Friday, March 20, 2020

Mandatory Lockdown in California

Who would have ever thought the world and its pandemic would come to this. As of midnight last night 40 million people living in the state of California have been asked to stay home in an effort to combat and prevent the spread of the Corona Virus. However this does not impact those who are working during this time, places like grocery stores, gas stations, food banks, convenience stores, take out and delivery restaurants, banks, landromats, and laundry services, pharmacies and those in state and local government that provide services like hospitals, fire departments, police stations and more.

I guess the hardest thing to face at this time is the question of how long? When will this end? Will it end? In the meantime, I will document my own personal journey of living through a global shutdown in hopes that it might help those like myself that wonder how long before society comes back to a social situation again. Meanwhile places like China are trying to get back to a sense of normal, without knowing if that is a wise decision. I guess we will simply have to wait and see.

The great news is that my husband doesn't have to travel for work, but his work in the wireless communications still falls under the essential category, much like my son in law, working for the railroad and my oldest daughter, works for the hospitals. The only impact it is having for us immediately besides the ongoing hunt for toilet paper, milk, meat and bread, along with disinfectants and bleach remains hard to find. Even Amazon, can't keep up and have been out of stock of all the essentials people need at this time.

My youngest daughter Kailee has already applied for state benefits as her job as a server for Texas Roadhouse continues to face closures. My dad who is self employed, is now facing a huge closure of his business and not sure how that will affect him, as that income was vital. We face a challenge in the midst of this that my daughter Caitlyn is moving and not sure how we will manage that in the face of a lockdown of the entire state. Maybe that falls under an essential task, but it is weird to know that this isn't simply happening here, but everywhere. All. Around. The. World.

I just got an email this morning that my major craft supplier, Craft Outlet is now closed, so I am hopeful we can support businesses that will continue to remain open. For now, this is life as I know it and I just hope that it all ends sooner than later. I'll keep you posted.

What's it like where you are and how are you coping?

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