Tuesday, March 24, 2020

Adjusting to a New Normal

So I am not even sure what the numbers of days we have been requested to stay home, but it really feels like time is not passing at all. Most days I have to think about what day it is, which is something that I hadn't considered before. I knew my schedule based on Steve working from home or traveling and now that his company has asked for no travel, it seems like the days are all running together.

I was never much of a TV watcher before either, finding my love for reading was better used than mindlessly watching programming in front of a television set. Even that isn't helping. Yesterday was my first time venturing out into the world to drop off packages to FedEx, and I was still surprised that the city looked normal. Cars were out and about and you remember seeing pictures of places like China and Italy looking like ghost towns, but not here, even after mandatory shutdown orders for California.

Small non essential businesses like clothing shops, nail salons and others were closed, but everything else was open. Some fast food places had caution tape out around the perimeters of the doors to keep people from coming in, forcing them to utilize drive thru as an option to keep them open. Yet banks, restaurants, gas stations, Costco, Dollar Tree, and all the medical offices around where I live were all open. Our streets were just as busy and there is no difference to the number of people out and about. You know not everyone was running errands, when they are supposed to be staying inside. Sure I could see picking up food at the grocery store, or driving through to grab lunch, but honestly, I don't think this is going to have much affect, if people are still out and about.

Makes you wonder when people are going to take things seriously and just stay put. Meanwhile we wait and wonder just how long will this continue. Places like China and other small countries are trying to get back to normal, while our stock market continues to plunge and all those retirement packages are just going to have to wait for sometime. One thing is certain, people have a lot of time on their hands and toilet paper still continues to be the one thing no one can find, even still.

What is it like where you live? Do you think people are heading the recommendations or has nothing really changed much?

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