Tuesday, October 27, 2009

The Story Continues ~ Part 2

Whew! I just finished answering all the last minute questions that came in last night and found that I have to stretch this out one more day after this post otherwise, most of you would fall asleep before getting through it all. So here the story begins with the next set of questions.

Mari has left a new comment, "Looks like you're going to be busy answering questions! I wondering what you can tell me about your childhood."

I grew up in Southern California my whole life and still live here to this day. My parents had both served in the military; Navy to be exact and divorced when I was 7. We came home from Christmas vacation with family on the East Coast to find that my father had moved out. The funny thing was I wasn’t sad, but more happy because I knew I wouldn’t have to go to bed at night in fear of listening to my parents argue anymore and that my mom would be happy again. I had one younger brother growing up, Mike who is 2 years younger than me.

My mom later had another child when I was 13 who became my little sister, Ann Marie. I love her to death even though we aren’t 100% related. My mom and Ann Marie’s dad lived together until my sister graduated from high school. They never married but he was a great father figure for me in my life. My mom and dad’s divorce was brutal and they still fought long after they divorced. It’s probably one of the reasons I don’t talk to my dad to this day.

I'm also wondering at what age you were saved and when did prayer become an important part of your life.

I grew up in my childhood as a Catholic and went through all the religious stuff Catholics do. I never attended school just the church classes. When I was 21 I met a guy that trained me at my job as a driver and he was a Born Again Christian. I liked his lifestyle and the happiness he displayed. He invited me to his church youth group one night. During that service, I saw that church was meant to be about a relationship with God not a script that you follow in church with a priest. I confessed my sins to God that night and completely felt a change in my life.

It wasn’t until many years later of going back and forth with God that it finally stuck. I tried to maintain that relationship with Him going through my divorce. I felt if I had enough faith in God, He would make it work out. Turned out that the very same person who led me to God would be the very person to use this relationship with God to hurt me and make me question it all. Yes, I married that person at 21 and divorced him 10 years later. He moved on and began a relationship with someone else while we were married. So leaving him wasn’t difficult because I believed Gods convenant was broken at that point and I could move on. Little did I know how difficult it would be for me to be a single mom alone in the world.

Thankfully because my own mom was a single mom early on in my childhood, I watched and learned so much from her. I never once thought I would need this knowledge later on in my life. Thankfully I did, because it taught me so much. One how to do without as a parent so your child can have the things they need such as clothes, medical care, toys or time to be a kid. It was super important for me because with one child at that time, and being a child of divorce, I understood what worked and what didn’t. I knew involving the child in anything pertaining to custody or on-going divorce issues were conversations to be held in private with my Ex.

I also did everything for her happiness because I understood how difficult it was for her to lose her parents and life, as she had known it. She would also be missing one of us. So it was important for me to keep her childhood as stable as possible. It wasn’t always easy because it takes two for any agreement to work successfully but for almost 6 of those years, I held my tongue when it came to her happiness. Sometimes that meant I didn’t get a weekend or holiday I wanted, but the most important thing was to not let her see how much it hurt me. I dealt with that after she left. I cried a lot during those painful years.

The worst part came when my Ex moved 3000 miles away to the East Coast and demanded his custody rights, which were 100%. He throw court papers in my face whenever I hesitated about letting her go, but in the end, I remembered the story of the mother in the Bible who when faced with having her daughter cut in half, relented and let her daughter go. I wanted to become like that mom. So for 5 years, I dealt with my oldest daughter living in Rhode Island while we remained in California. I had several thoughts about packing it all up and moving closer but our jobs and family lives were established here. So I saw my daughter only during the summer and then sent her away during the school years. I couldn’t afford to send her home during Christmas because my Ex refused to pay airfare because it was my desire to see her and not his. Do you know how hard it is to spend $1000.00 during the holidays on roundtrip airfare for two? At the time, Steve or her dad would fly with her because of the September 11th issues; I didn’t want her to fly alone. So I had to pay for two tickets each time I wanted her home.

It was only in the last 3 years that her father finally relented and let Caitlyn have a say so in where she wanted to live. All those years of waiting finally paid off. At 13, she finally came home to stay here. She now visits the East Coast during the summers. Her family doesn’t want her during the Christmas holidays because it’s too expensive.

Parsley added this comment, "Here are a couple of fun questions: What's your favorite sweet thing to eat?"

Reese’s Peanut Butter Cups are by far my most favorites. Although anything with chocolate the darker the better is always welcome.

If you could be any creature other than a human, what would you be and why?

I would have to say a dolphin. They have this whole wide world of ocean just waiting to be explored and they are never alone. They are always with friends and family and their life just seems full of fun!

Christina at LuvinThisLife wanted to know, "What is one of your favorite "ah-ha!" moments in regards to your Faith?"

I would have to say watching God come through when we were thinking we were going to lose everything. I held onto the scriptures in Matthew about not fearing the loss of anything. I saw those scriptures come alive to me during those very hard years. We had let our mortgage slide almost 3 months behind because it was the only way our mortgage company would work with us, little did we know it was the biggest lie your creditors will tell you. It not only hurts your credit but now they are less willing to work with you and instead of reducing the payments, they actually go higher!

What is one of your favorite memories from your blogging world?

I think when I finally made it to 20 followers. I kept saying if at least 20 people find what I have to write about interesting, then I will be happy. Now at 138, after dedicating this blog to God’s will, I can see just how much glory goes to Him.

Carol wanted to know "If you could go anywhere, where would it be?"

My first choice is easy. I want to visit the Holy Lands. I want to see the city where Jesus was born, and walk the paths of His ministry. I want to completely immerse myself in Biblical History and just close my eyes and imagine what it would be like back in the days of Jesus.

My next choices are as follows:
England and Scotland because there is so much history there. I am such a history nut now and hated it in high school. There is something about visiting a place where you don’t need to learn the language and can still fit in. I love the simple ways of life compared to the rat race most of us find ourselves living in. I also long to visit Italy and see the canals. Just full of romance. I also want to visit a Buddhist monastery in the Himalayans and see how peaceful life can be when you remove all the earthly things from our life and get back to basics. I want to hike to the top of Mount Everest and ride a camel and explore the ancient pyramids in Egypt.

What is your favorite verse? (tough one, I know)

Nope this was was easy, as it became the verse for my new header. Proverbs 11:25 “He who refreshes will himself be refreshed. I feel it means if I encourage someone and make their day just that much better by something I say, then it instantly gives back to me and encourages me.

How long have you been homeschooling?

I have been homeschooling for almost 5 years now and love it. I love knowing what my kids are learning and helping them become better students. In the process I am learning as well. I don’t think you can ever learn too much. I love learning more now than when I was a student and seeing your kids just get it, WOW it makes your time worth while. Now I can honestly say with my youngest, I have taught her how to read, to do complex math problems and learn about history, science and art and love it! Really love it!

Martha added this, "Yay, I love to be the reporter interviewing my favorite bloggers! Okay okay, this is a good one and I really would love to hear the answer if it's not too personal:

"Is there a certain area that you have struggled with throughout your life? Do you still struggle with it to this day and what are the tools that you use to help overcome it?"

Staying committed to living the way Jesus would want us all to live each and every day. Some days are more difficult than others. Those days when nothing goes right. I am thankful to walk by grace and seek forgiveness so many times throughout those days. Starting my day lately with prayer just me and Jesus having a chat has made huge impacts on how I can maintain my emotions most days. Those times where I used to snap, I stop, offer up a prayer and wait to calm down before I react. This has helped so much! In addition, I get inspired by so many of your posts sharing God’s insight. Some days just stopping by a blog is like God speaking personally to you. That is why I love following so many of you. You inspire, teach and motivate me to become a better wife, mom and Christian!

Darcie asked, "When did God first reveal himself to you, and how?"

I honestly think God first revealed himself to me during my childhood. In all those Catholic services, I kept thinking there has to be more to God than this. Many years later when I married my first husband, Wayde, he was the one to introduce me to the God I now know and love. I found God at a youth group in my early 20’s but didn’t really stick to it until recently when I married Steve. That is when I saw how a marriage with God at the center is supposed to be and how easy it is to love one another when God is in your heart!

Rosel wanted to know "Is there any particular/favorite spot in your house where you pray?"

My bedroom and shower since it is the first place I am when I wake up. I love being outside in my garden reading God’s word and just listening to the sounds of His world inspire me, like the songs of our birds outside, the chirping of the hummingbirds, the soft flitters of the butterflies and the fragrant smells of the flowers outside.

Do you play any musical instrument?

Does whistling count? I can play a few songs on the piano and would love to become an accomplished pianist! Perhaps one day I will take the lessons and just do it! Life goal!

Are you involved in a particular ministry at your church?

Not in the church…but I am starting a Moms In Touch group at my home in which we pray for our kids and their schools. Other than that, just my blog and that group. I am hoping to get more involved in the women’s Bible Study however. I could always use help in that area.!

TCKK has left a new comment "I'm new to your blog too. Here are some just for fun questions. Do you have pets and if so what are their names?"

Yes, I have three cats. A 3-year-old named Moo, and two brand new 3-month-old kittens, one male named Tosh and one female named Bella.

Have you ever been to Disney World (my favorite place to vacation)?

No but I have always wanted to go. We just need to get to Florida with money and time to spare.

Who is your favorite fiction author?

Frank Peretti! I love all his books! He is what kept me inspired in Christian books!

What is your favorite movie?

The Holiday and now Twilight! I am a huge sucker for romance movies!

LV wanted to know"Is that a current picture you have on your blog?"

It was from about 6 months ago on a good hair day!

Do you ever wish you could go back in time?

Just to be a fly on the wall but not to change anything in my past. I would love to have been a witness to the life of Jesus. Just to sit at one of His sermons I believe would have been life changing for me.

Greg at Greg's General Store wanted to know the following: 1. Has God always been important in your life or like many of us was there a time when you strayed?

I try to stay on the right path now, but in the past, I have strayed like all sheep! Yet for whatever reasons I always come running back to God. Nothing satisfies in this life like a life when you are walking with God at your side. NOTHING!

2. Tell us when and how you were baptized.

I was going to do this last year but missed out. As a Catholic, I was baptized as a baby, but now I want to do it as a public testimony of my faith. Our church only does it during the summer in the lake. I wish they did it all year long! So I wait!

3. Do you ever get negative comments on your blog and if so, how do you handle them.

Thankfully no. If they were too harsh or negative I would delete them off my blog and then if necessary I would email the person who left a comment to see what I did or if I offended them in anyway. Sometimes people do it for attention and nothing positive ever really comes from it anyway so why get your readers involved.

4. What do you think about all this 2012 world ending stuff?

I think people will be disappointed when 2012 comes and goes and now they won’t have anything else to look to. The Mayan calendar will have run out, Nostradamos prophecies are unreliable so I guess they will either come up with something new or follow the only person whose prophecies have all come true and that is Jesus Christ. Either way if it is the end of the world, I know where I will be. Front row in heaven watching it all unfold!

The conclusion of this three day interview will conclude tomorrow. I hope you join me. I have saved all your questions so I plan on answering them all unless I have already answered them previously! Hope to see you tomorrow. Same Kat time, same Kat channel!


Sarah said...

Always a blessing. Your words a gift.

Joyfully His,
Sarah Dawn

Denise said...

You truly are a sweet, sweet blessing.

Mari said...

You have a great testimony! I've really enjoyed getting to know you better.

Parsley said...

So nice to get to know you better.

SusanD said...

Good Morning Dear Friend, Internet service is back on in my world and I see you've been very busy. How do you like being the interviewee? Were there any questions you didn't really want to answer? I've so enjoyed reading your responses and learning more about you. Thanks so much for sharing. Blessings, SusanD

Joyce said...

This was really great Kat...so nice to get to know you better. How did you like being on the 'other side of the microphone?' : )

Thanks for sharing your story-hope you have a great day!

Andrea said...

Great to get to know you better. Have fun continuing to answer all our ?s.
Blessings and big hugs,

LV said...

Thank you for being so open with your life. You are a super person and such a pretty one. Thanks for sharing yourself with all the world.

Loren said...

Again seeing your heart, knowing you more, just makes me love you more and more!! You are soo strong Kat ~ stronger than you realize I think!!

God is using you in a mighty way

Love you my friend!

He & Me + 3 said...

Wow you seriously have some great questions and deep ones too. This is awesome. I love Reese's Peanut Butter are my favorite too.
I learned so much about you today. :)

Deborah Ann said...

Reading about you was so much fun! You know how you can judge someone just from looking at their picture or reading their blog comments? I sort of thought you were a goody two-shoes, that you were perfect and didn't struggle with anything. But you know what happens when you become painfully honest? People love you all the more for it, because now you're down-to-earth and real. Thanks for being real! (Shoot, now I'm gonna have to find some other blogger to idolize). Kidding!

Darcie said...

I am so impressed by the time in effort you have put into each individual question...thanks for sharing yourself and your time!

I too would be a dolphin. ;-)


Love reading all your answers. Look forward to reading more. Have a great day. Blessings,

~*Michelle*~ said...

WOW!! I love learning so much more about you....we are alot more alike than I even thought. (dolphins, Reeses, homeschooling.....just off the top of my head...and of course, you love JESUS just as much as ME! WOOHOO!!!)

another thing that makes me go 'hmmmmm'. I live in RI all my life....as you know, RI is the size of a postage stamp, one hour from one end to the other. I wonder how many times I crossed paths with your daughter. (not in a stalkerish way, LOL)...just seeing how all our lives are intertwined, yk?

OK, this was so much fun!

HeartsMakeFamilies said...

I absolutely love your blog. Your words are an inspiration. I can't imagine having to be away from my daughter for that long. God bless you that you did.

Crown of Beauty said...

Dear Kat,
I am happy to read the questions you got and the answers you wrote. You are an amazing woman... even though I realize there is so much more about you that I do not know, I feel like I know you face to face from reading your blog posts regularly!

May I still ask my question for you? Here it is: What is the greatest lesson you learned from your previous marriage that has helped you tremendously in your relationship with Steve?

Blessings on your day...


Deb said...

Wow! You're braver than I realized.

Sweet dreams.

RCUBEs said...

So glad that you always run to Him, no matter how many times you strayed...You're a very strong woman and loving Jesus made you even stronger! I'm thankful for You! And may God continue to guide you and use you for His glory! Love and blessings to you sister Kat!

Edie said...

This was fun Kat. I really enjoyed reading about you. I noticed your scripture in your header and it is perfect for you. You are always refreshing others.

I love your idea for having your readers ask you questions too. You are quite a creative thinker.

Much love!

Relyn Lawson said...

I love your courageous openness in these posts. Blessings, sweet friend.

Greg C said...

The more I hear, the more I like. You are a great person Kat. I am so glad to have met you through blogging.