Thursday, April 9, 2009

Got Coffee?

I found an interesting suggestion the other day that my hubby and I were off shopping for Easter candy. We stopped by Starbucks inside of Target and I noticed a sign that said if you ask for coffee grinds, they will gladly supply you with some. It struck me as odd since I couldn't figure out what you would use them for.

So a couple of days past by and I googled for what to do with coffee grounds and perhaps gardening since that was all I could think you could use them for. Well low and behold I found a ton of interesting information out. Seems like if you ask for them, Starbucks has about 50-100 pounds of coffee grinds to pass out. You place them around the base of your plants and they do a couple of things.

1. They increase the PH in your soil, especially if you have a clay-based soil like we have in the desert. Funny but it looks more like sand.

2. It repels pests from your plants along with broken egg shells. Yes I am planning on saving those and try adding them to my garden as well.

3. It helps promote worm growth. Worms in your garden equal amazing soil. You want worms, just in your garden however.

4. It helps your plants produce more blooms, fruits, veggies, shiny leaves and more growth.

5. Its cheaper than Miracle Grow and it's completely organic.

So my daughter and I are going to try it and she is going to document the results for her Science Project. I will keep you posted and let you know how it's going. You can also dilute the extra coffee you have left in the pot in the morning and water your plants with it.

So it dawned on me this morning with all the talk about gardening, that spring with all it's new life, blossoms and potential fruit just waiting to pop out, that it reminded me of Christ. This time of the year is so amazing that despite getting lost in marshmallow peeps and chocolate bunnies, that we lose sight of our amazing savior who pledged the ultimate sacrifice and gave us His life, so that we can have life, only more abundantly. Spring is the time for new life to begin and what a great way to celebrate Christ's resurrection, then everytime you notice a new bud on your flowers or a new piece of fruit growing on your trees or even new leaves beginning to burst on your trees, take a moment and remember Jesus. He is the ultimate Life and spring is just full of signs to remind us of His resurrection. Just look at my wonderful apple blossoms pictured above! Gotta love that smell!

May your garden's be full with life and color and take a moment to thank God for His gifts this Easter.

Love and Hugs ~ Kat


.:*Beautiful Self*:. said...

This is so incredibly great!
I need coffee to survive early mornings (which, by the way, are EVERY morning for me....)
So... perhaps that's why my garden died last year.... They needed some coffee too...?!?

hehe. ;D

~ Heather

Laurie said...

Thank you for your thankful list on my blog post!

You wrote a very interesting post!

Happy Easter and thank you for the reminder of what it is really about!

Blogging helps me to not feel alone, as well. Truly, many of us are going through similar things and have so much to offer one another in Christ:)

Andrea said...

Now I have a great use for my coffee grinds...and I love that it is organic. Blessings, andrea