Thursday, March 26, 2009

Red Envelope Campaign

I don't know how many of you feel but I honestly believe that our current government, is making decisions regarding funding for abortions and stem cell research and is asking tax payers to pay for it.

I have been researching stem cell research and nothing has been proven that anything science has done to this date has any reasonable data shows that stem cell has cured anything. Nothing. Yet science keeps pushing the current administration to allow further testing of stem cells of adults and really wants the stem cells of embryos to cure things like Parkinson's, diabetes, cancers, and a list of other things. Nothing has provided any solid findings to show that any further research will provide the answers people are desperately seeking for.

I applaud former President George W Bush's policy to ban stem cell research. You don't need to sacrifice a life to save a life. This is where I believe that science has overstepped it's boundaries and the current President doesn't care.

I am asking those of you that believe that abortion is wrong to join with me in the Red Envelope campaign scheduled for March 31, 2009. It asks that everyone address a red envelope to President Barack Obama for every baby that has been aborted. You are to leave the contents empty as it symbolizes a life that has been wasted and the fact that Obama believes that we should pay for these services. Never has the need for our voices to be heard than now. As professing Christians, I believe it's our right to stand up for the voices that can't be heard and to show people that Christians have beliefs we are willing to stand up for.

Please click on the link above for more information including what to write on the envelope, where to mail it, as well as where you can purchase red envelopes to mail out. It's a non violent response to something I am passionate about. Won't you join me to send a voice out for the ones that can't speak for themselves? I believe life begins at conception!


Andrea said...

Great post! Sitka has a surprise for you on his blog...please come by and check it out.

hugs, sitka and andrea

Laurie said...

Good for you for posting this!
I received it through email and did it! I think it's a powerful way to hopefully get our President's attention. God bless you!

Andrea said...

Sitka has something for you..please drop by All God's creatures.
love and prayers, andrea