Wednesday, October 28, 2009

The Final Conclusion - Part 3

Real snow on pine cones from last February here in California

Today marks the final conclusion of my interview questions that you were all so wonderful to share with me. It's been great fun and none of the questions have been too difficult for me to answer. The only thing was considering my readership I wondered if I was being way too honest, but then again, I want you to know the real me.

The person I have become based on everything I have been through, quite literally the good, the bad, and the ugly! I wouldn't have changed anything because God took me through those times to bring me right where I am today. These storms and circumstances are to roughen out those sharp corners and hard areas that needed a Master's touch. God's touch in my life. I hope you enjoy the conclusion of life with Kat.

Joyce has left a new comment, "Hi Kat...Do you speak in public?"

Only on the telephone or at home. I would love the opportunity so if anyone wants to hear me speak, you have my email address!

Teach somewhere?

I have taught at my corporate job at AT&T for the last 5 years. I conducted all our Human Resources and Employee Training classes. It was the best job I have ever had. I loved watching people learn and become better people in the process!

Have anything published or are hoping to? You have a wonderful way of telling stories and illustrating truths so just curious...or nosy, depending on your point of view : )

I am currently working on a book idea called the Gallery and have a few chapters posted on my blog. You can view them here.

If you could see three cities you've never seen before where would you go?

Jerusalem, Egypt, and Scotland!

Laurie has left a new comment, "Alright sis, How do you stay out of the muligrubs? "

Since you are referring to grumpiness that is easy. I hate being in a bad mood, so I listen to praise and worship music after giving it up to God. It’s really hard to stay in a bad mood when you are singing songs to God!

What do you do when you get really mad? (And, what makes you really mad?)

People who take advantage of you. I pray for them and for me. For me not to let them get to me and for God to help them be a better person.
What advice do you have for a new home schooling mom?

Ask lots of questions from moms who home school. We love to share anything you need help with. I have a lot of moms that home school. The best piece of advice is to remember why you chose to home school. There will be days when you question why you ever thought about doing it, remember why you chose to and stand firm in that.

Loren from The Magoos News left this comment, "What fun this will be!!! hmmm lets see ~ How many kids did you want to have before you had your first one?"

I realistically wanted a huge family. I would say 4 minimum but 6 max.

How do you experience the Lord most? ie; during prayer, during praise and worship etc.

During praise and worship the most. I can almost picture God just sitting on the edge of His throne, looking down lovingly and smiling. How much better can it be. Also on the moments of my life when I am particularly sad, I feel God’s comforting arms telling me I am not alone. To cast my burdens on Him and rest!

Describe what your best day would be like?

Being with my hubby on the deck in my header, sitting by the fire overlooking a river while it is snowing outside. Not sure how long the fire would last but there is something about the silence when it’s snowing. It’s peaceful beyond anything I can describe.
Where do you want to retire?

This is super easy. In the Pacific Northwest, nestled among the towering, dark pine trees, in a log cabin overlooking a river. You can tell I have put a lot of thought into this one.

Saleslady371 has left a new comment, "Hi, Kat, You are one courageous gal..can't wait to read your answers!!!"
1. Have you set any goals within the next year that you want to tell us about?

I want to see my oldest daughter graduate from high school and make our move towards living in the Pacific Northwest close to that dream retirement home while my youngest finishes school up either at home or public. Her choice. I would love to be more active in the ministry perhaps publicly speaking or having my book published and working on the next one!
2. What is the most important ingredient for you in your friendships with other women?

Trust and Honesty! I will always give you 100% of both and they are critical for me. Sometimes you just need that blunt honesty but I have to be able to trust that you aren’t going to use it against me either. So I guess loyalty would be key as well. I have had so many fair weather friends. Here today and gone for tomorrow. There part in my life was very small but God saw the need to put them there.

3. Do you have an embarrassing moment that makes you laugh?

Yes, I was trying to hard to make a first impression on a guy I wanted to notice me and I was sitting in my best friends truck, and was feeling sick to my stomach. When I was going to get sick, my friend told me to do it out the window of her truck and not inside. Well I explained I couldn’t because he might see, so I opened my sweater and hurled my cookies in that. He never saw and my friend took me home right away so I could dump my sweater in the wash. The things we women will do for a guy. Never worked out with that guy anyway.

Heidi at 2Thinks wanted to know,"Did I once read on your blog that you quit your paying job to minister full time through your blog? Or did I dream that? I've thought about it a few different times and wondered if I read it correctly. Anyway, if you did quit your day job to minister to others through your blog- can you tell us how that is working out so far for you? It is working very well for those who read your blog.

I didn’t quit my job but since I was having a difficult time finding one, I found blogging was a way to express what I was going through in those difficult times. Right now however, I love that God is picking and choosing just how I should be spending my time with two kids in school and both very active in their social lives. Doesn’t leave room for me to go back to work just yet. If God opens that door, I would be the first to walk right on through however.

christy rose has left a new comment, "Oh my goodness Kat! You asked for it and you got it! Well you have got a lot of blogging material for awhile now!:) My question is this: I read your blog almost daily. I love you! And when I can't get by to visit you for some reason, I try to back up and read everything that I missed. Also, do you attend church regularly? If so, where and why did you choose that local body to be your home?

I do attend church as often as we can which is always on Sundays and I love our Wednesday nights as well because it so much more intimate. The high school and junior high groups have their own youth groups that minister to them, so it’s time that Steve and I can spend learning together alone. I have always loved Calvary church and it’s been a starting point for me in my walk with God. So once we moved here, we located one not too far away, attended one service.

It took a while for Steve and I to get use to an older pastor preaching but we were being fed and our kids loved their youth groups. Plus they had friends of theirs going from their schools so it made good sense to keep us all there. We attend Calvary Church of the High Desert!
Audrey at COUNTRY MOM asks, "Kat, Did you always know growing up that you wanted to be a wife and Mom?"

Audrey, oh absolutely! I was completely sold out on the fairy tale aspect and wanted to be completely committed to someone as a wife and mom.

Do you think you will ever have more children?

Steve and I agreed after my last pregnancy where we lost one twin, Kailee was the surviving twin, that due to how hard it was on my body at 35, we were done. We have two that complete our family and now we are looking forward to sharing this stage of their life with them and what lies ahead for us two in the future!

If you could live anywhere where would it be?

In Scotland. Something about living on an island where it’s so green and it appears the people are easier going than here in the States. If I were to choose here it would be Washington or Oregon hands down!

Your favorite book?

This Present Darkness – Fiction
The Bible – Non Fiction

Children names and ages?

Caitlyn – 16
Kailee – 10 pronounced Kay Lee!
They are both with Steve and I!

How did you pick the name of your blog and what made you decide to start a blog?

God inspired me in a dream one night to get up, create a blog and He came up with the name. I guess it’s what I do each morning with Jesus in my prayers so I decided it would make a great name for a blog since it was the purpose I was doing with my writing with each and every one of you in my posts. I started blogging as a way for me to look back on my life and see God’s hand in my everyday life. It would inspire me to look back at dark days and see in my own words my advice on how I was getting through them. It kinda evolved from there to whatever God puts on my heart each day!

Do you have any nicknames?

Kat, Kit Kat
Is Kat short for something?

It’s short for Kathleen but people used to shorten it to Kathy. I hated that name because it sounded so stereotypical cheer leaderish. I shortened it to Kat but when I meet people for the first time I use Kathleen because everytime I say "Kat" then respond with, "Oh hi Pat!" Then I have to correct them.

What is your favorite food?

My hubbies steak and lime tacos. That man can really cook a mean marinated steak!

What have you enjoyed most about blogging? Least?

Reading the comments on how something I have written has impacted you in some way good or bad. Since I feel everything I write is inspired by God, I like to see how that has impacted any of you. I love comments.

What I like the least is when I can’t post each day.

Life happens sometimes but I am learning that I don’t have to post every single day. God finds a way when He has something He needs me to say, He makes that window happen for me, otherwise, He is giving me more peace about it now because before I felt like I was letting people down that were followers and there wasn’t something there for them to read. God’s been reminding me it’s about Him and not about me!
What are you most proud of?

My salvation and the fact that everyone in my immediate family is also saved. If anything were to happen to them, I know I would see them again. That everything in life that happens to you good or bad, happens for a reason. It makes you stronger, it encourages your faith, it provides you with hope, brings you to you knees in prayer and shows just what you are made of when it comes to your spiritual character. You know, can you walk the walk you are called to, or will you give up when storms come?
Do you still have contact with your ex?

Only when I need to speak with him. Caitlyn knows enough through growing up with both of us to know where we both stand in relation to one another. If it weren’t for Caitlyn, I wouldn’t have any contact with him. We have made our resolution at this time to work together for Caitlyn’s benefit but only when absolutely necessary.

Lidj from Crown of Beauty posted this final question for me, What is the greatest lesson you learned from your previous marriage that has helped you tremendously in your relationship with Steve?"

Wow that is a complete wrap up of my life all within one really great question. I learned that not all people are the same. People change as they get older. You can't enter into a marriage thinking that you can fix or change the other person. You may try to manipulate or force this change, but the one thing I have realized is that it doesn't stay. They eventually go right back to their old habits. Unless a person is willing to change on their own, nothing you personally can do can make them change. Expecting that someone will change is a really bad expectation to enter a marriage with. Time will always change people depending on the storms and trials of life in general but it would be a huge mistake thinking marriage will change someone for the better. They need to be all that you would want before marrying them.

Since I married my first husband at 21, I honestly thought marriage would tame his wild ways. It didn't. Then I thought having a kid would change him since he was so great with everyone's else kids but it didn't. He remained the same person through 10 years of being married to him. To this day, he still remains the same in his ways. For him, life hasn't really changed that side of him.

Moving forward in my relationship with Steve, I knew for at least 3 years before he asked me to marry him that he was everything I needed, not necessarily wanted. There were some things I compromised on but it was worth it all. He isn't a big planner and not very romantic. Those were huge on my initial list, but he was grounded, not wild and had pretty much wanted a stable relationship to build a lifetime on. He wanted a friend to do things with as his wife, not as something he would get together with his friends and do. He was completely devoted to his wife, kids and making his marriage work no matter what. Romance is fleeting anyway. It doesn't last and since I love romance, I can pretty much make that happen when I need it. Because he has been my best friend first, we still remain true best friends even in our marriage in addition to the role of husband and wife and as parents.

Life has taught me some amazing lessons and I am completely thankful for each and every situation I have had to face. I thank each and every one of you for these wonderful questions and I try to live my life these days like an open book. I have nothing to hide. Everything I have been through has made me who I am today!

So there you have it, my life in a proverbial nutshell at least. I hope you enjoyed it and it truly was lots of fun. You all came up with some really terrific questions. Don't forget to visit my other blogging adventure with ARK for God which is Acts of Random Kindness for God and sharing how doing the smallest things for people can teach us how to live like Jesus wanted us to. Simply click here to follow me there too!


Elizabeth Mahlou said...

Indeed, no matter how horrific our experiences they are very much part of who we are now. We cannot part from them without tearing ourselves apart.

Crown of Beauty said...

Dearest Kat,
I thank you for the beautiful and honest way you answered my question. What you said was true, and would you believe it, I never really knew what answer to expect from you.

Whatever has happened in the past does not define you, Kat! And your answers here in the past three posts reveal that you are a gem of a woman in the making, a beautiful story in the process of being written, a majestic tapestry being woven together by none other than the Master's hands!

My blog life is so much richer because I met you!

To the praise and glory of our God.


Heckety said...

Wow! You are amazing- God is amazing- your daily life is a really great testament to the power of our Lord! I think all the folks who have read you these last three posts in particular would agree you are Some Blessing! Thank you so much for having the courage to do this, and thank you for the time it took as well!

Denise said...

Thanks for sharing with us sweetie.

Andrea said...


What a beautiful journey you have taken us on. Out of all the answers, I loved the last one. GOD is awesome. He knew what you needed, in Steve as HE knew what I needed in Doug.
Praising GOD with you,

RCUBEs said...

God sent a "Steve in a shining Armor" your way because He knows how much you love Him...When I read "Final Conclusion" I was thinking "No!"...Can't get enough to know more about you because you are an awesome friend and sister in Christ! I pray for the Lord to grant your heart's desires, for Him to always guide you, protect you, strengthen you and lead you and your family...Blessings and love to you sister Kat.

LisaShaw said...

I am so blessed to get by to read part 3. I've read part 1. Have to go back to part 2 when I return.

So can I now call you KitKat? I love that!

Thank you for sharing your heart and pieces of your life with us. So special.

Love and blessings.

Mari said...

You sure had a lot of questions to answer! I would love to go to the same 3 cities as you. I also love the book "This Present Darkness".

Cynthia said...

How interesting these answers are...and how revealing.

I loved the answer to where you sense God most and you answered praise and worship because "I can almost picture God just sitting on the edge of His throne, looking down lovingly and smiling"

That is such a blessed visual!

Cynthia said...

How interesting these answers are...and how revealing.

I loved the answer to where you sense God most and you answered praise and worship because "I can almost picture God just sitting on the edge of His throne, looking down lovingly and smiling"

That is such a blessed visual!

He & Me + 3 said...

I did enjoy learning more about you over the past three posts. Thanks for sharing so many details. You are truly an amazing person. So glad to know your through blogging.

Debby@Just Breathe said...

The snow on the pinecones is so beautiful.

christy rose said...

What a read the last three posts have been for me!! There were a few things that I already knew about you, but so many that I did not! I think it is wonderful that you have allowed yourself to be so open and honest. I feel like I know my friend Kat, or should I say Kitkat, so much better now! Thanks for being you!
love, Christy

Joyce said...

I've really enjoyed reading your interviews...thanks for sharing and being so transparent. Hoping to one day have a cup of tea with you while we sit on your deck looking over the river in the Pacific Northwest : )

Deborah Ann said...

This was so much fun! Thanks for opening up and sharing your insight with all of us. I gobbled up every word!

Marie said...

Talking about marriage. We have been married 48 years and I call it a "work in progress".

LV said...

You have already written your autobiography, just need a publisher. You really opened the doors of your life to the world. Not many would do that. I learned so much more about you. However, I was happy with what I knew. Since I have not been blogging as long as some of the others, they already knew more about you. One thing, that caught my attention was that you are an AT&T employee. I started with SWB and retired from them. Now my pension comes from AT&T. My son worked for them and my granddaughter still does. She is in the U-verse group. What department do you work in? What a small world. Thank you very much sharing your life with us and for being an inspiration to us all. Take care and I will see you on 11-4.

Edie said...

Your most embarrasing moment cracked me up. I can't believe you did that, but wait, I might have done the same thing. LOL.

I really enjoyed reading all about you Kat.

Much love!

HeartsMakeFamilies said...

Such great questions and awesome answers. I love this.

Kathleen said...

It has the feel of a morning over coffee disclosure. What fun! Rarely, especially here in cyberspace, do we get to know each other so intimately.


Greg C said...

Awesome answers Kat. We are so much alike it is frightening. I guess that is what keeps bring me back to your blog. I feel so much at home.

Tea with Tiffany said...

I loved reading more about you. You amaze me with how much you are able to pour out on your blog and on others. Continue to walk in the path He has for you. How fun to know you are writing a book. Seems like lots of bloggers are writers. :)

Hope to be back soon for more about you, Kat.

You're precious.