Thursday, May 2, 2019

Working with My Dad

As most of you know, the relationship with my Dad had developed over the years to allow us to work together on establishing one that would work well for us both without revisiting the past. I have to say out of all those years of not talking, God has worked a miracle.

You see growing up with my Dad had been challenging at best. Always feeling like I never measured up and trying so hard to make him notice me by making me proud really wore on my self esteem, especially when the results were not what I had hoped or half-hearted at best.

Time has a way of wearing down some of our harsh edges and being a Christian definitely helped me to foster a forgiving heart for him not measuring up to the way I believed he should have growing up. In fact its sad to see how many relationships remain broken because neither party wants to forgive the other or feel like they need to make up for all those short comings.

When I called my Dad it was to make things right again because God put the ownership on me, that I knew better as a Christian what should be done. Even though he was the parent, the idea of winning him over and restoring a relationship had to begin with me. In fact, if it didn't, well I got to tell God, "Hey, at least I tried." Yet it was that attitude that made all the difference in working on the restoration we have developed over the years now. Time has worked hard on both of us to make us more open to working out our differences instead of letting them come between us.

I actually LOVE the man my father is now more than growing up. Perhaps it is all that lost time that can't be made up for that has soften my Dad. I am more proud of him now, than before as well. Not only recognizing the sacrifices he had made by joining the Navy so young and even more so how he continues to serve his country as an Honor Guard for Riverside National Cemetery representing the Navy in providing honors to those that are finally going to their heavenly home.

God has also opened the doors to allow my Dad and I to collaborate on his talents as a wood worker and now I have the honor of selling his hand made walking sticks or canes in a replica .45 with a light or dark finish and choice of military emblems or none at all. Made by a veteran for veterans of the armed forces and providing him with a way to earn a little money on the side. You can see the wonderful canes below and if you know of someone who walks a lot, takes their dogs out for walks or just looking for a great gift to bestow upon someone in the military, I ask that you support him via my shop! If you want something a bit more custom, contact me at and I'd be happy to work with him and you to make that an amazing gift for someone special. 

I was even able to capture my Dad on video talking about them and his time in the military.

Wednesday, May 1, 2019

Making or Teaching?

Well today is much like most of my days. The ones most of my social media followers never see. They are the ones where my 'To Do" list is a mile long. There are the things I plan for the night before and then of course, something might come up that requires me to consider, do I change my current schedule to accommodate this " new thing?" or do I add it to the bottom in hopes I might get around to it?

Running a small business is NO easy task. There are all the perks people see from making money, to being "successful" and I use that term loosely because everyone's version of successful is different. But the truth is, that I struggle with all the same issues as someone just starting out, the fact is that I've just been struggling a bit longer.

From knowing how to take the idea of teaching people how to make what I just did, and then turn that into selling that product and all the other things that come down to that. I guess that's where, first of all, I'm blessed that God is giving me this chapter at this stage in my life. He has taken years of experience as a corporate trainer and allowing me to use those skills and teach moms, women and grandmom's how to do it too.

Oh but what they don't see is sometimes like the wizard of Oz. All they see is this organized person who floats into camera view each Friday Night and has all her ducks in a row. Ha, if only they could see what happens two hours before that LIVE airs. But that is the beauty of LIVES is the opportunity to ask the person you're watching a question and hoping they'll answer. My personal goal is to get through as many of those questions as possible in the time it takes me to make a wreath, so that that one person feels like they matter. All my followers and watchers matter. To thing that they find something I say or do worthy of carving out time, still blows me away. Thank you to all who do.

So in the wreath making industry right now is what I call transition time. It also means its a down time for us. Parents are busy getting their summer plans in order, moms are finalize details and the last thing she is thinking of is, "Oh you know we need a new wreath for our front door?"

No, that is probably the last thing from her mind. In fact, she won't think about her home decor until the kiddos are back in school and she can once more think of what would make her front door more inviting.

So during this transition stage is the time I tell my creatives, that you can learn more techniques, more designs and start making preparations for our busy time. It's taking that class you never had time for. It's joining a group that might help you learn more to improve your business or marketing skills. This is the time to get things ready. Sadly though most don't and simply toss in the towel. They find that during this time, since nothing is selling, they simply don't have what it takes.

But they do. They just don't often times understand how I get through the lean months. It's marketing like crazy. It's pinning almost 200 pins a day on my Pinterest page. It's posting 4 or more times on Facebook and Instagram. It's taking classes on how to improve on marketing or taking better photos or what apps might allow you to simplify your life more.

So it becomes a bit of teaching while also finding new things to make in the process. But you know I wouldn't give it up for anything. Knowing I am helping women find purpose in what they make and even for some, turn it into a small business of their own makes it all worth it.

Tuesday, April 30, 2019

Did You Think I Fell Off the Face of the Earth?

I should have checked when it was the last time I posted before I decided to sit down and write this post. So many things have happened since we last chatted and blogging has always been a huge thing for me to do. (Update: I checked the last post from me was in the beginning of April 2018) Has it really been that long?

It is what allowed me to share my thoughts with the world, without knowing if anyone would read them. It enabled me to meet some incredible Christian men and women that I still maintain contact with through social media more. It has also allowed me a platform for first book reviewing and now supporting my small business.

I guess if I had to begin somewhere it would be that reviewing books is a chapter in my life that is truly more for relaxation instead of a passion and obligation to do each day. Most of the publishers have now gone the way of eBooks or electronic copies of books, to help reduce costs and while I can appreciate it, nothing beats holding a book in your hand. The smell of the pages, and just the weight in your hands. Also no batteries or charging is required. I don't even know if my Kindle is even charged anymore to be honest. I have set that one down as well.

So many changes with family now too. Steve's parents are still having all kinds of health issues. His mom is still dealing with AFib and keeping her heart in the right rhythm without racing too fast. I guess I never really understood the challenges with patients who have been diagnosed with aFib. She is also the main caretaker of the two and with her own health issues, it can become a lot to deal with. They are kinda local for us right now but are making plans to head back to Havasu to live in assisted living so they can be closer to their siblings and friends. Not sure when that will happen.

Our youngest daughter, Kailee got married in November of 2018 at a beautiful barn wedding, surrounded by family and friends and honeymooned in Jamaica! So we have added another family to our ever growing family tree. Our oldest daughter is going through a divorce after her husband decided that marriage and family was more than he initially wanted from life. So we have been working with helping her out in Modesto and enabling her to be more self sufficient living alone with adding a security system and alarms. This was prompted even more by an attempted home invasion break in which she was able to keep from happening due to quick thinking and a call to 911.

Needless to say, things have been more than interesting. Steve and I have entered our empty nest phase of life and while our kids are close enough to visit, this has been a welcome change of sorts. Steve travels quite a bit which has allowed me to work on expanding my growing business with Kat's Creations, a small business that sells wreaths, home decor and now offering online training and a monthly subscription group to learn how to make beautiful things for the home. I also teach people how to make wreaths in my Facebook LIVES every Friday night at 5pm PST if you're interested in talking to me, or learning how to make them.

I just wanted to let you all know that I haven't fallen off the face of the earth or been a recent celebrity death, but simply busy, but wanted to let you know I am trying to pick back up my writing so I can stay in touch with YOU, my dear blogging friends once more. Oh how I have missed you all! Hope you'll stop by and say Hi again!