

What fun this will be!!!

hmmm lets see ~

How many kids did you want to have before you had your first one?

How do you experience the Lord most? ie; during prayer, during praise and worship etc.

Describe what your best day would be like?

Where do you want to retire?

How/when were you saved?

ok I will stop for now and save the rest for that wonderful day not so far off that we will meet FACE TO FACE!!!

Kelly L said...

Would love to hear your testimony - How you became a follower of Christ.

Love to you.

Heidi said...

Did I once read on your blog that you quit your paying job to minister full time through your blog? Or did I dream that? I've thought about it a few different times and wondered if I read it correctly.

Anyway, if you did quit your day job to minister to others through your blog- can you tell us how that is working out so far for you. It is working very well for those who read your blog.


Kat, Did you always know growing up that you wanted to be a wife and Mom?

Do you think you will ever have more children?

If you could live anywhere where would it be?

If you could travel anywhere where would you travel?

Your favorite movie?

Your favorite book?

How did you and Steve meet?

Children names and ages?

How did you pick the name of your blog and what made you decide to start a blog?

Do you have any nicknames?

Is Kat short for something?

What is your favorite food?

What have you enjoyed most about blogging? Least?

What are you most proud of?
Have a great day... Blessings,

Saleslady371 said...

Hi, Kat:

You are one courageous gal..can't wait to read your answers!!!!

1. Have you set any goals within the next year that you want to tell us about?

2. What is the most important ingredient for you in your friendships with other women?

3. Do you have an embarassing moment that makes you laugh?

christy rose said...

Oh my goodness Kat! You asked for it and you got it! Well you have got a lot of blogging material for awhile now!:)

My question is this: I read your blog almost daily. I love you! And when I can't get by to visit you for some reason, I try to back up and read everything that I missed. But I can not remember if you have ever mentioned if you have spoken or taught the Word publicly. You write beautifully and I was just wondering if you speak as well. Also, do you attend church regularly. If so, where and why did you choose that local body to be your home?

Ok, we are all ready for your answers now!! :)
Have fun with this!

Joyce said...

Hi Kat...

Do you speak in public? Teach somewhere? Have anything published or are hoping to? You have a wonderful way of telling stories and illustrating truths so just curious...or nosy, depending on your point of view : )

If you could see three cities you've never seen before where would you go?

Have a wonderful day!

Laurie said...

Alright sis,
How do you stay out of the muligrubs?
What do you do when you get really mad? (And, what makes you really mad?)
What advice do you have for a new homeschooling mom?
Love you!!! Laurie

Greg C said...

Same here on being new so let me just ask and if you already told the answer just ignore the question.

1. Has God always been important in your life or like many of us was there a time when you strayed?

2. Tell us when and how you were baptized.

3. How did you and Steve meet? Was it love at first sight?

4. Do you ever get negative comments on your blog and if so, how do you handle them.

5. What do you think about all this 2012 world ending stuff?

Thats enough for now. Let me know if you need more, :)

Denise said...

When did you give your life to the Lord?

Deborah Ann said...

Wow, I don't think any stone has been left unturned! Hmm... ok, how bout this - Has God ever spoken to you in the way of dreams and visions? If so, what did He say?

Love ya girl!


Kat, Just wanted to stop by and say Hi. Hope you are having a great weekend... Blessings, Audrey