Saturday, April 11, 2009

Solemn Saturday

Today I woke up and realized in my weekend reflection that today would have represented the day after Jesus' death. I spent the morning wondering what life was like for the disciples that day. I would have guessed that for some, they wondered if Jesus was really dead, "Did it really happen?". Some probably still in denial that our Savior was dead and the loneliness that day must have been overwhelming.

You spent so many years with this person witnessing all His miracles and the many blessings that followed. To just have had the opportunity to walk with Jesus and talk with Him, to hear what really interested Him during all His travels. Then to have that all taken away in a day.

I wonder how Peter felt the day after his denial of Jesus. I wonder just how many "what if's" he played out in his mind. I personally feel that Peter felt the worst. He was now living the life of regrets. A life he probably felt he could take back and wished he could. I see Peter sitting among the rest of the disciplines in the Upper Room but isolated from the others in tears.

I am certain they spent the day wondering how they could have possibly changed the events that happened the night before, wondering if they could have saved Jesus. I am also sure that at some point in the day, they spent time sharing all the stories of what they remembered most about Jesus. I would guess at times, there would be a great memory shared that would bring about a smile and laughter, only to have it suddenly removed, when they realized those moments were no more.

I can imagine how somber and sullen that day would have been. A day of reflection and remembrance of Jesus' life on Earth and the impact he made in so many lives.

Little however did the disciples now the majesty of what would await them in the morning. But for now, I am choosing to reflect and remember just what Jesus has done in my life today and how if it weren't for Him, I would be hopeless and lost.


Andrea said...

I have always wondered how heartbroken they must have felt. Jesus did His best to prepare them, yet they were human just as you and I. They must have been scared and full of emotion.
Praying you have a beautiful and fulfilling Easter day, andrea

Laurie said...

I love how you chronicle Friday, Saturday, and Sunday for us. These really are beautiful posts.
I love your reflections and meditations through the weekend. I often wonder why more churches don't have services throughout the weekend like the Catholic Church. I tried this year to reflect more on Christ's life/death throughout the weekend prior to "Easter". The day in between always speaks volumes to me. In our darkest hours, we can wait expectantly for His Resurrection Power. You really do have a wealth within you from the Lord. I know He will continue to use your writings for many others to read. Bless you!