Wednesday, March 22, 2017

Prayer Does Change Things

Every morning I wake up and immediately look at my social media feeds. From notifications on different sites to instant messages it seems the need for prayer is greater than ever and it breaks my heart. So many are asking for the immediate power most of us as Christians have access to and that is God's throne room with a simple prayer request.

I will admit it can be overwhelming at times because it seems as you run through your feeds, that is all it seems to be...someone dying of cancer, someone lost their job, someone just lost their home in a fire, divorce issues, relationship issues, job changes, and even healing for whatever is ailing someone.

So if it is so simple, why do we feel overwhelmed? Why do we read their post and agree silently that we will pray for them and move on to the next feed. If you're like me, you almost regret opening it to begin with because it can be so overwhelming. However what I don't believe we see when prayer is being requested is the response or the answer to that prayer. Those don't get posted as often as we would like, and perhaps if we did more of those as well, it might encourage more prayer because we can get validation in a way that it does change things at least on a visible level.

Don't get me wrong, I'm not questioning God's answers to our many requests, but I do know it can seem overwhelming when that is all you see in your news feeds through social media. But the one thing I can tell you is that prayer does change things. It begins a process that God is already aware of and it begins to make a difference in the spiritual realm, the one we can not see. One day we might have access to see what happens when someone stops what they are doing and prays for another, but for those of us that know God, it works. We just might not get the answer we want.

We might pray for someone to be healed of cancer, and it might be an every day prayer for months and then they get worse and die. Did God not get that one? Of course He did. He might have extended that persons' earthly time to give them a change to get in their final goodbyes and get their affairs in order, maybe to share their faith with others during the worst time in their life, but realize one thing...cancer didn't win. If they're a believer in Christ, they have been 100% fully restored, healed and are waiting for us in heaven. They just got their healing on the other side of this earthly life.

It's all about perspective and I don't mean ours, although... it wouldn't hurt sometimes to shift our own, but it is about God's perspective. What we don't see playing out before our own eyes but it is accomplishing all He has set out to accomplish by allowing these things to run their course. For some living their final day on earth...they might pray for one more day. One more day to tell those they love just how much they are loved, and how much of an impact they have had in our lives. One more day to spend enjoying all those little moments we take for granted trying to cross things of our perpetual to do list and miss out. One more day to enjoy the rain falling and listening and using all five sense to engage in this day.

Most of all, I hope that you take the time to pray for someone when they ask. Let them know that you are praying for them, not simply click a "Like" or a "Heart" on their social media page. Write a prayer if you have time so others can join in and affirm those thoughts. Most of all, keep encouraging them. We need a lot more cheerleaders in this world and prayer does change things. Keep on praying!

Thursday, March 2, 2017

Beauty and The Beast Controversy?

(image by Disney)

Beauty and Beast Drama? I see so many Christians stating they're going to boycott the new Disney film which has gotten a lot of publicity lately over the introduction of a gay scene between Gaston and Le Fou. May I take a moment and remind you that the very same scene is still in the original Disney animated feature? If it didn't bother you then, why now?

Perhaps it is because the media is making a big deal out of it now. Yet if you think about it most subject matter in the film, the animated one is completely flying in the face of biblical standards. How so? Well a witch arrives at the castle disguised as an old woman who is shunned by her appearance. Then she transforms herself into a beautiful enchantress who then casts a spell on the prince as well as the staff in the castle. (Witchcraft, sorcery). Belle then falls in love with the beast unaware that he is the prince. (leading to Bestiality at some point should the relationship continue?) 

Do you see where I am going with this? Most Disney movies contain things that go against biblical standards. Yet most of you are okay with the animated feature and no the real live action one. Isn't that a double standard?

I am not conveying that any gay scene in a movie geared for children should be allowed, as a Christian, I don't believe in that. Yet if we are going to use the same standard to judge all films, we may as well throw away most of what is in kids library's now. I think it does provide opportunity's for us to open up conversations with our children and provide some otherwise honest communication with them. The very same song that Le Fou sings to Gaston is in the original animated movie and none of the lyrics have changed, so why are parents and Christians in such an uproar now? Because the media has chosen to focus on it. If it didn't bother you then, why does it bother you now?

That's just my two cents worth on this and hope others might share your opinion on this post. Will I be going to see it, yes I will. I enjoyed the first one and I believe I will enjoy this one as well. Do I condone the subject matters in this movie as well as the original one, No. Yet it is a fairy tale, fictional story and one I will make sure my kids fully understand the difference between real and what isn't, as well as what is biblical and what isn't.