Sunday, May 31, 2009

Stepping Stones

Ever wake up one day and find out you have a new "follower" on your blog? If you're like me, it's an exciting feeling, like I have a new friend. Someone who connected with me on something I wrote!

But do you ever stop and wonder how they got to your site to begin with? Here is my theory.

We post our blogs and at the bottom are labels for our post. We try and sum up what we wrote and label it because if there are people out there searching for something, we hope God directs them to our site to read what we wrote.

Another way people arrive is when we receive blog awards from fellow bloggers. Usually they come from people that are followers of ours, and enjoy the things we write about from day to day. So when we nominate them for a blog award or we receive said award, people click on the links provided and follow us.

I also believe people click on the titles of blogs that sound the most interesting. There are quite a few really good ones out there. Check them out when you can. We love to hear from you!

The other way I believe people get here is from other bloggers. They read the comments from their favorite blogger or they see who their blogger is following usually from a blogger favorite list on peoples pages and they use these as "stepping stones" to find us.

My favorite way for people to find me is through God's prompting. I believe He can use this forum to bring people to him, help hurting souls find comfort and joy again, and create a body of believers out of the Internet.

Either way you have arrived here. I hope you enjoy it, and decide to "follow" and stay for awhile. Grab yourself your favorite beverage of choice, mine being ice water in the early evening, since I am giving up soda and fast food for my own personal health right now and enjoy yourself while you are here.

I would also encourage you to post comments so I can know how this post has touched you or how you related to it. Today for example, how did you find yourself here in the first place? Can't wait to hear all about it, and so do the bloggers that follow as well!


Gotta Have Faith said...

Well, Hun Hun. You are such a wonderful wife. I would not have any followers if it were't for you and all of your blogging biddies. You always have a great topic to write about, even if it is just off of the top of your head. Love you and hope to read more of your blogs as much as I can.

Love you!

Your Hubby

Sarah Dawn said...

Okay, just had to bless your day a bit more. I have been following, but want to make sure you know it (and see my little picture on your blog too). your words always encourage me and draw me deeper into the Lord.

Hugs for your day,
Sarah Dawn

RCUBEs said...

Like what you said, the title sometimes catches our eyes and I think it's like our first impression on that person. I saw "heart 2 heart", and the more I enjoyed comin' over as I read the post on my 1st visit. Anything with the word "heart" just reminds me of the Lord because that's how He looks into each of us, not with our physical appearances but into our "hearts". Love and blessings...

Carol said...


I like to read new posts as they show up on my blog and since I am now "following" yours, I decided to check it out today.

I think you found me through Lisa and I really appreciate you checking my blog out, leaving comments, and encouraging me.

It's amazing how you can stumble upon blogs just by clicking on a comment, then you might click on a blog that sounds interesting on that one, and so on. I do believe that God brings you to where you need to read. If you happen across one that has content you would prefer not to read, you just don't visit it again.

In any case, glad you found me. ;-)

Laurie said...

Hey sis,
I wanted to post your award and couldn't find it. Sorry it took so long and I missed that opportunity. I just love your pictures. I was reading through past posts! Congrats to your hubby on his blog! Laurie

Andrea said...

Kat...I always love coming here. I consider you and many others friends. We know each others could we not.

christy rose said...

I am not sure exactly how I found you but I think it was from a comment that you made on someone else's post. I must have found it enticing because I came by to get to know you more and have frequented here ever since. I love stopping by and seeing what God is revealing to you and get a chuckle or two. I have you on my "blogs i love to read" list on my site and every time you post, I am notified fairly quickly. Then I hop on by to catch up on what God is saying through you for that day. It is always a joy.

Happy to be a regular visiting friend,

LisaShaw said...

I love that it's GOD who does the sending...

He knows what we need, when we need it and who He has placed hear to bless you.

He is awesome!

Love you much.

Crown of Beauty said...

This is a great post. All you wrote is true, and the last one is the best of all...people are prompted by God to visit our blogs. And God knows which blogs really give him the glory. Some blogs just "pretend" to give God the glory when the truth under the facade is that "it's all about me."

What I am looking for are blogs that are God-honoring, and bloggers who are obedient to God's call on their lives!

You are a blessing to me. I am glad I found the right stepping stones to your heart.