Thursday, March 12, 2020

The Sky Is Falling?

I remember reading the story about Henny Penny. I'm sure you remember it from being a child, about the crazy chicken who had a pebble fall on her head, and she believed the "Sky is Falling." So she went and told all the farm animals that the sky was falling in an effort to save the animals from what she believed to be true.

It's hard in recent days not to get caught up in all the media frenzy and hype over the CoVid19 as the Corona Virus has a fancy new name. We see all the meme's all over social media talking about the pandemic, as the World Health Organization announced yesterday. So it makes you wonder why now? Why has this suddenly caused the entire global community to spin out of control? The stock markets have taken a huge hit. The entire country of Italy is now under a self imposed quarantine, the NBA cancelled its season, and other sporting events are closing their doors to fans, while games are played out among coaches, staff and limited family members.

I think this is a first for the entire world to react as such. Even last night on television, President Trump announced that as of Friday, no incoming flights would be allowed to enter the US for 30 days, with the exception of Ireland and the UK. Even all the reputable authorities are trying to predict how this will all play out. Some even claiming a doom and gloom scenario, that we are about the face the worst recession ever.

So what does one do with all the changes happening daily? Do you stock up on essentials just in case people are asked to self quarantine for awhile? One region in Seattle is being asked to do just that. The one outcome I am leaning to, is yes things will seem to go downhill for a time. We have received reports that the virus only lasts 2 weeks and that it doesn't like warm climates. We are just entering into Spring with Summer just around the corner. Does that mean that we are likely to see the virus lose stability once the temperatures climb? I certainly agree. What I have heard is while the stock market responds to fear, once those fears dissipate, the market will rebound in ways like you have never seen. Once the economy bounces back, people will go back to the way things use to be and for those who have money to spare, this may be the time to buy when shares are low. Because we know this will NOT last, and better days are coming.

When they do, those of us that do not panic, will be the ones that will ride the waves of stability again. I think you have to do things now to prevent the likelihood of being stuck at home for 2 weeks or more. I don't think you have to stock pile toilet paper, paper towels and water. I do think being prepared has always been something people talked about, but no one really took it seriously until now. Now people are panicking. They're buying all this toilet paper in an effort to control something in their life If others are buying it, shouldn't they do it too?

This is where I believe that we can stay calm. We can watch and do what we can to prevent the spread of the virus in our homes, communities and cities. I think we are about to see the President, who thankfully is a smart businessman, make some amazing plans to protect Americans, and to stabilize our own country, while the world waits for things to reset and resume a normal way of life again.

I'm interested in knowing what you plan on doing? 

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