Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Happy 43rd Birthday Baby!

Today I celebrate the birth of my husband, Steve, exactly 43 years ago today! I thank his parents, Bill and Vera for the gift of his life today. Not knowing who he would marry or if he would, he has become my biggest hero next to Jesus.

He is Jesus in human form for me, teaching me His ways through my time with him on earth and the best part is that I get to enjoy him for an eternity as well. He has become a huge spiritual leader in our family and shows us daily through unconditionally loving us when at times, we can be quite unlovable.

He provides me with strength so that I don't have to go through tough times alone, we weather most of our storms together. He's my fairy tale come true, even though most don't believe in fairy tales.

I can tell you that I won't change a thing in my life, cause if I did, it might mean I don't get to share it with Steve. So today, while we take a journey in a fairy tale like way, going to Disneyland, I wanted to wish him a very Happy Birthday today!

You can be my pirate and keep my storms from overwhelming me!

You can be the fireworks that light up my darkest days.

You can take me into infinity and beyond showing me how to be a better wife and mother, by walking in God's light.

You can remind me to become like a child again so we can enter the kingdom of heaven and remember to laugh again, play and never take this life so serious.

Happy Birthday Steven! May God continue to bless your life in so many ways that you will always be the richest man alive!

Sunday, July 24, 2011

18 Years Ago Today!

18 years ago today, life was so much different than it is today. I guess we could all say that looking back in hindsight. You see, 18 years ago today, my daughter, Caitlyn was born. Now she is beginning a new life today as an adult.

Still she has so much left to learn and I'm sure I will still be there along her journey helping her along. But today she is beginning a journey of her own. Today she will spread her wings and take flight. She isn't leaving home just yet, but already she is taking small flights from the nest.

She has her first real job, making her own money. She is discovering her own independence now that her high school years are behind her. Only the unknown future in each day awaits her. Her choices on how she will spend this day. Who she will spend it with and what she will do with her 86,400 seconds in the day, because once they are spent, they are part of her past. She can't go back and re-do that day or those moments in time.

My 18 wishes for her today are:

1. She lives each day to the fullest, leaving no regrets.

2. That she remembers in wanting friends, she'll need to be a friend first.

3. That she will keep God close to her heart and when she has doubts, God will be the first person she calls upon to help.

4. That she doesn't hold grudges, life is too short to spend them being bitter and angry.

5. That she loves with all her heart unconditionally as God has loved her.

6. That she remembers to help out in any way possible because she will never know when she entertains angels in disguise.

7. That God will bless her with wisdom so she can always remember to think before she speaks or acts. Words spoken in haste can not be taken back.

8. That God will guide her on her path in the future, remember that faith is the opposite of fear, so boldly go into the unknown with God by her side always.

9. That God will fill her with joy overflowing so when she sees someone down and out, she can encourage them and lift them up.

10. That God will provide her with learning opportunities that she can learn patience and perseverance through the storms of life, remembering that calm waters come soon after.

11. That God will provide a sense of security for her so that she is never afraid to stand on her own, as long as God is with her.

12. That God will keep her protected so when she is far from home, angels will watch over her and keep her safe.

13. That God will bless her life in numerous ways and she can learn from her experiences and share the love and faith of God with others who remain in the darkness with her personal testimony.

14. That God will provide a light to help her find her way out when fears seek to overcome and consume her. God will always light the way and remove all darkness.

15. That God will provide her with a forgiving heart so no matter how much her heart hurts, she can learn through opportunities of failure and find success and blessing.

16. That God will bless her with a servant heart so she can remember that being last in taking care of others is a blessing in disguise.

17. That God will bless her with a strong belief that she will not fall when others seek to persecute her for her beliefs or values in God.

18. That God will remind her to keep her child-like sense of wonder and she can appreciate the little things that God sends her way. It is this faith that will allow her to enter the gates of heaven and show others the way!

Wishing you love, faith, hope, joy, perseverance, patience, wisdom, strength, happiness and blessings on your 18 birthday Caitlyn!

"For I know the plans I have for you,” declares the LORD, “plans to prosper you and not to harm you, plans to give you hope and a future." ~ Jeremiah 29:11

Friday, July 22, 2011

Real Life Miracle

People use the word ‘miracle’ too lightly. We assign it to sports events, small coincidences, stuff that’s really not all that miraculous. But this video is. You simply have to see it and ask yourself, how did he survive? Feel free to post your thoughts using the comment section below! Have a wonderful weekend and remember if at first you don't succeed, then skydiving is not for you!

Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Sometimes You Just Got to Dance

You know how it is when the music gets your feet tapping, your head swaying and sometimes you just have to break out and unleash the spirit inside of you? Well here's a young man who did just that! He's amazing and very talented. Congratulations little man! Sometimes you just have to toss caution to the wind and DANCE!!

Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Summer Days

Ever notice how lazy summer can be? From doing laundry, picking up around the house, yard work or whatever you make plans to do, it's easy to let that stuff slide to another day. I know for me, I've been doing a lot of reading as a reward for all my efforts during the rest of the year from homeschooling my 6th grader, now 7th grader, watching my oldest complete her final year of high school and graduate and attempt to make plans to the beach.

Yet lately it seems like I can't motivate myself to get anything done. It seems on those blazing, hot days where the temperatures flirt around 110, no one wants to do much but log into their computers and chat away, play games, watch videos or simply Facebook their hourly status.

I had a list of things I wanted to complete, among one of those considering a move to Northern Oregon or Washington. But how do you just pick up and move? It's not like moving within the same state where renting a moving truck can be reasonable, but I am curious how have some of you managed to pick up and start over again somewhere else?

My hubby's job is willing to relocate him but not pay for moving us over there otherwise, that would be an easy fix. Not sure just where to begin and hoped that some of you have done this before. I guess for us, fear is a huge factor. What if we can't make it? What if it isn't all that it's cracked up to be? What if my kids hate it?

Looking for some great advice and hope my blogging community may help and leave some great comments. Thanks again and here's hoping you're all having some great summer days.

By the way, if you want to join my friends and family on Facebook, click here and tell me where you found me. I seem to update this more than my blog, but I seriously need to get back to writing again.

Monday, July 4, 2011

Let Us Never Forget

Too often on days like today we tend to let it slip our mind while enjoying time with family and friends, bar-b-queing, celebrating with the fireworks and having this day off from work with pay, that there was a price to be paid for this.

Today is the day we celebrate the signing of the Declaration of Independence and those founding fathers that were will to risk high treason to declare this countries freedom. Yet many men and women still risk their lives to keep people free not only in this country but in countries they would never think to rest a foot on, to keep people free from the terrors of those that would love to keep them in bondage, living in oppression and fear.

Today let us remember that many families will remain apart as we celebrate our countries independence while they continue to defend the liberties and freedoms we take for granted too often. Let this 6 minute video be a reminder of the cost for freedom and let us never forget those that gave up their lives and risked it all.

Happy 4th of July! May God continue to pour forth His blessings on those that want to keep our country one nation UNDER God! My personal and heartfelt thank you's to all those that have paid a price serving this great country of ours.

Friday, July 1, 2011

Today, Make A Difference

I am sharing a story I got via my email from Max Lucado. If you know me really well, then you will understand just why I love his writing so well. It's as if he really speaks to you as a friend and right to your heart. So enjoy this and I hope it will inspire you today.

Today I Will Make a Difference

Today I will make a difference. I will begin by controlling my thoughts. A person is the product of his thoughts. I want to be happy and hopeful. Therefore, I will have thoughts that are happy and hopeful. I refuse to be victimized by my circumstances. I will not let petty inconveniences such as stoplights, long lines, and traffic jams be my masters. I will avoid negativism and gossip. Optimism will be my companion, and victory will be my hallmark. Today I will make a difference.

I will be grateful for the twenty-four hours that are before me. Time is a precious commodity. I refuse to allow what little time I have to be contaminated by self-pity, anxiety, or boredom. I will face this day with the joy of a child and the courage of a giant. I will drink each minute as though it is my last. When tomorrow comes, today will be gone forever. While it is here, I will use it for loving and giving. Today I will make a difference.

I will not let past failures haunt me. Even though my life is scarred with mistakes, I refuse to rummage through my trash heap of failures. I will admit them. I will correct them. I will press on. Victoriously. No failure is fatal. It’s OK to stumble… . I will get up. It’s OK to fail… . I will rise again. Today I will make a difference.

I will spend time with those I love. My spouse, my children, my family. A man can own the world but be poor for the lack of love. A man can own nothing and yet be wealthy in relationships. Today I will spend at least five minutes with the significant people in my world. Five quality minutes of talking or hugging or thanking or listening. Five undiluted minutes with my mate, children, and friends.Shaped by God

Today I will make a difference.