Friday, May 29, 2009

Kids Have Super Powers!

I remember the child-like innocence in growing up. The simple life. People said it, you believed it.

No second guesses.

No cause for concern.

No asking, "but why?"

We, as children, took things literally until someone or something came along to prove them wrong.

I grew up in the land of make believe.

I didn't have an imaginary friend or even an imaginary world.

I did have an IMAGINATION.

Something lacking in today's society.

Today, our children live in a world where everything is stimulated all at the same time, by technology. TV, Movies, DVDs, CDs, Ipods, Gameboys, Wii's, Playstations, Xbox, Nintendo's, Cell Phones and Computers.

Our kids today aren't being challenged like we were in growing up. Here is what I remember.

I had super powers!

Did you?

I had them until I tried them and found out, I didn't.

But I believed I did.

I believed if you jumped off the roof, with your umbrella, wide open, that you would become like Mary Poppins. You would either fly away, or simply float to the ground.

Gravity proved me wrong there. I fell like a brick! Yes I tried it. That is how I learned that umbrellas don't work for anyone else but Mary Poppins.

I guess it was her 'super power device!'

I also believed that if you tried hard enough, focused intently enough, and squeezed your eyes tight enough, you could make things happen!

You could bend spoons.

Read peoples minds.

Make things move.

Hear peoples thoughts.

But it never happened. Oh I tried long enough and hard enough, but it was a reality check for me. No super powers there.

For now, just Hiro in Heroes has that ability to stop time, Matt can read minds and make things happen. Yes, I watch Heroes!

From the time we watched The Six Million Dollar Man and the Bionic Woman, we believed we had super strength and super speed.

Remember how you used to try running super slow but over exaggerated, and made the 'bionic sound?' We tried to lift mom or dads car in the driveway or pick up a large boulder, along with the sound, but nothing happened. Nothing moved.

I believed that if you strapped on your roller skates and held onto a plastic bag in the wind, you'd go places. Guess I was too heavy or it simply wasn't windy enough, we didn't move.

I also believed if you tied a towel or sheet around your neck and ran really hard with your arms held out in front of you, you would experience lift off and begin flying.

Nope, still nothing happened.

Reality, again!

My hubby told me that growing up, he believed that if he put his fishing pole into his swimming pool, if he was patient enough, he could catch a fish.

He got lots of practice casting but no bites.

Kids experience life, because we don't question reality.

We experience reality, when we risk trial and error, and things don't work out. We may even try again.

God's faith is a lot like that. It reminds me of the line from the movie, The Santa Clause with Tim Allen. Seeing isn't believing, it's believing when we don't see. Everyone can experience faith in its purest form.

Just ask the next child you meet, what their super powers are? It starts out that simple!


Andrea said...

Amen. My grand daughter isnt even two yet and she believes she can write like her Nana. She has crayons and paper and beautiful lines are drawn "like Nana." In her heart she believes she can write and draw....yet at two we arent sure what those lines mean, but in Nana's eyes they are beautiful....Just like GOD's eyes. GOD sees the big picture..HE knows are hearts and HE knows what HE created us to be.

Prairie Girl said...

So true Kat! Watching my little one experience life is such a reminder of what it looks like to have faith like a child. What pure joy looks like. And unhindered trust.

Lots for her to teach me if I'll only look and listen!

Bless you today :)

RCUBEs said...

"It's believing when we don't see..." AMEN!!!

Growing up with crazy brothers, I would follow one as we rode on those bamboo sticks [our horses then :)]. Then, the one leading the pack pretended his horse died as we heard shots fired!!![It was my other crazy brother farting!].

I thought it was for real 'coz I think I was only 4 at that time. [Wow! That's only 20 years ago? :) Kidding here]... I don't know if this is disgusting to discuss here. I'm sorry...

My point is your post lightens me up! I appreciate the laugh and I do need them as I go to a serious workplace tonight. I am blessed by your writing.

Have a great weekend sister in Christ and can't wait to read your "all queen" post :) Love and prayers to you!

Peter Stone said...

I've got to agree that something is missing in today' society. When I was a kid, for example, Lego blocks were simple and uniform, yet I made the best things with them: sailing ships, castles, cars, houses. Today, Lego comes with custom pieces to make a specific item - where is the room for children's creativity in that?

God bless :)