Friday, August 4, 2023

Keeping My Faith in Tact!

Why God? It is what is circling through my mind right now. The spiritual battle today has been relentless but it shouldn't surprise me at all. In fact, far too many times I go about my day forgetting it's a battlefield and not a playground. Yet I find myself caught off guard when it seems like you're at the beach dodging one wave only to get pummeled by another one. 

So as a believer in Christ it is logical to question what's up? Is there any guidance to be gleaned? My first thought is prayer first, and then wait and listen to see what God has to say. 

I got a phone call today in the midst of a hard day already. Trying to deal with so many family issues that are all raging out of control today and all happening one after the other. Today, I am trying to remain in control of the one thing I can and that's my faith. 

It's my go to when things like today happen. My dad, almost 81 years old was scheduled for hernia surgery today and we prayed together last night that no matter what happened it would be a win-win situation as a believer. He would either have a successful surgery or he would go immediately into heaven and be 100% restored again and living a wonderful life til we get together again. 

Only neither of those were the outcome. During the midst of his surgery, his heart began to act up and both the doctor and his anesthesiologist decided to stop before risking his life. Not even sure how far or even if they started his surgery. All I know is he is in recovery and they are waiting for him to wake up. Was God getting ready to take him home? Not sure, but at least He decided my dad's time here on earth wasn't done yet. He still has a plan and a purpose for this right now. He was needed here. 

I am praying that God will give him some sort of peace in the midst of this. He had been looking forward to hanging out with his military honor guard friends again that he volunteers with and with the onset of this hernia, he hasn't been able to participate due to the pain. Will God heal him in spite of a failed surgery? 

These are the questions rolling through my mind as I sit here once again taking up blogging to give myself some sort of outlet for all the things. I wait to hear from him and see what he has to say when he wakes up. I pray that he won't lose his faith. He may question it all after this, but I pray God will be there with him and give him a sense of purpose again. I am thankful he is still here. 

Is there another answer for what has happened to his heart during his surgery? We have to wait for more answers when he meets with his doctor. What I am grateful for at this time, is I can feel God's presence with me. I feel a strength that isn't my own. I feel Him holding me. 

So now I wait for more answers, both from God and from my Dad. But the one thing I won't give up on is my faith. I may not know the Why, but I do know God and I am trying to stay in His presence. That is here I can find peace and strength. 

How do you handle those tough days? 

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