Wednesday, April 22, 2009

The Second Mile Club

I hate running. I don’t like the fact that there are people that can wake up at the first sign of the sun and throw on their running clothes and go out for a jog or a run. Why? Just because they love doing it! They also don’t just run one mile. They run lots of miles. For me, to get down the end of the block without grasping for air, and clutching my chest, would be a major miracle. I am what you would call a walker.

I don’t have anything against runners; I just hate the fact I can’t do it. I would love to do it. To put my iPod on to some upbeat tune, and just feel the wind rush through my hair. A bounce in my step and the occasional wave to the neighbors you pass by. Runners most of the time look happy. I am a walker. So I have resolved to walk. I am happy with walking.

Most runners run for miles at least, more than the one mile I would see as a ‘lifetime achievement award mile’! Some run marathons. My hats off to you! I am a walker. There are some people however in life, we call “one milers”.

They are the people that do just what they need to and quit. No more for me thanks. I am done!

These are the students who study just enough to get a passing grade on the test when just a little more effort would get them a better grade.

These are the people that do just enough around the house and no more. They do just what is asked and nothing extra.

The employees who show up and just do what they were hired to do and then leave precisely at 5pm.

The people who show up at church to put their time in and leave when it’s over.

The people who see others hurting and walk away.

They are only willing to go one mile.

But what happens when you do go the extra mile? When you are willing to do just a little bit more. Doesn’t something inside you change? Your attitude, your heart, your soul change just a little bit for the better. Here are classic examples of “second milers”.

They are the person who serves in the ministry at church, but is also willing to help clean the bathrooms because they need it. No one asked them to do it.

The parent who chooses a better school for their children, over a career advancing promotion. The children usually will never know.

The student who eats lunch with the neglected kids instead of the cool ones.

The daughter who spends her day off visiting her sick mom instead of hanging out at the mall with her friends.

We make all kinds of decisions everyday on which fork in the road we will chose to take. All of them fall under the category of who comes first; do they or do I?

If we turn away from personal dreams for the sake of others, you are, in Christ’s words, denying yourself. “If any of you wants to be my follower, you must turn from your selfish ways, take up your cross and follow me.” Matthew 16:24 NLT.

The most surprising ingredient to any great day is self-denial.

The world’s expectation of a great day is just the opposite. It is a day filled with self-indulgence, self-expression and self-celebration. Isn’t that the reason for day spas? The way to pamper yourself, feel good about yourself and indulge yourself. I am not in any way putting down spa treatments, but what if we were to think about someone else. Like taking a friend who really needs a relaxing day, then we would be second milers. It’s the ones that see it as a deserved reward. I am entitled to it, I need it, and I have to have it. Watch that attitude.

My challenge for you, “Daily do a deed for which you cannot be repaid.” It will get the ball rolling. There is a joy in the second mile. Trust me. Try it.

There is an elderly man in your community who just lost his wife. An hour of your time would mean the world to him.

Some kids in your city have no dad. No father takes then to the movies or ball games. Maybe you can. They can’t pay you back. They can’t afford popcorn or sodas. But their smiles and memories you create with them will be beyond what words could ever convey.

Down the hall from your bedroom is a person who shares your last name. Shock that person with kindness. Something outlandish. Your homework done without any complaints. Coffee served before he awakens. A love letter written to her for no special reason. Just because you went that second mile.

The world needs more people willing to go that extra mile. I want to be counted among those that do, even if it means I walk to that second mile instead of run. I want to be a “second miler”!


RCUBEs said...

Amen! Well written sister Kat! There are so many hurting people right now and this is a great opportunity to reflect our light that comes from the Lord. Have a great cooler Wednesday! God bless. I enjoy your posts all the time so I am always looking forward to more and more...Love and prayers-Rosel

Laurie said...

WOW! I want to be a second miler, too! What a great phrase. "The most surprising ingredient to any great day is self-denial." I was just thinking tonight how selfish I feel/am sometime and how I need God's grace to give to Him and others as He desires. I will take your challenge! God bless you sis!

Tea With Tiffany said...

Thank you for this challenge. I am a walker like you. Running hurts. And I'm also a person who wants to walk the second mile every chance I get and ask others to join me.

Great post!

Warren Baldwin said...

"Second mile brings a smile."

Good post. I can think of one of those second mile services I can do for someone yet tonight.

I don't know why this happens, but when I click on your icon on my "following" gadget, your site opens but then a sign pops up, "illegal operation" and your site closes. But, I can get to it when you leave a post on my blog and I click on your name. Any idea what that is about?

Beth.. One Blessed Nana said...

Amen to this. Yes - we need to be willing to go that extra mile. There are so many hurting people and it doesn't take much to get out of our little corner of the world and make a difference.

Thank you for this encouragement.