Monday, May 4, 2009

My Pet Peeves!

I don’t have pet by the name of Peeve although it would make for an interesting pet name. I could imagine the vet asking, "and you ma’am, what is the name of your pet?"


"Excuse me, I don’t think I got that?"

"Peeve, my pet’s name is Peeve!"

"Oh Pete, that’s a nice name."

"No, it’s Peeve, like P-E-E-V-E, Peeve", and I would wait and smile.

Today’s post is simply about the little things in life that irritates me.

I thought of only two last night but then they just started pouring out. They aren’t really things I can change but like looking at the odd color choice that someone decided to paint their house. When you look at it, you think, ‘what were they thinking?’ ‘Do they really like that color?’ ‘Do they hate their neighbors?’

Come on, you’ve seen those houses or even the odd color choices for some cars lately. I guess some people really want to stand out that much. I just smile and wave!

Here is my list with the above one as well in no particular order:

Being late! - I hate being late to anything! It causes me such stress when I do, even if what I was late for was going to be something fun, not I am not the ‘fun’ person to be around. It will take me awhile just to ‘get over being late’. I especially don’t like it when other people are late. I think in today’s society with everything being so fast paced that we are struggling in our day to find extra minutes to fill other errands into. So when someone is late, without a valid excuse, I think it’s inconsiderate. Now it just pushes my day later into the evening and possibly rescheduling something else.

My hubby had to wait yesterday til a co-worker dropped off his work truck at our home yesterday before he could leave for Las Vegas. He called his co-worker yesterday morning and left a message. All day long, my hubby tried unsuccessfully to reach this person. At this point, we had to consider back up plan B, in case we couldn’t get the work truck. At 5:30pm last night, he finally returns Steve’s call, during dinner and tells him that he can pick up the truck at his house, whenever he has a chance.

Steve politely tells him, through gritted teeth, that after dinner, he will be over to get it. I will have to drive him there. Thankfully it only takes about 15 minutes to get to his house. When we arrive there, he isn’t ready. He was supposed to load his tools and clothes into the truck, because he is going to take his motorcycle instead, so Steve will be transporting his stuff to the site in Vegas.

He tells Steve, he will bring it over around 8 tonight. Great! How nice of the guy right!

At 8:30pm, he calls my hubby to tell him that he isn’t quite finished packing yet and will be taking his sisters car instead so he will be dropping the truck off in 45 minutes.

Let’s just say, at 10:00pm, he dropped off the keys and truck to Steve.

That is why I don’t like people being late. They assume that we have nothing better to do than wait! Wait for them to arrive! What ever happened to common courtesy and manners?

Photo Sensor Lights – The kind that take your picture if you run a red light. I think they probably prevent more people from running red lights, because we slam on the brakes when the light turns yellow to prevent our picture from being taken. Either that or we drive really fast to make it through the intersection as quick as we can. Help me understand the necessity in this?? I find that people who camp in the middle of the intersection is even worse!

Poorly timed traffic lights! – I wonder who even sets those up. I used to believe that it was based on some street sensor that would change the light when a car was stopped at a light. Now I know that they are there to try our patience. We have an entire main street through town, that if they just changed the timing, we wouldn’t have three cars make it through an intersection at a time, while the cross streets can fill the next block while waiting for the light to turn green.

Potato Chip Bag Capacity – It seems like in addition to the snack chips we are buying in the family size bags, we are now paying for flavor scented air that is packaged along with our chips. My kids picked up a bag of chips and noticed despite being on sale for $3.00 a bag, the contents were only half full, if that and the remainder was air. What happened to packaging issues? Does air weigh that much?

Voting – Why is it when we, as the people of our cities, states and government, vote something in that was on the ballet, it doesn’t get put into effect or some small group of protestors brings about issues that it shouldn’t have made it to the ballot to begin with? Huh? Doesn’t it have to go through some committee that decides whether or not it gets placed on the ballot? Is there a guy at the ballot printing company that decides to put it on there just to see what happens?

Professional Spots Figures Salaries – Now when is it justified when professional (fill in the blank of a sport) players, get paid millions over a few years to play a sport, while teachers are facing budget issues, and are being laid off in droves in the worst economy since the great depression? Since when do sports players deserve to make more money that fire fighters, police officers, nurses, doctors and teachers? I guess we will have to close more hospitals and emergency rooms to pay for another player’s salary!

Gas prices – Why do gas prices come down by pennies over the course of weeks, while it rises by a nickel or more over a day? Who determines that anyway?

Emergency Room Waiting Times – I realize that since more hospitals in most areas have reduced or even eliminated ER services for cost cutting issues, the waiting times have increased at the ones that are left. Why then don’t urgent care centers stay open 24 hours so parents can zip in and get a quick fix to a child’s high fever or a cough? Doctor’s offices are not staying open later, nor are urgent care centers, so parents are forced to wait 4+ hours to be seen by a doctor just to get the prescription they need.

Cell Phone Company Contracts – In this economy where car manufacturers are dealing with the sudden loss of jobs and offering customers up to 12 months of payment help depending on the company and yet cell phone companies won’t let you out of your contract for any reason? If you have a family plan with 4 lines, that is between $175.00 to $300.00 per line to cancel your service. I would like to see a phone company stand up to this and offer its customers no cancellation fee, should you lose your job. I mean how are you going to pay for it, if you aren’t working? I guess we’ll let the house go into foreclosure because we have a $1200.00 bill for canceling our phone service this month.

Whew! That is a lot of pet peeves, guess I should get a pet and name it Peeve after all! I hope you get some humor from my list and add to it in your comments on my blog today. Can’t wait to hear what yours are?


Raye Ann said...

That was great. You mirrored my pet peeves. I guess I would add the guy who tailgates you when he has a clear lane beside him to pass you. Argh!

Thanks for stopping by today.

RCUBEs said...

Understandable list!

It bothers me when some people walk their dogs and can't even clean up after they allow them to poop in someone's front yard. So, since we don't know who it is, why do my husband & I have to buy an anti-repellent sort of pellets you put in your front yard when we don't even have pets?

People who go really, really slow in the freeway and stay on the fastest lane even if someone faster comes from behind them, they wouldn't get out of that lane like they own it?

Coffee baristas at drive-thru coffee shops who don't appreciate it when you tip them. They don't say "thank you" or they look at you like I still owe them.

A lot of things don't make sense so I'm in with your "pet peeves".

God bless.

Jennifer said...

Hey Kat...I finally found a web browser that would let me view your blog!! Whoohooo!

Anyway...the internet and computers are a big pet peeve of mine! Especially, when they don't work right.

Ok...back to your list. I am nearly always late when it is about me. If I am meeting someone or they are waiting on me...I'm early. But, just me getting somewhere...I'm late!

As for the professional sports salary...girl, that burns me up. There are millions of people losing their jobs because of our economy and they are getting millions of dollars to play a stinking sport! There is something terribly wrong with that picture.

The cell phone contract is another pet peeve of mine too. I hate it because they want you to sign a new contract for any upgrade or change to your plan. Good grief, people...don't you make enough money off of us.

Ok...I feel better...hope you do too!

Have a great day!


Laurie said...

Fantastic list! Your picture (and list) made me laugh out loud! I can say I share many of your pet peeves. I used to be one of those late people, but God and my husband have truly helped me change:) I too am peeved about ridiculous salaries (sports and entertainment.) I also share your sentiments on voting. I am also peeved about people throwing their cigarette butts out of their car. Like they just disappear. I hate litter period. I also am bothered when people let their dogs poop in my ditch and don't clean it up afterwards! Well, that's a few:)
Again, I enjoyed the laugh... and finding out more about you friend!

God's Not Finished With Us Yet... said...

Saw you on Billys blog; I've been following him for eons it feels like! funny about your vet comment asking what you're cat's name is 'Peeve!'....knee slapper!

I've decided to go venture out a bit and meet some people I've seen at least more than once or twice and visit their site to see who they are all about. I too have a passion for photography and have just this year homeschooled my 5 yr. old kindergartner. No idea what I'm doing either! I mean, how hard can K. be???? She started off at the public school but was struggling (long story and would hate to have you fall asleep while reading.) I dunno; my heart is to still homeschool her and my almost 4 yr. old son as well; I can see how there are so many benefits to this, but I just have no idea what the heck I'm doing. I'm worried I'll ruin them for dear life, God forgive me! :(

Anyway, nice to meet you. My name is Sarah and your post 'My Pet Peeves!' is very silly! I have a pet peeve about traffic lights as well, especially when there are NO cars anywhere in sight, the light is green, but suddenly as I approach closer and closer it turns yellow, then red. Seriously no other cars at any of the intersections. I take it personally! I know it's out to get me! :D

In Him
~Sarah Cecilia

LisaShaw said...

Sister I'm so with you on your list of pet peeves and my hubby always talks about the air he's paying for in our daughters chips bag!

I too HATE BEING LATE! I have a few others in common with you too.