Monday, October 18, 2010

God's Timing

Isn't it funny how impatient we are most days?

We live in an world that is evolving as such an exponential rate, faster than a speeding bullet somedays, and when we have to wait for something, we grow impatient, irritable, grouchy, moody and the list goes on and on.

I have learned that God's timing in every situation is always perfect. It always works out the best and even if the situation doesn't work out the way we had prayed, God still knows what's best.

Last night, I was pondering over the word impossible in my mind. We've all read and heard the scripture pertaining to "All things are possible to Him who believes in the Lord."
With God nothing is impossible, just we don't always get what we want out of it.

Take the word, impossible.

The only thing from making it possible are the letters IM.

Yet when God speaks the word, it changes from impossible to I'm possible!!

Yet if you break the contraction apart even further I'm = I AM. Again God's perfect and holy name. So nothing is impossible for God.

We still don't have much new to report regarding Ken, other than his left lung is operating at about 94% and his right lung is making slow improvements. He is still struggling against the ventilator when his medication begins to wear off that keep him sedated but he is getting better. His heart rate is improving along with his kidney function. So even though it may not be going as well as we would like or his family would, we are seeing an answer to our prayers. Once again in God's perfect timing.

I truly believe in time, God's time, Ken will improve and hoping that in his heart and that of his family, they will see life for what is truly is, a precious gift from God, to be cherished everyday and they will turn their hearts toward him. Praying continually for their salvation as well.

We have a God that loves to take the impossible and make it POSSIBLE!!!


Anonymous said...

Thank you for this post, just wanted to say, your post on God's Timing is so true. I can so relate. My husband had to have several stents last year, and while this was happening. I just wanted him to be better and us go on with our life. It didn't happen that way, we had to wait on God.


wendy said...

Oh yes, this post was written for me I think. I didn't know you knew me so well (tee,hee) I always want things RIGHT NOW, and I always I think I KNOW what I need and want to be correct .........
ah Wendy, such lessons to learn, thank goodness sometimes I didn't get what I thought to be correct
and waiting ...albeit one of God's lessons for sure.

Annesphamily said...

Kat you really write beautifully. I enjoy stopping by when I can. Life has been chaotic and I need God to smooth some things out for us. Life is tough and your post made me think. I thank you for writing this today Anne

Rita said...

Praise the maker of the Universe! that is good news. He may have a long way to go, but even the slightest improvement can be in God's time! We are so impatient and don't always want to wait. But we need to wait on Him! Giving Him thanks!

Mari said...

I love the example of changing the impossible to I am possible! So true, and only through Him.
Praying for continued improvement and changed hearts.

Unknown said...

I'm learning that more and more each day. Nothing is IM possible with God.

Along These Lines ... said...

I am not impatient. Now, hurry up, where's your next posting?

Denise said...

Amen, such a wonderful, inspiring post sis. I love you.

Danae Hudson said...

My Uncle had something that sounds similar to Ken...I was getting ready to purchase plane tickets for a funeral and, instead, my Uncle made a FULL recovery. We never know what to expect of God's goodness :)

I can also tell you that I am SUPER impatient and trying really hard to be patient and wait for the slow work of God.

Grandma Yellow Hair said...

What a wonderful post and so glad I found you today.
Looking forward to being your newest follower and returning often

Janet said...

I have to constantly work on my patience but I am getting better at living in the moment. Thanks for writing a beautiful post.

You family is in my prayers/

Blessings & hugs

christschild said...

So glad he's doing better. Thank you for this post. We all need to be reminded that with God all things are possible.
Have a blessed day.

Charlotte said...

Hi Kat -- I'm sending you one very great big hug via the internet. Nothing is impossible for our Heavenly Father when it comes to "Removing Stones" on difficult situations that box us inside. I sincerely hope that the health of your brother-in-law improves and all that your prayers are answered.

Blessings to you and Steve,

Darcie said...

Had to go down and read some past post on Ken. So sorry to read about this...tough time. Loved your thoughts on this post...all in God's perfect timing.

David C Brown said...

We can wait, for the Lord has waited for us. The timing will be as perfect as all of His work.

Deborah Ann said...

You are one smooth teacher! Must be all that homeschooling experience. I love it! I will always remember this lesson when I see the word 'impossible' from now on.

I will add Ken to my prayer list...