Thursday, April 30, 2009

Wonderful Wednesday

Today's post was a wonderful surprise from Sharlyn at Dancing on Rainbows. If you haven't had a chance to visit her blog yet, please do! It's wonderful, motivational and inspirational as well! When you visit, tell her that Kat sent you! Have a most wonderful Wednesday!

  • Here are the instructions for 8 Things:

    Mention the person that tagged you
    Complete the list of 8 things
    Tag some wonderful bloggy friends
    Go tell them you tagged them

    8 Things I Look Forward To:

    • My daughter graduating in May
    • Vacation sometime very soon, hopefully in the deep, dark forest somewhere
    • Summer vacation
    • Nights and days off with my hubby
    • My daughter joining ASB and planning her future prom.
    • Beach days relaxing and reading lots of books
    • Day when all the bills are paid
    • Heaven

    8 Things I Did Yesterday
  • Had lunch with both my daughters, Girls Day!!
    • Gave my oldest daughter her birthday present!
    • Got my hubby some new shirts
    • Went to dinner with my man!
    • Watched American Idol
    • Watered my garden
    • Blogged to some wonderful people and commented as well
    • Talked all night long with my man!

    8 Things I Wish I Could Do:
  • Play the piano
    • Cook like a gourmet for my family
    • Scuba dive and see the underwater world
    • Lose some weight
    • Minister to the teens in our community
    • Move to the Pacific Northwest
    • Fix my computer when it doesn't want to cooperate! Been tempted too many times to toss it over the fence into oncoming traffic.
    • Build a log cabin home to retire in.

    8 Shows I Watch:

  • Grey's Anatomy - Yes I deal weekly with Mer and Der drama, I am a hopeful romantic!

  • Survivor - Ever since the first episode where I almost tried out!

  • The Celebrity Apprentice - Got love hearing Trump fire the biggest celebrity names!

  • American Idol - Yes I am rooting for Adam to win, gotta love the uniqueness he brings to the show, and still trying to figure out what is in Paula's drink!

  • The Mentalist - Love a man that can see right through people! So charming as well.

  • Heroes - Now who hasn't wanted super powers at some point in their life?

  • Hell's Kitchen - For those who can't cook, we watch others try!
  • Ghost Whisperer - Yes I love Jennifer Hewitt and still believe in true love forever!

Rather than tag someone, if you want to run with this idea, then go for it. I know so many people whose blog's I follow have already completed this. If you haven't, it helps for us to know just a little bit what you're like on the inside and outside as well. Me, I am kinda like a grilled cheese sandwich, something that you're just comfortable with and nothing really ever changes!


RCUBEs said...

Great list sister Kat! Loved no.8 in "8 things you look forward to":)

"Grilled cheese" is good! Plain toast with warm cheese inside! Why am I imagining a "simple person who likes simple things yet whose heart inside is warm?"

Keeping you in prayers and may the Lord grant that cabin you're wishing for, somewhere in a dark forest in Pacific NW, always with your hubby by your side!!! God bless...

Laurie said...

I enjoyed your list! I am glad you have had some special time with your man. Speaking of which, we- Russell and I- are getting ready to kick back and watch a movie. I am very thankful for you, your friendship, your blog, and who God has made you to be! Have a great weekend! Laurie

Warren Baldwin said...

Thanks Kat for visiting Family Fountain. I'll make sure Kristin reads your congratulatory comments.

david mcmahon said...

Came here from Billy's blog. Great list - but I also enjoyed the photo, especially the subtle tones across the water's surface.

Scribbit said...

Adam's the favorite here too for American Idol. Though I've missed the last couple episodes.