Tuesday, April 21, 2009

The Song of the Soul

Ever wake up out of bed one morning or even every morning and have a song in your head?? I find that the closer we are to God in our daily walks, the more the songs have meaning in our life. I also notice the older I get, the more I am drawn to classical music, instrumentals and oldies as my kids call it.

Things I wouldn't even admit to listening to when I was a teenager. I think I referred to them as my parents music. No one wanted to hear "that" kind of music.

OK, I also grew up listening to records, you know the ones, with the hole in the middle made of plastic, no, dear, not CD's, much, much bigger. I would have to show them to you. Then we went from records, to 8 track tapes, remember those too???

Then we finally think we have revolutionized the world with cassette tapes. More smaller than an 8 track and more portable. Who was kidding who back then? I mean how many times did you have to retrieve your favorite cassette out from being eaten from your tape player??? I know I did, thank goodness most of them faired well enough to be played again.

Then someone invented the CD. Virtually indestructable, nothing can harm them. So everyone rushed right out and got one. Guess what??? The slightest smudge on the CD or worse yet, a scratch and it was completely worthless. The music marketing people have it made. Perhaps that is one of the ways some of this economic crisis was started, the need for something better.

However I like the songs that stick in my head. The songs that I can play my favorite parts over and over and never get tired. No scratches, no tapes to wind back in, and the best part, no money to spend.

I found that the Lord calls these "soul songs". They are songs my soul sings out throughout the day if I am quiet enough to hear them. Like right now, I am listening to "In the Hands of God". It plays over and over again. I often wonder if God uses those soul songs to speak to us. How relevant it was to me in typing this that I would be listening to that song, while I am writing this blog to you.

Sometimes God changes the station on me, like "How Great Thou Art" is the song going on now. I just smile and sometimes to the horrors of my children, yup, I sing along! OUT LOUD!!! So everyone can hear me!

Those are often the most happiest moments in my day. Lots of times, I just hum along with my daughter, who is often working along side me as she is emailing friends. Then I pause and wait. Yup, there she goes, she is humming it too!

I look up and tell her, "Got you!" She often looks bewildered because she forgets what I meant because it becomes subliminal like that sometimes. I reached out and touched her soul! It's usually followed by some eye rolling and then moments later, she is still singing it or humming it.

Gotta love God, gotta love His humor and love! Gotta love the songs He gives up to play in our heart and soul. Whatever it takes to keep our minds and thoughts on Him.

What song is playing in your soul at this very moment?? Can't wait to hear if any of you are tuned into the same station.

Psalm 57:7, "My heart is steadfast, O God, my heart is steadfast; I will sing and make music." NLT


RCUBEs said...

Maybe it's a sort of like a prep as we are going to worship Him for eternity? You must have rubbed that "joyful heart of worship" with your daughter that she didn't even realize, she was humming, too. To God be the glory! Thanks for your visits and encouraging comments always. Love and blessings to you sister Kat.

Andrea said...

There is an updated post on my blog. Please continue to pray. U will also see a negative comment after my post from someone who lives in that area and U will see my response.
Thank you for your continued prayers, andrea