Monday, March 9, 2020

The World is Going Crazy!

We all know that change always comes to our lives, but with the recent influx of panic over the Corona Virus, it makes you wonder why everyone is going so crazy. As of this morning, Steve's company announced they are suspending any unnecessary travel which meant his trip to Boston at the end of this month and a trip to North Carolina have been cancelled. Great news for him, but then reading my online News App, you can see how all this is having a horrible effect on every industry.

I read one wreath maker is ordering all her supplies since no new shipments are forecasted from China for the foreseeable future, and recommended her followers might do the same. I watched video from local news stations show the panic stockpiling at Costco for paper towels, bottled water, toilet paper and cleaning supplies, with some fights breaking out when stock ran out. Where is all this going?

Well its all connected. If the news media reports the numbers and shows concern this may be a huge pandemic, then people panic. However if you look back on such issues like MRSA, H1N1, or any other issues that people thought would be the demise of the world, where was the panic on those issues? There wasn't any, because the media didn't report the threats like they are now.

Makes you wonder if this isn't going to be a huge fail on many fronts. In fact the health numbers report more people have died from the flu this year than can ever come close to this new viral threat. Where are the warnings about staying home if you're sick? Because quite frankly, employers won't grant most employees the time off to keep the rest of the workplace from becoming sick.

These very people who are panicking is what is causing the issue. The same people fighting over bottled water are the very same families that continue to send their kids to school, they themselves still go to work and they still go about their daily lives without those same phobias. In fact, I read that Corona Beer is facing huge financial issues because some people believe that is what is causing this virus. Is that crazy?

I believe we are going to be just fine and when this all ends, people are going to feel like fools, because it wasn't the world wide plague of the world, people lead them to believe. Will people die? Certainly. There are the same risks for people with compromised immune systems that should be taking precautions like they would for the flu or common cold. But on a whole, look at a set of different numbers the media isn't sharing with you. The number of people who have survived. The number of people in the world who don't have it.

It's all in how you view the perspective of those you watch. In the end, this will be nothing but a panic that has caused a long range affect on those companies that depend on others around the world. Perhaps it will make us rethink what we allow to shape our thoughts and actions. Until then, watch reputable news agencies, even though there are very few that are left to report the truth and always, remember those that are surviving and thriving. As believers, this too shall pass. God remains in control. 

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LaFe said...

Good evening,
I'm Federica and I live in Italy.
my country is in a general lock down, hospitals are crowded, ICU are overwelmed with patients with severe cases of pneumonia that has no cure because it's due to a new virus (COVID-19). the patient 1 is a 38yo sporty and healty and he passed the last 20days in ICU with a ventilator, he's now in normal ward but he's beaten. Elderly don't survive.
The virus is real and it kills.
Don't understimate what's happening, we are paiyng for thinking "it's just a flu".
Especially in your country, where the medical care is not for free, there will be a lot of people that will avoid hospitals and preferring elderberry syrup and oils to modern medicine. This is extremely dangerous, you will never how many persons are infected.
take care of the elders, take care of yourself.