Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Spring is in the Air

Good Spring Evening!

I found again, being so busy with homeschooling not only my two daughters now, but trying to get my nephew, a junior to understand the importance of not falling behind in your work so that you have to use your vacation time or weekend hours to catch up. The reason for his lack of time management and games! Yes, he says for the last two weeks he has spent over 6 hours plus playing games, from the WII to things on the computer when he was supposed to be completing his schoolwork. All of his classes were F's and his dad doesn't care because he believes his job at this time is to focus on earning a living.

Let's just say that he makes almost six figures, sitting from the comfort of his home, talking on the phone for most of the day, while attending the gym daily with his new girlfriend.

I know for almost two weeks I felt that he deserved whatever consequences came his way based on his lack of work, however, God kept pulling at my heart, with the WWJD saying. I know God would do what He could to make sure that this child did not feel abandoned. I mean if his dad felt this way, then doesn't it rub off on the child. I am already beginning to see the pattern forming and I don't want him to wind up the same. Not to say that earning six figures from the comfort of your couch doesn't sound appealing, but not everyone is so lucky.

So I struggle with adding this to my already busy schedule. Here is some great news however. I have hubby home, after 8 weeks of being gone in central California and only talking to him in the evenings since he works at night, while we sleep at malls. I watch everytime he leaves, only to come home, half the person he was, exhausted since he has no days off and works on average 14-21 hours a day. Not sure how he does it but we have to heal him each time when he returns. Got to get plenty of rest and some home cooking after all those fast food meals.

So spring vacation is just a day away and like most teachers this time of year, I am waiting in anticipation and seeing a light break in my schedule and I get some free time again. No more taking my oldest to school, track and other events in her free time, but no more waking up early, except for trash day Thursdays when no one gets any sleep.

I will post again tomorrow and tell you about my great new gardening tips I have discovered and my wonderful blogging awards I just received. Please give me your ideas on my nephew thing as well. Would love to get your imput!

God Bless and Have a Wonderful Evening!

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Andrea said...

God bless you for "loving" your nephew and sacrificing on his behalf. The most important thing you can do for him is to get thru to him that he is loved by his Heavenly Father and your family..whether he gets F's in school or not. His emotional well being is a first priority. You may not be able to get him on track in every area, but if you can some how get thru to him about how much he is will have done your job well!!
Much prayers, andrea