Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Sounds of Aging

Yes, I realize we live in a world where we will all eventually grow older. There comes a time however, when we wake up one morning look in the mirror and it isn't the same person staring back at us any longer.

You begin to wonder, do we seriously age overnight or was last night a really bad night and these are the effects of that night?

These are the things I have begun to notice over the last year. Let's start at the top since that is what you seem to notice first because at some point we are always looking in the mirror.

The first thing was the added changes to my face in the form of age spots. Where did they ever get a name like that? How about sun spots or something a little less 'aging?"

I guess those years of spending literally all day at the beach were now finally playing a mean game of catch up. I spent entire summers, from sunrise to sunset hanging at the beach. I mean, it's where I grew up.

So the process begins of trying to hide them with make up only it really doesn't do the justice, so you try and wear your hair a bit differently. I guess wearing it hanging in your face only works in teens anymore, not quite becoming on a 45 year old.

Then I notice hair loss and dryness. I would blow dry my hair and suddenly I was shedding more hair than my cat. My hubby asked for any possible left overs of mine to glue on his. Yeah sure, like that will really help me.

So I begin to buy all this anti aging and breakage hair products to see if I can begin to keep more than I am losing. I mean bald men are quite hot in my opinion but bald women, NOT!

I notice I don't have the energy level I once did either and can't eat certain foods.

I make what my hubby and I have coined the old people noise when we attempt to put on our socks. I have discovered if you put your socks on before your pants, it's a lot easier.

We tried putting in a brick planter for our roses this weekend and realized sometimes if you keep your body in a hunched over position for too long, it does want to stick that way. I guess my parents were right, it just wasn't your silly face but you body that would eventually stay that way.

So we huff it off to the spa. We installed it for moments like this. Now we just need someone to come get us out. Life sure does have its moments as you grow old and who said it was fun! Hey, it's almost 8am, it's time for bed soon! We can't stay up like all those party days any more either. At least for now, I have someone to help me up as long as he can get up.


LisaShaw said...

Hi Sweetie - I am SO with you on the old folk growning when putting on my socks and sneakers. Truth be told I hear it pouring forth when I rise from bed in the morning and O I hear it when I'm getting up from my office chair, out of the tub and when I lay down at night (smile).

You know what I wouldn't change it all. I'm enjoying the wisdom that comes with age, the deeper relationship with GOD, the deeper understanding of what this life is all about. I'm enjoying watching our adult daughter parent her two girls. I'm enjoying the grand kids and growing gracefully old with my hubby.

The only part of this aging thing that is a bit weird for me is GRAVITY!! Good gosh!!! I love you.

LisaShaw said...

Hey I've visited your daughters blog twice recently. She is so sweet.

Andrea said...

My body seems to be leaping into the aging process at what I think is a YOUNG age. I will be 43 in june.
I, too have visited your daughters blog...very sweet.

blessings and prayers, andrea

Leslie said...

I was feeling awful 2 weeks ago and told my husband that getting old stinks. He said we at least don't have to act old. I told him that's pretty hard when you don't feel like getting off the couch!

It drives me nuts when I look in the mirror and see my mother staring back at me! Then there's the weight gain....I used to be a skinny minnie! Ugghhh!

petrii said...

Oh my stars I hear ya!!! Age spots just popping up ~~ what in the world?! And that whole bent over can't get up again thing ~~ how does it even happen?

This was a fun post. Now I must go cake on some more lotion in hopes of slowing down the perverbial age clock =)

Have a Blessed evening,

RCUBEs said...

I was out shopping with a friend one night and I had this desperate look perhaps as I went from aisle to aisle, so the saleslady approached me and asked me if I was looking for something specific! I said I didn't think they would have any: "anti-gravity" bra! She cracked up so loud, it didn't bother me, since I couldn't seem to hear as well :)
Ahhh...aging process...but I welcome as I try to grow wiser in the Lord. It's a time to reflect on what still could be done[with remaining strength and mental capacity]on my part to serve Him until I return to His home...
It took me longer to type this comment sister Kat. You are funny! God bless.

christy rose said...

Ok I laughed a little too hard reading this and even harder as I read the comments.
Oh well, a few tricks I have found is to hang out with people who are older than myself. They make me feel so young!haha

Rosel, your comment had me rolling.

christy rose said...

Lisa and Andrea both mentioned visiting your daughter's blog. Is her blog open for anyone to visit? How old is she? My daughter is 14 and she has recently just started blogging. We were discussing the other day, how we might try to find some other teen girls who blog so she could connect with them. Let me know if you think this might be a possibility

RCUBEs said...

Sister Christy, I had to make sure you wrote that my comment had you rolling [Had to put on my eyeglasses 2nd time around]. We need to laugh and that's why I enjoy coming here when sister Kat posts funny stories.[ denture almost fell :X]

Carol said...

Funny, but very true post. I have also been noticing changes in myself as well. What's with the wrinkles beneath and around the eyes when you smile? One day they weren't there, and the next... argh!

Yes, I would love for each of us to encourage one another in this homeschooling adventure. Thanks for asking. I'll be reading your blog from here on out. :-)

Blessings to you!