Tuesday, May 26, 2009

I Triple Dog Dare You!

Yeah I love that line from the movie, "A Christmas Story." As a matter of fact, I can relate to a lot in the movie. Every time Ralphie gets in trouble and has to wait for his dad to come home, oh man, my heart beats faster in my chest.

I remember that twilight hour when the sun was setting and the brilliant royal colors were settling in the sky, it wasn't sunset for me. It was a clock, ticking down the minutes ever so loudly, that I could hear them and begin to count down the minutes til I heard my dad's car pull into the garage.

So glad I have grown and no longer live in that kind of fear and dread. However, yesterday was a day of reflection. Perhaps because I have my nephew once again for another week, and the disappointment that when I gave him homework to do over the weekend, he didn't due it, until last night, after a lengthy phone call to his dad.

I started to remember how it was growing up in a home where our parents worked all the time, it seemed and we were left to our own devices.

We got along for the most part, and had our really bad arguments and fights. If only mom and dad could see there stuff we used to do.

So here it comes in the form of my blog, kinda of spring cleaning of the mind. The things I did to my brother.

We grew up having dogs of all sorts, most of the names have lost escaped my over crowded memory, but I do remember we feed them virtually anything that was cheap and on sale at the grocery store.

This is before the days of stores like Petsmart and Petco, although, I still buy my pet food at Target cause it's cheaper there and I hate making extra trips.

So it was curiosity that got the best of me most days. There were these things called Gaines Burgers for your dog. They were of the consistency of playdoh, and looked like something you could make from a Playdoh factory, that came in the shape of the hamburger. They smelled sweet but I wasn't about to eat it.

You can guess where this is going huh? So I dared my brother to try it. His name is Michael and I guess I figured it was a close to Mikey as it could get, so I dared him to try it. He didn't have to eat the whole thing, just a taste. Then I would know what it tasted like.

I could tell after he bit into the burger and abruptly spit it out, that it wasn't at all like we thought.

There came other things like Doggie Donuts, multi-colored looking biscuits in the shape of a donut. Yes, I got "Mikey" to try it and he actually liked to eat these. He said they had the flavor of cookies but a lot more crunchier.

One day I found him hiding under our kitchen sink, eating from a box of Doggie Donuts. I guess I wasn't supposed to see it, so off we went on one of our wild fights. Me, running away, laughing and pointing at him, calling him a dog in hiding, and him, red face and murder looming in his mind.

Ah, fun memories. I just had to share them with you. Now my conscience can rest in silence. For those of you just dying to know, I never ate the Doggie Donuts or Gaines Burgers. I didn't have to.

I had Mikey.

All it took was a dare! In some cases, a triple dog dare!


Yolanda said...

Hmmmm....the only thing I can think of that we ate that really shouldn't have been digested was mud pies.

RCUBEs said...

So happy that the "planned murder" didn't work :) LOL...Otherwise, we won't hear this funny story!
I have 5 older bros. and I'm the only girl [and youngest]. I don't remember being spoiled but I think they might just get in trouble if they would have tried something mean with me. Thanks for the laugh sister Kat and have a blessed day!

christy rose said...

Dog food stinks so bad! I do not know how anyone would even consider eating it!
Thanks for the laugh. I love to laugh!

Warren Baldwin said...

Good story! And are you and "Mikey" friends today? WB

Heart2Heart said...


Yes me and my brother still remain friends to this day.

Yolanda: Don't think I ever ate a mud pie, except for the edible kind.

Rosel: Growing up with boys I think keeps things real. You can always deal with them later because you were raised with them all your life.

Christy: We didn't like to try the ones that smelled bad, I guess that would be most of the ones in the can. The only ones I made my brother eat, were the dried ones!

Billy Coffey said...

So funny!

I'll be chuckling at this all night now. Thanks, Kat!

Prairie Girl said...

Great story - made me think back to many childhood memories of my own :)

I had a younger brother who was the brunt of many similar experiments. One in particular involved dressing him in my ballet leotard and forcing him to prance across the room.

All done in the name of sisterly love right?!

Greg C said...

Oh yes the fear of "just wait till your father gets home". How well I remember that. I did something a lot worse than dog treats to my brother. I had heard that mushrooms were good to eat and I wondered if the ones growing in our back yard were so I got my younger brother to eat one. Then I went to my mother and told her that my brother was going to die. When she asked why, I told her that he ate poison mushrooms. I knew they were bad. He had to have his stomach pumped out. That was a bad night when dad got home.