Tuesday, March 10, 2020

Faith Like A Mustard Seed

Do you ever wonder about when Jesus speaks to his disciples and tells them that if they have the faith as small as a mustard seed, they can speak to a mountain and make it move?

I believe that I understand that clearly. There are always going to be tough times in our lives, especially as believers. We are the target of the spiritual enemy in this world, so we are his biggest threat. So when life tosses you the ultimate curve ball that is positioned to upset the apple cart you just thought was finally starting to look up for you, you question, "Why?"

It is so hard to maintain control of anything in our life. From our finances, our relationships, our health, even our jobs or family. We have bought into the illusion that we hold any control over it at all. So when things take a turn for the worse, we fall into panic mode trying to figure out how to solve it.

This is where that faith in the form of a mustard seed comes into play. All God is saying is that He will take whatever you have, a lot or just the smallest, tiniest bit. God loves to work on the smallest portions, because that is where the biggest rewards can come from. When we commit those walks in the deepest valley to God, that is where He shines through, because we know that when things change, it won't be based on anything we did or could do. It's all Him at that point. There are countless times in the Bible, God has asked his followers to reduce help down to the insurmountable odds. It's because He didn't want them to claim victory in that battle, but knowing it was all Him.

He loves to work in impossible situations, with the very least likely of odds turning out for the best. It's where He shines the brightest. Think of the most ultimate of all situations. Jesus on the cross, dead and all hope for His followers lost. They didn't remember what He told them of His death, until after He rose from the grave, 3 days later. If God can take THAT situation and make something out of the most impossible of all days, He can certainly work with whatever you can give Him.

I simply ask that you are willing to put that faith to the test. I've said it before that if you have a faith that hasn't been tested, then that is a faith that shouldn't be trusted.

Knowing my oldest daughter is going through a very deep dark valley right now, I told her to hold fast to whatever faith she had, no matter if her prayers feel pointless. God will be able to use that to His glory, and no matter the outcomes, He is still God of all in her life.

In fact my morning devotional today spoke to the moment in the Bible where Elijah was tasked with taking on the prophets of Baal. He challenged them to a display of their gods power to His God's power. Elijah was seriously outnumbered and he even went as far to build a trench around his altar and fill his pile of wood with enough water to thoroughly soak his pile and fill the trenches around his altar before praying to God. He wanted everyone to know that faith he had in God to do the impossible. To call down fire to consume the wood on the altars. Let's just say if you haven't read about it, God came through in a big way. Just like He always does.

Here is a quote, I sent her today from my morning devotional which is sometimes how God can use words to encourage us. "God does not despair over difficult situations. He delights in them because difficult situations are an opportunity for God to provide and prove His supernatural powers. That is why when we face difficult situations, we don't run away from them; we face them with prayer. The prelude to powerful praying is an impossible situation." Oh trust me, we want to run and hide from some situations. Often telling God, when you've fixed it let me know, and I'll come out.

While we may not be able to control anything about what we are going through, we do know that God can. Remember those times in your valleys, where you face impossible odds, because while they are not always possible with our efforts, God can use that tiniest bit of faith and open the seas before you. Just trust in Him. 

Matthew 17:20 "I tell you the truth, if you have faith as small as a mustard seed, you could say to this mountain, 'Move from here to there,' and it WILL move. Nothing will be impossible for you."

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