Saturday, April 25, 2009

The Super Highway of Life

"Be content with who you are, and don't put on airs. God's strong hand is on you; he'll promote you at the right time." 1 Peter 5:6

I remember when I was in my teens, I was so anxious to 'grow up', to be 'older', to be considered an adult. Now that I am in my mid 40's I want to go back. I want to enjoy the carefree lifestyle of my teens.

Have you noticed that we are on the super highway of life? Everything is moving at such a fast, rapid pace that we don't seem to have time to even catch our breath? We struggle in the course of our day just to find time to get it all done. Is there a goal for us achieve at the end of our day? Is that why we always ask ourselves the same question, 'Why isn't their more hours in our day?'

It seems like we are constantly being pushed to do more. More in our jobs, I believe they call it "multi-tasking", but the real definition is doing the job of more than one person, the more jobs you can handle the better and all without hiring any more people. The down side is that they rarely ever pay you the salary of what you should be paid, despite the fact you're working yourself to death.

Why then do we even do it? Is it for some sort of glory or recognition by our peers or upper management? As parents, we are pushed for more as well. Besides working full time jobs, there are the kids to consider. If we don't buy more for them, won't they feel less than adequate in front of their peers? We need them to be actively involved in sports, or after school clubs, why? Because they need social skills to enable them to deal with people later in life after the schooling ends?

Then we are the super parents, the parents who will do everything possible so our family will be perfect. We will bend over to the most incredible length, volunteering for every possible school, church or family function, and then at the end of our oh so busy weeks, wonder where it all went? Why do we push ourselves to the extremes these days?

It seems like the pace is almost never ending. I have had my friends tell me that they can't say "No" anymore, because they feel guilty of hurting someone who is depending on them. We over schedule ourselves and then realize at some point, we've gone too far. We don't know how to get out, to slow down. Even vacations become something full of stress instead of the peace and relaxation we were hoping it would all bring.

It's because we as a nation believe we can have it all. We believe we can be better people than our parents. Here are some alarming statistics if you don't believe me....

In 1950, American families owned one car and were diligently saving for the second one. In 2000, nearly 1 in 5 families owned three cars or more...Americans shell out more for garbage bags than 90 of the worlds 210 countries spend for everything. America has double the number of shopping malls as it does high schools.

In 1900, the average person living in the United States wanted 72 things and considered 18 of them essential. Today the average person wants 500 things and considers 100 of them essential. Who can even keep up with the Joneses anymore? It's one simple word....GREED!

For that reason Jesus warns, "Be on your guard against every form of greed" (Luke 12:15 NASB.

Greed isn't just in the form of things you can buy. It can be greed for approval. Greed for applause. Greed for status. Greed for the best office, the fastest car, the prettiest date. Greed has many faces but speaks one language: the language of more.

We need to learn a valuable lesson during these tough economic times where people are now at risk of losing everything they ever owned, because they spent more than they had. "I have learned in whatever state I am, to be content." (Phil. 4:11)

Before you change your job title, examine your perspective toward life. Success is not defined by position or pay but by this: doing the most what you do the best.

Pursue the virtue of contentment. "Godliness with contentment is great gain." (1 Tim 6:6 NIV). When choosing or changing jobs, be careful. Consult what you are great at. Consult God. But never consult your greed.


RCUBEs said...

When I had transferred to another job after injuring my neck in '97, it was always heart-wrenching for my husband and I to leave our son with the sitter. Yes, we had financial gain but we were losing something more valuable-time with our precious son.
This is one area that God had taught my hubby and I that by seeking Him first, we learn to be contented with everything as He is our Greatest Provider. I've been working part time for many years now, still enjoying great things, but most of all, God had given my husband and I that quality time we needed to spend with our child. God taught us contentment which in turn helped our love for each other as a family blossom.
I'm feeling better. There's just so many pollen and with this wind, just bothered me. Thanks sister Kat for your concern and have a great Sunday! Love and blessings to you.

Andrea said...

"Be content with who you are..." Amen and praise GOD....yesterday, I was one of 5 white women at a writers conference....praise GOD we VERY MIDST OF GODS PRESENCE..and I would not take a million dollars for my time at shady grove..what beautiful people and what beautiful blessings...I am thankful GOD has grown me beyond the rural community, mindset and set me free to worship with all...

LisaShaw said...

Dear one, while I would not desire to return to my teens :) I do so agree with you that our lives are way to fast. We're in the era of microwaves, cell phones, Email and Drive up windows. Everything is fast and in a hurry but we have to slow down and remember that in the simple and quiet moments is where and when we can MOST HEAR GOD.

I appreciate your sharing with us and thank you so much for your love and encouragement at my blog. You are quite a blessing to me.

Yolanda said...


Well done, spoken in love and truth. It's not about the money, and why do some work so hard for the money? I realize we have to meet our needs, but are they needs or wants. I'm doing some re-evaluating myself....only God's will, that is all I want.


Billy Coffey said...

This really spoke to me and highlighted something I'm trying to curb in my own life. "Slow down, slow down," I keep telling myself.

It's one of life's little ironies that the only way we can have it all is if we realize we really don't need much to begin with.