Friday, May 22, 2009

Out of the Loop!

Oh man, it feels like ages since I wrote my last blog. So many of you have been kind enough to email me and ask if I remain among the living! I am proud to say this post isn't coming from the afterlife. I am still around. I feel like I am among the dead.

Ever have one of those weeks wear everyone relies on you so heavily that at the end of the day, you literally can't see straight?

Here's the week in a short recap.

Hubby is back in Lost Wages, also known to most as Las Vegas for another week since his local project here was delayed for another week. See the pattern? What was suppose to be a week turned into three at the close of business hopefully today.

We've been at odds with each other because while he is at work, the burden of running and raising the household falls heavily on my shoulders even though I am married. At least I believe I am, although it doesn't feel like it. My partner and best friend is gone missing. Anyone see him lately on the back of milk carton? Do they even make milk cartons anymore? Does it matter since most of us buy milk by the plastic gallon jug and even if pictures were still posted, we wouldn't see them anyway.

I mean who visits the post office anymore? You get your stamps through the ATM machine or at the grocery store cashier or customer service counter, so you wouldn't see his picture on the wall there either. Oh wait that is just for known criminals. So I guess you wouldn't see him there either.

The kids have been off officially as of this week, and you can only guess what the latest question is. Yup, there's nothing to do, what can we do? I tell them that I have a ton of weeds just begging for some much needed attention and love in my sub-backyard. It's a fenced in area behind my nice, pretty backyard, that no one can see. Unless you look over the fence from the main street. The response to go weeding isn't what they wanted to hear, so off they go to inquire someplace else.

My nephew was dropped off by his dad, I mentioned him in earlier posts, because his father doesn't know what else to do with him. In his fathers words, "A world class failure if there ever was one."

Nice guy huh? My nephew is failing every class in his virtual home school class in lieu of video games. If his dad takes them away, he simply finds another source. via the Internet. Since he is an expert as masking his intentions, he can switch his computer screens faster than you can blink, and he is "back at school". The trained eye simply looks at the bottom tabs to spot the latest in gaming software going.

So it's been my duty, to try and get him caught up. Never mind that my kids finished early thanks to hard work and dedication (pushing by mom) to get to their reward of an early summer vacation. Now it's become my job to babysit him side by side, watching everything he does and try to get him current in his work.

Umm, doesn't his dad remember that my hubby and I did this last year, cramming 3 months of school into three week?

So hence the reason for my disappearance. I have stepped on the roller coaster of life once more, and go for the ride I am simply dreading. It's not like that funny feeling of excitement you get when you know at the end of the ride, you're going to say, "Wow, that was fun, let's go again!" Nope, mine is "I think I am going to be sick." as I place my hand over my mouth and raise my other hand. The universal sign for I am done, I want to get off.

Funny thing is that this week, the ride operator has left the building, I am stuck on the roller coaster for the millionth time, and the hill is coming back up again.

Thanks again for the many compliments and well wishes I received. I will be back more, if not to try and make you smile and laugh for the day, but at least so you know I am still alive and kicking.

Love and Hugs ~ Kat


RCUBEs said...

Yay! Good to hear from you sister Kat! I enjoy the way you turned the craziness of what happened this week into humor.
Of course, I'm sure that aside from me, a lot of us miss your posts. It's nice to hear from you. Keeping you in prayers. Love and blessings.

petrii said...

Hey Kat,
You are so funny!! I get my stamps in my mailbox. Put a check in the orange envelope and they magically appear (okay maybe not magically, but you know =)

That is so nice of you to help out your nephew. But it certainly sounds like a lot of hard work.

So have fun on that roller coaster, careful on the upside down, that can get crazy =)

Have a Blessed and fun weekend,

christy rose said...

I am glad that you are back to make us all smile and keep us up on what is going on in your life.

twofinches said...

I want to encourage you, as you do your loop da loop around lifes bends and twists, that the busy-ness of life was something Jesus knew well. Sometimes He , like us, needed to get away to a quiet place (mountain, garden, olive grove) so that He could cope. This weekend find a place like that if only for a very short while..I pray the opportunity will come up!

Yolanda said...


Good morning!! I hope that you can take the liberty of enjoying a second cup of coffee in the quiet this morning.

I've come several times to your site but I always get bumped off.

We live in a very small, quaint remote area where you still must go to the post office clerk for your stamps. YEAH!

Love to you,

Billy Coffey said...

Wow, Kat. You really have had a tough go at it lately, haven't you?

Prayers that you'll get some much-needed and stress-free rest soon!

Prairie Girl said...


I will be praying for you - for energy, perserverence, patience. I'll also be praying for your husband, kids and nephew.

Thinking of all of you

Andrea said...

OH MY WORD....GOD bless you for taking on this task one more time with your nephew. Having raised 5 kids..all different and two adopted...whew!! You have my prayers from all angles. andrea

Rebekah said...

Great analogy with the operator leaving the ride- lol. I have times like that

RCUBEs said...

Hope you have a great Memorial and some "rest" somehow. Thinking of you and keeping you in prayers. God bless.

Warren Baldwin said...

"I have stepped on the roller coaster of life once more ..." You stated that very poetically. Yes, sometimes it is a roller coaster, and it does sound like you are on one right now!

God has you doing something good and important in the life of your nephew. You may not see the fruit of it you would like(although, you might!), but showing the tough love of instilling discipline and a spirit of hard work in him is right and godly. If good does not come to your nephew, it will to your children who see your ministry in the life of another child. Good job.

LisaShaw said...

Praying for you and your family precious one. I love you and I wasn't online on the weekend.